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Lyell Immunopharma Inc

Lyell Immunopharma Inc (LYEL)

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LYEL Discussion

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jondoeuk jondoeuk 1 week ago
(OT) Dr Restifo is Co-founder and Chief Scientist at Marble Therapeutics. From this: ''At Marble Therapeutics, he is working to figure out how to rewind the epigenetic clock on these cells, using any means possible. The company started out with a focus on skin rejuvenation, adds CEO Denitsa Milanova, but expanded to also work on adoptive cell therapy to prove their platform works.''

They have a license for TIL plus a neoantigen vaccine

Preclinical data on the vaccine
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glenn1919 glenn1919 2 months ago
Monksdream Monksdream 2 months ago
LYEL active in the Gaucho session

jondoeuk jondoeuk 3 months ago
Tempting but I will remain on the sidelines.
Monksdream Monksdream 3 months ago
LYEL under $3
glenn1919 glenn1919 3 months ago
jondoeuk jondoeuk 8 months ago
They could be working on this
jondoeuk jondoeuk 9 months ago
Monksdream Monksdream 9 months ago
LYEL new 52 week low
jondoeuk jondoeuk 1 year ago
jondoeuk jondoeuk 1 year ago
Preclinical data from another group (LYL119 will be NR4A3-deficient)
glenn1919 glenn1919 1 year ago
jondoeuk jondoeuk 2 years ago
The FDA has cleared an IND for LYL845. The PhI trial will initially enroll patients with relapsed and/or refractory metastatic or locally advanced melanoma and subsequently expand into NSCLC and CRC. Initial data presentation is expected in 2024.
jondoeuk jondoeuk 2 years ago
SITC titles

NR4A3 gene editing and c-Jun overexpression synergize to limit exhaustion and enhance functional activity of ROR1 CAR T cells in vitro and in vivo

Engineering potent CAR T-cell therapies by controlling T-cell activation signaling parameters using the Stim-R™ technology, a programmable synthetic cell-signaling platform

The Epi-R™ technology produces a polyclonal TIL product (LYL845) with diverse tumor-reactive clones that have stem-like qualities and anti-tumor function

The Epi-R™ technology produces a polyclonal TIL product (LYL845) with a greater expansion success rate across hot and cold tumors, improved product phenotype, and maintenance of TCR diversity

Increased potency and functional persistence in vitro of a next-generation NY-ESO-1-specific TCR therapy incorporating Gen-R™ genetic reprogramming technology
NY1972 NY1972 2 years ago
recent technical advances using culture conditions with IL-7/IL-15 and
the addition of IL-21 may enhance the enrichment for TSCM cells
in the final CART product (74–76), which can be further increased
with the addition of drugs blocking T-cell differentiation, such as
glycogen synthase-3 inhibitors (77). Nevertheless, robust clinical grade protocols for generating TSCM-enriched CART products
have not been developed so far. Recently, a few CART19 clinical
trials for DLBCL have been conducted in which CART products
were manufactured from CD62L+ isolated T cells to generate
cellular products enriched for TCM cells (21, 78); however, due to
prolonged culture conditions, enrichment for TSCM and TCM
subsets in the infused product could not be demonstrated
jondoeuk jondoeuk 2 years ago
The AEs from the LD chemo*. I expect more data (dose expansion is ongoing) from them at ASH. As for NVS, a pivotal trial is planned and DL2 (12.5M) is the recommended dose.

* Some very early clinical data testing an anti-GD2 CAR-T with constitutive signaling from an engineered IL-7 receptor
NY1972 NY1972 2 years ago
Thanks for the link.
Most commonly reported grade 3/4 AEs were neutrophil count decrease (6/9, 67%), anemia (5/9, 56%), thrombocytopenia (2/9,22%), platelet count decrease (2/9, 22%) and no infection was reported. Complete response rate(CRR) was 78%

Compared to T-Charge

jondoeuk jondoeuk 2 years ago
For Epi-R, they use media with high concentrations of potassium (as well as multiple cytokines). As for that, T-Charge or BE, I think a product with mostly ''stem-like'' cells and additional edits will be needed. But it doesn't have to be the latter, as shRNA can be used. Here are some clinical data on an anti-CD19 CAR-T with knock-down of both PD-1 and TIGIT
NY1972 NY1972 2 years ago
Which will perform better ? BE with 7,8 edits on many genes, Epi secret sauce
or T-Charge which seems to add a CAR only to starting material in order to retain CD4/CD8 ratio.
YTB323 CAR-T cell products generated via this novel expansionless manufacturing process retained the immunophenotype of the input leukapheresis materia
jondoeuk jondoeuk 2 years ago
That depends. Typically, the more the cells expand during manufacturing, the more they differentiate. In the case of ALLO, it seems most are effector memory (manufacturing time is ~19 days and there are a number of steps involved). LYEL refer to this as the expansion/quality paradox. With Epi-R, they have shown they can expand TCR-T cells up to 18 billion by day ten. In addition, these cells are over 94% viable and maintain their ''stem-like'' qualities.
NY1972 NY1972 2 years ago
Do you need Epigenetic Reprogramming if pts can be treated with healthy, young donor T cells?
jondoeuk jondoeuk 2 years ago
ISSCR poster
jondoeuk jondoeuk 2 years ago
jondoeuk jondoeuk 2 years ago
1115: Epigenetic Reprogramming (Epi-R™) Yields T-Cell Receptor Products with Improved Stemness, Metabolic Fitness, and Functional Activity in the Presence of Persistent Antigen Exposure

661: Preclinical Development of LYL797, a ROR1-Targeted CAR T-Cell Therapy Enhanced with Genetic and Epigenetic Reprogramming for Solid Tumors
jondoeuk jondoeuk 2 years ago
GSK has updated the master protocol for their next generation constructs to include a third arm with GSK4427296

This uses Epi-R.
jondoeuk jondoeuk 2 years ago
AACR poster
jondoeuk jondoeuk 2 years ago
The PhI (n=54) of LYL797 has now been listed. The dose-escalation phase (TNBC only) will investigate four dose levels to determine the recommended RP2D. The dose expansion will enroll both TNBC and NSCLC.
jondoeuk jondoeuk 3 years ago
A new review
jondoeuk jondoeuk 3 years ago
Morgan Stanley webcast
jondoeuk jondoeuk 3 years ago
New deck

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