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jjPP  Oct 13 2019 03:06
My thesis is simple: [b][b]Why would Apple not make a comment on the iEthereum token as it has their logo outline? [/b]I think it makes sense for Apple to launch a token this way in the world of decentralized finance.[/b] So If Apple is not backing the token it seems to me it would be wise for Apple to buy the token regardless. Current market cap is 500K in total Apple could easily buy a large chunk of tokens as in 450K worth and they would essentially own the future of the iETH smart contract and could therefore take it wherever they wanted it to go. Obviously that would be a small price to pay with that logo and token name. In my opinion at holds the best two brands in all of technology with the logo and ethereum name. [b]Obviously it would be helpful for somebody to write a news story regarding the above question. [/b]The developers apparently have chosen to be Satoshi or (anonymous) or at least not update the next steps or provide company updates (very annoying I must admit). [b]I actually think that, as a smart contract, it is a good thing if developers are not too heavily invested as it appears that iETH has had widespread distribution from the start. [/b]Apparently the developers only had 1% at the launch. I would guess they have been buying back the token. It will be very interesting to see if this token gets picked up by an exchange with significant volume what would happen to the token value. It appears that it has a gigantic upside with a positive update and a reputable exchange offering the token. Just my opinion but there is not reason this token is not a 100 million market cap based on the branding and the transaction speed and scarcity alone. I am asking a simple question and apparently nobody has any answers. Very unusual and interesting token with huge potential it seems. I guess I will wait for the next update, if that ever happens. My understanding is the iEthereum token will remain on the Ethereum blockchain forever? Someone please comment if that is not true?[b] It is about 8x more rare than Ethereum and benefits from the same blockchain, so no reason it will not be worth at least 5$ per token in the near future in my opinion. Not really able to see any downside risk in holding 80,000 iETH tokens for a couple years[/b]. if it is not a 100$ token in the next 2 years I will be surprised. Apple is way over due to make a comment. in the past they wait 24-48 hours to comment. Waiting 2 years to comment about their logo is more than very unusual. I sincerely think they may own the majority of the token. If so they don't appear compelled to sell any of the tokens Apple owns. Just a theory.
jjPP  Oct 09 2019 15:30
iETH -- iEthereum token (Apple logo token), Apple still has not commented after 2 years regarding the logo outline. [b]I am not affiliated with iETH --- in fact I have always been asking for developers to be more transparent and provide more updates. iETH is similar to bitcoin as developers have chosen to be Satoshi or anonymous, at least for the time. In cryptocurrency the value is in global distribution. looks like a new interesting development. It also looks like iETH will eventually have its own peer-to-peer wallet and possibly exchange app. Looks like developers will be updating the timeline in the next few weeks to a month according to the white paper. Also curious why the developers made the project look broken by never correcting web page typos while updating other aspects of the web site. My theory -- increasing distribution or decentralization for the first 2 years. Dev[b]elopers were smart enough it appears to avoid ICO legality and not to centralize through an ICO [/b] [/b] [b]Unreal. Anyone have an opinion as to why Apple has not made a brief written official statement on the matter. [/b] Cook denounced centralized or private currency recently such as Libra. not decentralized currency. iETH (iEthereum token) -- ERC20 token was given away and distributed across the globe in an "airdrop". (Apple term of course) -- Cook would likely approve of this currency as it is given away in a fair fashion to the people and decentralized from day 1. In my educated opinion I have studied this market for the past 3 years and decentralized iETH token will always be more fair than any centralized project like Libra. As soon as the worldwide community understands the power in numbers and decentralization and the finite cap of 18 million tokens, and the fact that smart contracts (can't be changed) "immutable", on the ethereum blockchain as a layer two solution. Why anyone would invest in an ICO (centralized from the launch) and not in iETH (decentralized) through a global air drop, is beyond my comprehension. The reason cryptocurrency works, such as bitcoin, is because it is decentralized. It appears iETH will be more decentralized than bitcoin will ever be.
jjPP  Oct 07 2019 00:44
[b]iETH (iEthereum token) appears to be the best opportunity in the entire market in terms of the developers making it clear that they wanted to create a fair launch. [/b]Paypal would be smart to just accumulate this token rather than waste their time with a centralized project like libra. The whole point of decentralization is to spread the token far and wide to as many owners as possible. iEthereum will only get more rare and more valuable over time. Also having a much better distribution it appears than bitcoin ever had. Anyone investing in ICO projects are buying dilution. if investing in ethereum one is being diluted by 30,000 ethereum tokens every day.[b] iETH has zero dilution.[/b] that is a gigantic deal long term. [b]selling one bitcoin and buying iETH and iETH goes straight up. Looks like the foundation is set. [/b] a bank buying about 200K worth of the token would be obvious 50x on their investment with almost no downside risk. looks like iETH is one large investor from the token price of at least 2$ and will never look back again. The whole reason many people got involved in crypto is to avoid the printing of money from thin air that has been all too common with fiat currency. iETH actually has provided an opportunity to never be inflated and be on the ethereum blockchain forever. Why would one hold dollars that inflate at 3% per year and is backed only by debt. iethereum token has over 1600 holders and appears only about 3 or 4 million remain on the exchanges or the trading float. The first business to buy 50% of the remaining tokens on the exchanges or 2 million tokens and declare the token as their primary token for transactions, cross boarder payments etc will make an absolute fortune. Looks like it easily goes to 50 cents and then closer to a dollar based on simple supply and demand math. Apple please comment it has been two years. Developers you are more than due to comment on the next steps. A two sentence tweet is not acceptable and you are better than that I would hope. If you intend to remain a satoshi (anonymous) then say so

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