Comeback Of Bitcoin After Six Weeks, Bitcoin Halts $40,000!

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Bitcoin, subsequent to a long bearish run, halted the milestone of $40,000 recently. Bitcoin is considered the most successful, valuable, and vital aspect of the cryptocurrency industry. Altcoin such as ethereum and dogecoin are influenced by the surge of bitcoin to an exceeding extent and are constantly declining. You might be familiar with the fact that the cryptocurrency market crash declined the price of bitcoin and other currencies by an enormous amount, and bitcoin touched the value of $30000.


After the market crash, bitcoin floated on an average price of $33,000 for almost six months. There were ample statements regarding bitcoin mining, bitcoin volatility which affected the market cap of bitcoin. If you want to get profitable results in your bitcoin expedition checkout the Oil Profit platform for more details. However, bitcoin has halted the average price and has touched the value of $40,000. Below mentioned is everything you should know about the recent surge of bitcoin.

How Did Cryptocurrency Crash Affect The Value And Market Cap Of Bitcoin?

The recent cryptocurrency crash just shattered the entire cryptocurrency industry as there were ample unrealized losses subsequent to the carnage. Bitcoin was affected by the cryptocurrency market crash in an enormous amount as the value of bitcoin tumbled to an exceeding extent. The fact might be amaze that the value of bitcoin decreased almost 50% in just a single month.

All the more the market cap of bitcoin was claimed at almost 1 trillion dollars prior to the market crash, however subsequent to the market crash, the market cap of bitcoin correspondingly decreased to 600 trillion USD. Undeniably, the value of bitcoin was restored in a nominal range of time, but the price of bitcoin was stuck on an average value for a very long time.

The cryptocurrency market crashed due to the announcement of China cracking down on cryptocurrencies that are privately mined majorly. Financial powers of china implemented some harsh rules on the cryptocurrency enthusiast in china as no financial institution is now allowed to process services to new flanged cryptocurrency customers; all the more, these financial institutions and banks cannot accept bitcoin as a payment method. The ban correspondingly did ban bitcoin mining in China, which is underlined as an advantage for bitcoin miners elsewhere.

Why Did the Value of Bitcoin Incline Suddenly?

As established, bitcoin was stuck on an average value for a very long time. However, on the 29th of July, bitcoin halted the milestone of $40000, and there are few reasons behind the fact, let’s checkout.

Amazon Hiring Digital Cash Executives!

Recently amazon posted recruitment for digitalized cash executives who are potential enough to handle every explicit relation and progression subjected with this cryptographic cash. The recruitment led to speculation that bitcoin will be accepted as a payment method on amazon sooner or later. The speculation further led to an inclination in bitcoin value.

Tesla to accept bitcoin payments

Tesla Motors, led by Elon musk, also passed a statement that tesla is likely to accept bitcoin as a payment method. Elon musk announced bitcoin payments at the very first glance in March 2021, however considering the environmental aspect of bitcoin mining and transaction, Elon musk suspended the progression of accepting bitcoin as a payment method.

You might be familiar with the fact that the reversal tweet of Elon musk regarding bitcoin correspondingly tumbled the value of bitcoin to an exceeding extent. As per the bitcoin mining council, an open forum website, bitcoin mining is now complexed on 50% of greener energy.

The amount of sustainable energy sources utilized by bitcoin mining is even greater than some of the developed countries such as the United States, China, and many more. Elon Musk, in a tweet, stated that bitcoin mining is now complexed on 56% of sustainable energy, and the complex is expected to grow more in a similar direction. This is why it is likely to accept bitcoin payment methods in no time.

Apple Rumor

Recently a rumor spread on social media platforms, especially Twitter, that Apple has invested a gigantic buck in bitcoin. As per the robust sources, there are no clear facts regarding this statement, but if apple organization releases a statement regarding investment in bitcoin, apple will become the second leading public holder of bitcoin.

These are some of the reasons behind the sudden surge of bitcoin.

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