X0306 4 2014-08-15 1 0001510326 Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. DCIN 0001489378 O'Connor Martin B. II CINEDIGM CORP. 902 BROADWAY, 9TH FLOOR NEW YORK NY 10010 1 0 0 0 Class A Common Stock 2014-08-15 4 D 0 40000 D 0 D Issuer was acquired by Carmike Cinemas, Inc. pursuant to a merger agreement dated May 15, 2014 as described in the Issuer Proxy Statement dated July 7, 2014 (the "Merger"). Each share of Issuer outstanding Class A Common Stock and each share of Issuer outstanding Class B Common Stock was converted into 0.1765 shares of Carmike Common Stock. Issuer outstanding restricted stock units ("RSU's"), whether vested or not, were converted into Carmike Common Stock at the 0.1765 ratio of Carmike Common Stock per share of Issuer common stock subject to the RSU's. Dispositions by Reporting Person were approved in advance by the Issuer's Board of Directors. /s/ Martin O'Connor 2014-08-18