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NioCorp Developments Ltd

NioCorp Developments Ltd (NB)

Closed June 22 4:00PM
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About NioCorp Developments Ltd

NioCorp Developments Ltd is an exploration-stage company, which is engaged in the exploration and development of mineral deposits. It primarily explores niobium, scandium, and titanium products. The firm operates through a segment consisting of exploration and development of mineral deposits in Nort... NioCorp Developments Ltd is an exploration-stage company, which is engaged in the exploration and development of mineral deposits. It primarily explores niobium, scandium, and titanium products. The firm operates through a segment consisting of exploration and development of mineral deposits in North America, specifically, the Elk Creek property located in Southeastern Nebraska. The company generally holds an interest in a mineral exploration property located in the region of Canada. Show more

Misc Nonmtl Minrls, Ex Fuels
Misc Nonmtl Minrls, Ex Fuels
Centennial, Colorado, USA
NioCorp Developments Ltd is listed in the Misc Nonmtl Minrls, Ex Fuels sector of the NASDAQ with ticker NB. The last closing price for NioCorp Developments was $1.90. Over the last year, NioCorp Developments shares have traded in a share price range of $ 1.88 to $ 5.40.

NioCorp Developments currently has 34,915,511 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of NioCorp Developments is $65.64 million. NioCorp Developments has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -1.64.

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NB Discussion

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ColdDarkHole ColdDarkHole 29 minutes ago
I miss diksuc and omniprolapse. I wanna turn the AC and heater on at the same time and watch em duke it out. Wheres hkWagner when you need him? (not you wagner, hkWagner. He use to the board whiner in chief.)

row row row your boat gently up shit creek.

wake me up in the spring. hoping to still have 1/10 my original sharecount. zzzzzzzz
monocle monocle 1 hour ago
I have a hard time understanding the faith you have in management. You say they moved on since the merger failure, but what have they accomplished since? More than 15 months later they are still trying to raise money for a feasibility study and have come up empty.

They are continuously moving the timeline up for the new feasibility study from ASAP 2023 to ASAP 2024 to hopefully sometime in 2025.

There are a week away from missing their second publicly stated timeline for a Stellantis deal. Mark stated definitively it would happen by November last year then said a very conservative timeline was first half this year.

The agreement from April that was supposed to be a bridge loan sure looks like another missed timeline. From the current share price, the vwap needs to be up 80% Monday for the equity payment option. I wonder if they have the 1.4 million they need on hand?

All this seems to paint an alarming picture of a company with no clear path forward.
👍️ 1
PutzMueler PutzMueler 3 hours ago
Hello Chico, can you explain about your post on Reddit regarding the….
Qualifying Advanced Energy Project Credit (§48C)
New Round 2

Thanks in advance.
PutzMueler PutzMueler 5 hours ago
Yah Walter, but it gets old having the only positive effect on my NioCorp share holdings is getting to convert them into Tax free shares at a continuously better rate each year.

Although, the lower the SP goes, the more shares I can convert.
But in the same vein, the ones I converted in previous years have done nothing for me, but have me pay taxes on previous conversions suggesting a profit. So ironic LoL

I guess I should thank my lucky stars that things are looking so good going into 2025 with 3500 shares moving to tax free @ $2, and being a ten year high conversion rate.
walterc walterc 8 hours ago
If you do not sell and you do not need the money tomorrow , you are going to be very happy with your investment. BtW I have some Italian friends that are invested in Niocorp.
I was just this week getting extremely good news on one of my investments in a private company ; If this company had been on a message board I do not want to think about the insults I would have received here being invested in it and being a bozo and a destructor of wealth One week ago all investors were desperate , now they are euphoric.
It is a matter of believing in the project and the management that is running your company and I am still a 100 percent believer in them even after the frustrating Spac event. They straightened their backs and moved on to their goals to make this project a success.

This company is working to a goal which will benefit all of the longs if you have the stamina to stay in it. The Edison report is a very conservative prediction of where we are heading.
👍️ 3
LCP77 LCP77 12 hours ago
Ya. Haha. Just comedic. Go Oilers!
LCP77 LCP77 12 hours ago
You might want to check with your accountant.
LCP77 LCP77 17 hours ago
Might be better to sell first and then wait 30 days to buy back, as is usual.
wagner wagner 18 hours ago
1/3 volume in the last minute to manipulate

Rader1977 Rader1977 19 hours ago
I bought into the hype for the first time (pre-split) years ago at near $1 ($10 post-split). As the price went down, I continued to buy, averaging down my overall price. $7, then $5, then at $4 (this is when the wife stepped in and made me promise not to buy any more).

