The Canadian Labour Congress passed an Emergency Resolution today calling on its national membership to boycott all Arterra Wines products, including products sold at Wine Rack stores. A communication to commence the boycott will be sent to the CLC’s 3 million members’ households next Monday, June 21st.

Wine Rack workers, members of SEIU Local 2, have been on strike since June 7th. Workers are continuing to picket stores throughout Toronto, while Arterra Wines recruits scab labour in an effort to break the strike. Arterra Wines’ approach in this dispute amounts to nothing less than crass union busting tactics.

These actions are in line with Arterra Wines’ history of complete disregard for workers’ rights. In May 2021, Arterra Wines was reprimanded by Arbitrator Randi H. Abramsky for denying the Union the ability to communicate bargaining messages to members in the store. This is an addition to an Unfair Labour Practice claim against Arterra under review by the Labour Board. On June 16th, SEIU Local 2 submitted a Human Rights Complaint on behalf of a Wine Rack worker who has suffered wage discrimination based on his physical disability.

We hope that the labour movement will stand in solidarity with Wine Rack workers and boycott all Arterra Wines’ products and brands until a fair resolution to the dispute is reached.

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SEIU Local 2 represents workers in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick and British Columbia.

Contact: Assya Moustaqim-Barretteassyamb@seiulocal2.ca416-274-4903