By Jaime Llinares Taboada


BP PLC said Tuesday that it is partnering with Oersted AS to develop a project for industrial-scale production of green hydrogen at BP's Lingen refinery in Germany.

The oil major said green-hydrogen output will be achieved through the electrolysis of water using ‎renewable power, producing zero emissions.

The two companies intend to build an initial 50-megawatt electrolyzer, which will be powered by an Oersted offshore wind farm in the North Sea. The electrolyzer is expected to produce almost 9,000 metric tons of green hydrogen a year, enough to replace around 20% of the grey hydrogen--which is created using natural gas--currently used in the refinery.

"Bringing together Oersted ‎and BP, Lingen Green Hydrogen offers the opportunity both to accelerate significant ‎emissions reduction in our refinery and build experience of large-scale green-hydrogen ‎production and deployment," BP's Executive Vice President for Gas and Low Carbon Dev Sanyal said.

BP and Oersted are planning to make a final investment decision in early 2022, and expect the project to be operational by 2024.


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