"It's at the bottom!" I said. "It can't go down anymore!" I said.

That was at $4.

Then, like many on this board - I sat and waited for positive news. And waited. And waited.

Now, this has become a tax-loss harvesting investment. I'll continue to buy at these prices, only to sell after 30 days to recoup some tax benefits and replace my more expensive shares and avoid the wash sale rules. What a disaster!
👍️ 2 😭 2 🫠 1
Truth and Transparency Truth and Transparency 19 hours ago
We all bought what he was saying for the past decade. Unfortunately, he’s sold us a flaming bag of sh*t!!!
ColdDarkHole ColdDarkHole 20 hours ago
Yes we are all on the same page for the most part. Nail biter till they talk more.
Rader1977 Rader1977 20 hours ago
I don't disagree. I was buying in 2021/2022 because - like NDOT and the Elk Creek Community Center Planning Committee - I bought what Mark Smith was selling.
ColdDarkHole ColdDarkHole 20 hours ago
If you wanna hold on to that as progress be my guest my man. They would have done the work anyway when it was due whether the mine existed or not. We will have a sweet road up beside an empty field if they don't get their shit together.
Rader1977 Rader1977 21 hours ago
The highway work has absolutely nothing to do with the mine.
The highway project would have been proposed, bid on and awarded several years ago, when the prospects of the mine opening by 2024 seemed more promising. The same can be said about the community center. At the time they voted on it, it may have seemed likely the grand opening would coincide with much further progress on the mine than where we're at now.
ColdDarkHole ColdDarkHole 23 hours ago
There is no progress yet. There is no money for progress yet. There is no money for drilling yet. All of that stuff they talk about is not paid for and no way of paying for any of it has been announced. In fact, 1.4M leaves the company in some form on 7-1. I HOPE The usable 6.xM of the 8M total liability is doing SOMETHING other than paying salaries and the light bill.

The highway work has absolutely nothing to do with the mine. Not to say its not beneficial, but NDOT did not spend millions on improvements for something that is not there and might not be there. There is no local work occurring or businesses opening because of the mine. Not even the community center has anything to do with the mine regardless of it being mentioned in one article. Zero. Zilch. None of anything has anything to do with this unfunded, SP crashing company. I hope that changes, but there is your progress report.

As far as the grass, the crops are probably doing pretty well with all the rain. Next years planting will most likely occur uninterrupted at this rate.
👍️ 1 💯 2 🤒 1 🫠 1
Truth and Transparency Truth and Transparency 1 day ago
It’s so sickening that Dean Kehler and Jay Bloom brought nothing to the company except despair. I want Mark to explain to shareholders why he never had built in protections against them for not bringing in a set amount of capital or the deal was nullified. Every time I watch that bell ringing it makes me sick.

There’s something very wrong with how this “deal” was structured. I would love to see these guys hold a town hall today and face shareholders. I imagine Governor Pillen and all other government leaders in Nebraska would like some answers for Niocorp management’s failure on this.
Dead On Arrival Dead On Arrival 1 day ago
You hit the nail on the head with this post. The stock dropped I believe close to 35% while they were doing the obligatory clap(some went a little overboard) in the first 20 minutes of trading. That is when I knew for sure there was going to be a reckoning for shareholders and it was not going to be pretty. I felt bad for Mark as I know he worked his tail off to look for financing. Then I saw a large person with horns sticking out of his head and realized someone sold their soul to the devil to get this merger through.

Retail shareholders are one or two crappy deals away from being wiped out on their positions.Niocorp is not in a position of strength at the moment and any deals at these price levels are going to be hard to swallow. Have no idea what JPM brings to the table but if it is anything close to what Morgan Stanley did, not a good scenario.
👍️ 1 💯 1
Dead On Arrival Dead On Arrival 1 day ago
No matter if the stock goes up or down , they seem to make tons of money.
Rader1977 Rader1977 1 day ago
Now would be a good time for one of our local Nebraska folks to do a drive-by of the Elk Creek site for a progress report. Is the new highway finished? Are there new drill rigs getting the info for EXIM? Are there engineers on site taking measurements? Is anyone even cutting the grass?
👍️ 4
Truth and Transparency Truth and Transparency 1 day ago
Question, why would it have been a godsend for the Belgians? I’m sure the majority of them sold their PP shares and have been holding onto the hope then could cash their warrants in
👍️ 1 💯 1
LCP77 LCP77 2 days ago
It so telling as to character of that crew. Showing pure joy at the ringing of the bell when at that point they knew the deal went south and that they were fucked. Simms was almost jumping out of his shoes. Just a confidence scam to suck in the retailers they so desperately needed. And boy did the retailers step up. MS cashes out his $4mm++ debt out asap. They get raises and bonuses asap. Retailers get a big stick up their arses. MS to retailers: “You fucked up, you trusted me”.
👍️ 1 ☹️ 2
Dead On Arrival Dead On Arrival 2 days ago
She was on stage at the NAS during the bell ringing. Took one look at the creature behind her(Kehler) and the incessant clapping from management and knew it was time to bail. When your stock drops off the bat at the open, that is not a good look. It was the worst deal in mining history from a shareholder perspective. Except from the Belgian standpoint where this drop in share price has been a Godsend.
👍️ 3 💯 2 🤪 1
LCP77 LCP77 2 days ago
Oh I just saw this for the first time. It’s pretty darn funny. Calling Yorkville conv debt deals a proceed of the merger at the ringing of yhe bell.

