By Paul Vieira

OTTAWA--Canada said Friday it would extend a ban on entry by tourists into the country, including along the U.S.-Canada border, until July 21.

In addition, Canada's Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said via his official Twitter account the country would unveil on Monday new travel guidelines as they pertain to Canadians and permanent residents who are now fully vaccinated.

Mr. Blair said the move was in coordination with the U.S. Representatives from the U.S. embassy in Ottawa didn't immediately respond to questions about whether it, too, would be extending the ban on tourist crossings along the 5,500-mile land border with Canada.

Senior U.S. lawmakers, such as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D, N.Y.), and members of Congress have been critical of Canada's reluctance to reopen the border to visitors, given progress to date on vaccination and a decline in new Covid-19 cases from recent peaks.

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