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Deutsche Equity Income Trust PLC
10 January 2001

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                          REPORT TO 31 DECEMBER 2000

The UK Equity market as measured by the FT-SE All-Share fell by 1.5% in
capital terms in the three months to 31st December.  Our net asset value per
share rose by 3.2% and the share price by 6.0% over the same period.

Conditions continued to favour income funds as the lower yielding sectors such
as Software, I.T. hardware and Telecoms fell sharply, continuing the
correction that started earlier in the year.  By contrast "defensive" areas of
the market rose in value as investors sought security of earnings and lower
valuations.  Sectors such as Chemicals, Building, Food, Beverages and
Insurance rose by between 20% and 30% in value.

Our purchases included both higher yielding shares such as Whitbread,
Inchcape, Cookson and Morgan Crucible and some growth stocks such as EMAP and
Carlton.  We began to buy back some technology with small holdings in Bookham
and Sage but this move was premature and prices have since fallen.


The market should respond positively to falling interest rates and continued
low inflation.  However, low inflation remains a problem for many companies.
We see a move away from general themes such as value, growth, technology, old
economy/new economy, to the more specific question, namely whether or not a
company can invest and grow profitably in an environment of low growth and low

NET ASSET VALUE                      31/12/00   30/09/00
                                       270.8p    262.5p

MID-MARKET SHARE PRICE               31/12/00   30/09/00
Ordinary Shares                       264.0p     249.0p
Dividend Yield (%)                      3.2        3.3

LARGEST  HOLDINGS  (market value #61.5 million  equal  to 61.4% of total
                                                  % of
31/12/00                             #'000's   portfolio
BP Amoco                              5,902       5.9
GlaxoSmithKline                       5,820       5.8
Vodafone Group                        4,867       4.9
AstraZeneca                           3,135       3.1
HSBC Holdings                         2,981       3.0
Shell Transport & Trading             2,891       2.9
Royal Bank of Scotland                2,804       2.8
United Utilities                      2,503       2.5
Cookson Group                         2,422       2.4
EMAP                                  2,261       2.3
Carlton Communications                2,241       2.2
Allied Domecq                         2,224       2.2
Diageo                                1,941       1.9
Powergen                              1,883       1.9
British Telecom                       1,836       1.8
Britannic                             1,780       1.8
CGNU                                  1,777       1.7
Morgan Crucible                       1,704       1.7
Barclays                              1,623       1.6
Lonmin                                1,606       1.6
Abbey National                        1,579       1.6
Centrica                              1,571       1.6
Whitbread                             1,425       1.4
BAE Systems                           1,377       1.4
Mediaone Group                        1,371       1.4
FINANCIAL CALENDAR                                       
Half year results announced                                       23 May 2001

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