There she is. In the white at the left seeming pretty darn happy.
PutzMueler PutzMueler 2 days ago
Wow. I’m losing it. LoL

I could’ve swore she bailed before we knew but obviously I’m wrong lol

Demolition Man, I don’t really have a bridge on the river Kwai.
💰️💲 So stop outbidding me,
👍️ 1 🤣 2
LCP77 LCP77 2 days ago
I think she left 2 months after the merger. When it obvious how bad it was.
PutzMueler PutzMueler 2 days ago
That’s not true. Fernanda Fenga resigned from the BOD suddenly, but just before the SPAC announcement and cashed in her NioCorp riches.
If you think it was for family reasons or personal reasons just as she stated, not having the time to focus on NioCorp, then I have a bridge on the river Kwai to sell you.

Not 1 person stepped in and told mark this is a bad deal for the investors??? Not one employee had the courage to stand up to mark and say do not do this deal. ..….

You have to be pretty naïve to think that was just a coincidence in Timing.

I can almost hear her echo now saying,
** Are you fucking kidding me Mark, give your fucking head a shake Mark, I’m outa here.!”
👍️ 1 💯 1
Demolition Man Demolition Man 2 days ago
Good, I hope they do read this board because they sure as F are not working full time for us lol. Think about it this way. Our share price must rise over 527% in SP just to break even from the reverse split "$10 dollar a share"....Let that sink in people 527% from the trash SPAC deal and R/S that mark smith put us in. And where were the other coward NB employees-BOD?? Not 1 person stepped in and told mark this is a bad deal for the investors??? Not one employee had the courage to stand up to mark and say do not do this deal. ..….
Shame on you Jim, Scott, Neil, and the BOD for approving this deal. BTW, here is where marks puppets will say "just move on", "you should sell your shares", "You have only been invested for a decade these things take time" , "the past is in the past," "this is not their first rodeo"…BLAH, BLAH, what other bullshit lines am I missing from marks message board puppets??

I hope someone does ask NB management how they can justify huge raises the past 3 years when over 50% of all companies that actual make revenue took pay cuts during covid... I am sure Coward smith will say he cannot answer that question because that falls in line with his imaginary NDA lol
👍️ 2 💯 2
monocle monocle 2 days ago
Good mix by 2024? They made it clear during the railveyor Q and A that 2024 is out for the big exim loan.

Mark says, what they (exim) need are those two technical points which is the feasibility study level engineering for the new process flow and the additional resource work that takes us to proven from probable reserves.

Scott says this will take 9 months.
wagner wagner 2 days ago
Mark and Jim read this board too,
they know that trust and confidence is gone without a good mix of financing in 2024.
Loan should be the biggest package
monocle monocle 2 days ago
Incorrect, the new one is a mixed shelf offering, which includes warrants and other derivatives as well stock.

The old one just offered stock and didn't expire until November.

This is a different animal not an extension and they presumably filed it now for a reason. Of course they only used 1% of the last one and that 2 years after filed it so who knows.
wagner wagner 2 days ago
2021 old
My fault
wagner wagner 2 days ago
200 Mio offering is old by 2023, was just a standard to get an extension
monocle monocle 2 days ago
Last week's new shelf offering certainly points to more dilution.

Lack of news by the end of May certainly points to something not happening that Mark thought would happen.

Wasn't the "very conservative" estimate for Stellantis news first half of this year?

Yes, we will see.
wagner wagner 2 days ago
No, if a small loan is coming in everybody will be surprised.

