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Introduces OPTEC "Sani-Rail" Escalator UVC Handrail Sanitizer Device.

CARLSBAD, CA -- February 1, 2021 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- OPTEC International, Inc. (OTC Pink: OPTI), a developer of UV and UV-C safety products using related advanced technologies specific to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), today announced the introduction of the company's UV-C Escalator Handrail Sanitizer device. (OPTEC Sani-Rail).

After several months of, design, testing and certifications the OPTEC Sani-Rail technology will be available for USA distribution beginning March 2021 from the company's California distribution centers and Internationally by June 2021.

The OPTEC UVC Handrail sanitizer was designed to assist with safer re-opening of Shopping Malls, Municipalities public transportation terminals, Airports, Convention Centers, Hotels, Hospitals, and other public sectors where Escalators are in constant daily use.

Handrails are considered by many to be dirty and unsanitary, which are primary reasons why people do not hold on to the handrail and considered unsafe and dirty. By using the OPTEC Sani-Rail device the risk of infection or transfer of germs and bacteria are significantly reduced. UV-C wavelengths effectively eliminate harmful bacteria on handrail surfaces at the same time eliminating the use of toxic chemicals as a use of manually applied option for sterilization during the escalator operation.


This OPTEC sterilizer module is mounted internally to eliminate the risk of passenger pinch-points and UV-C exposure.


A Universal Solution for Handrail Sanitization

The product blocks many sources of infection from spreading by destroying the DNA of germs and bacteria via UV LED light having a wavelength range of 252-275 nanometers. The lamp continuously disinfects the rails while the escalator is moving, and because of its internal mounting remains harmless for exposure to the human body using UVGI technology.

UVGI disinfects using UV light to kill or destroy microorganisms by targeting their nucleic acids or disrupting their DNA, which leaves them unable to perform their cellular functions. UVGI is used to disinfect air, water, aquariums, and is also used in laboratory and hospital environments for improved hygiene.

The OPTEC Sani-Rail Handrail Sterilizer is an easy upgrade for retrofitting existing escalators and power walks and easily integrated into new installations, regardless of equipment manufacturer. The sterilizer can be easily installed on escalators and generates power on its own — converting the movement of the escalator's handrail into electricity. The sterilization lamp has a life in excess of 10,000 hours.


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With Locations in Carlsbad and Vista, California, OPTEC International is a developer and manufacturer of electronic LED, Ultraviolet (UV) & UV-C safety products and related advanced technologies and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) products. The company's Safe-Scan product line is being launched at a time when HR directors and facilities managers are experiencing extreme concern with respect to keeping environments safe during the global pandemic crisis and the safe reopening of the U.S. economy. For more information visit: www.optecintl.com


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