LOS ANGELES, CA -- April 16, 2020 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- Looking to increase revenue and shareholder benefits, Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Toghraie today announced some major changes within Reviv3 Procare. "We're beginning a new phase in the company that will see us rebranding our corporate image as well as morphing our sales programs to take greater advantage of the profit margins we see from our sales channels," said Toghraie.  This increased revenue plan combined with a debt-free, Fully Reporting company on the OTC: QB places Reviv3 Procare shareholders in a unique position to potentially see significant growth in their holdings.

Some of the major changes will be announced in greater detail via separate press releases with more details but certain milestones are highlighted here at what shareholders can expect in the months to come:

  • Reviv3 is shifting its sales programs from distribution to focus on subscription-based, direct-to-consumer models for significantly higher sales margins than before.
  • Reviv3 is expanding its marketing reach to include millennials as well as increasing its social responsibilities via product donation programs that support cancer patients. 
  • Reviv3 will launch a special program to specifically reward shareholders with new and exciting benefits.
  • Reviv3 is preparing to file a Regulation A+ offering for the purpose of raising $5 million or more. Proceeds of the offering will be primarily used to increase direct-to-consumer sales that will meet new goals of an increase of 10 times the current revenue over the next five years.
  • Reviv3 is designing a new app to support its subscription-based model. It will help consumers with daily hair care and make purchasing of the new products easier and more streamlined.
  • Reviv3 will also be exploring new worldwide markets and joint venture opportunities.
  • If the company meets key milestones from the upcoming changes, the company will look to implement a program for rewarding shareholders from our growth and high-profit margins.   

Reviv3 is currently working with both its team and new consultants whose expertise in the above-aforementioned areas will help them start implementing these changes immediately. "We're all very excited about this new direction and look forward to announcing further details in the near future," concluded Toghraie.

About Reviv3 Procare Company

Reviv3 Procare Company is engaged in the manufacturing, marketing, sale, and distribution of premium quality hair and skin care products under various trademarks and brands. We are committed to using the highest quality active ingredients found in nature to create clinically proven, professional grade products that simply work. Our products are sold in targeted markets in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Visit us at: www.reviv3.com

Contact: ir@reviv3.com

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