Everyone is taking about further dilution

We will see
monocle monocle 2 days ago
Does it worry you that exim is asking for expensive, time-consuming information this late in the process?
wagner wagner 2 days ago
Once the financing circle is closed everybody will know that the mine
gets built
monocle monocle 2 days ago
Why would shorts be desperate? They can easily cover anytime they choose. Shorts, and there are very few, are not the problem here. People criticizing the company have good reason to do it. This bridge loan to nowhere is the latest example.

Management has had a horrible 5 quarters of missed goals, poor communication, and bad decisions. That's why the share price is where it is.
👍️ 1 💯 1
dutchfree dutchfree 2 days ago
I’m holding too Stark!
👍️ 1
PutzMueler PutzMueler 2 days ago
Try 100 agorot. That should get you there. Lol
stark12 stark12 2 days ago
How do we go from shackles to shekels? Will Mark lead us to the Promised Land--the one flowing with milk and honey? We are wandering in the desert and I am wondering if there is enough water to last until we all die of thirst. Despite my extreme disappointment, I am trying to keep the faith. Have a good weekend all.
wagner wagner 2 days ago
Basher are only desperate shorts,
once they get burned most of them will disappear. Specially the one in use of alcohol.....

👍️ 1
PutzMueler PutzMueler 2 days ago
Our SP has but one fault. Mark

People get tired of a never ending story.
Although it’s a good time in movie form, it’s not so much fun living it.

RailVeyor, Stellantis and EXIM delays are exacerbating the overall view by the market.

Stellantis and EXIM are not stupid as you seem to suggest. Neither one cares what our SP is and any deal was already worked out (JMO), and has nothing to do with the current SP.

The constant delays are what is killing us. And it only affects non entity investors like us.

The rest of them don’t give a rats ass, because they don’t retire or die.
And unlike us, they have a key to their shackles.
👍️ 1
LCP77 LCP77 2 days ago
Hubris. Excessive self confidence in MS’s salesmanship. He thought he could sell the story to GXII peeps. Wrong. 95% redemption and those that didn’t redeem were bribed with free ECRC shares that are now exchangeable into free trading NB shares. He thought he could get Stellantis to take an equity position a year ago at $5. Now its $1.90. Stellantis must feel that they were being set up. EXIM. He thought he could land a $800,000,000 loan without a current FS that would provide current project costing. Wrong. Now trying for a grant to repay loan shark debt and do some drilling. I bet EXIM would be thrilled to see grant money going to loan sharks. The only ones that bought into his salesmanship were retail mining newbies. While he took $4mm of his skin out of the game using their money….and raises on already bloated salaries for doing part time work using their money….and large bonuses all around to boot….using the newbies money.
👍️ 1 💯 1
ColdDarkHole ColdDarkHole 2 days ago
That's what I mean by wondering about what's next and also maintaining listing requirements. PP participants go ahead and sell your cheap shares but you are asking for another R/S. When the dust settles there is still no real money.
Truth and Transparency Truth and Transparency 2 days ago
Those PP kill the share price. Those investors just turn around and sell their shares and have the warrants to fall back on if the management ever gets their sh*t together.

It’s really sad how poorly managed this project has been under Mark Smith’s leadership (or lack thereof). One decade of spending millions upon millions of dollars of investor’s money and they still haven’t produced a proven feasibility study. It’s actually pretty infuriating.
👍️ 1 💯 1
Truth and Transparency Truth and Transparency 2 days ago
Mark Smith never fails to disappoint.
ColdDarkHole ColdDarkHole 2 days ago
What is the next financial vehicle to keep us afloat? The 1.4M leaving the company in some way on 7-1 isn't it. It appears we will be paying back every dime of the recent deal proceeds in 1.4M chunks immediately after signing it. Wow. That deal was so bad it makes me wonder if it's the last load of salary before the end. I'm sure that's not the case but DAMN that was shitty deal.

Whats next? A PP with deep pocketed investors willing to kick the can again? An actual award of real money from some large entity? That doesn't seem likely given the exim drilling requests and stellantis slow down news. We need to worry about what's next and also keeping the SP withing listing requirements at the same time. I'm kinda nervous about the next few email communications. Just gonna have to turn my rump to the wind and wait I guess.
Demolition Man Demolition Man 2 days ago
Let this sink in people….we are trading at .18-.19 (pre-split) cents a share… When Mark said financing is imminent he meant for himself and the employees at NioCorp not the investors
👍️ 2 💯 3 😭 1
LCP77 LCP77 2 days ago
He has taken the cult crew underground. Private email cultist shit info. He must maintain his self egomaniac image at all costs. Fact is he led very many to ruin. That will be his legacy. Just an ego driven douchbag.
🎯 1 👍️ 2 💩 1 🤥 1

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