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The following is a transcript of an interview with Dr. Robert Hariri, M.D., Ph.D., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Celularity Inc., held on February 1, 2021. Dr. Hariri’s interview can be found at


Maria Bartiromo


All right, Cheryl, thanks so much. We’re looking at the new vaccines coming on the market. Johnson & Johnson announced its single dose vaccine provides strong protection against COVID-19. This vaccine efficacy rate dropped to 57% though, down from 72%, after concerns that it would provide protection from the new strains of the virus in the United States. Joining me right now is the founder and CEO of Celularity, Dr. Robert Hariri. Dr. Hariri, great to see you again. Thanks very much for being here. Do you think that the vaccines will give the protection needed against the virus and these new strains? Tell us the actions you’re giving, telling patients and how to bolster their immune system these days.


Robert Hariri


Well, great to see you again, Maria, and thank you. It’s important that we manage expectations around the new vaccines that had been developed for COVID-19 in record time. The data that’s been quoted and the clinical experience thus far, is based on relatively small studies, and small numbers of patients. And the studies based on different designs and so on, show very promising results, most importantly, that they’re protecting patients from moderate to severe disease, but they don’t necessarily block disease in everyone. So, I think we have to take a lot of these with a grain of salt and monitor the effects over time.


Maria Bartiromo


Yeah, how do you assess where we are right now, Dr. Hariri? I mean, there are so many concerns that, you know, the vaccines are coming on the market, but so are the new strains coming into the, you know, into the populace. Stephen Lynch, Congressman Lynch, recently tested positive for COVID. He received the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. So he got the entire vaccine, it’s supposed to be 95% efficacy, and he got the virus anyway.


Robert Hariri


Remember, a vaccine is only as good as the immune system it’s being injected into. We already know the vast majority of people who get infected have either mild or generally no real illness but it’s the elderly and people with what we call comorbid conditions, bad health, that are most at risk. The common denominator here is the underlying immune system. With the Congressman, you know, clearly, he had enough exposure to the vaccine to begin to mount a response but underlying his own immune capabilities, he may not have been able to mount a more durable response to protect them. And by the way, the fact that he tested positive doesn’t necessarily mean he wasn’t provided protection. You know, testing positive doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ill.





Maria Bartiromo


Yeah, Dr. Hariri, what what’s most important in terms of strengthening our immune systems? I mean, do you believe, do you also advocate things like, you know, taking zinc regularly? Vitamin D3? I feel like I’ve been taking zinc and elderberry since last March. I don’t know if it’s doing anything but you know, I’ve certainly been on that and I’m following the hype. Am I right?


Robert Hariri


So, elderberry and zinc and vitamin D3, have all generated some really interesting evidence that they can protect you and stimulate your immune system to function at a higher, at a higher tempo. Look, under normal conditions, 10% percent of average people fail to develop immunity after conventional vaccines. What we really need to be thinking about though, is look, vaccination gives your immune system a preview of the pathogen. And you have to develop your own response to that in order to have protection against disease. What we need to recognize is that just like the nutrients you’re talking about, there are other approaches we can augment immune function. Remember, in cancer, we recognize that not everybody responds to chemotherapy, you need to have a high functioning high performance immune system to get the best results. Immunotherapies for viral infections, I think will be a very, very important next wave. And as you already know, Regeneron, Sorento, and other companies are developing immune therapies for COVID-19. And I think that’s where a lot of promise exists, perhaps above and beyond even vaccines.


Maria Bartiromo


Dr. Hariri let me turn to business because you’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth in your own business. You’re taking Celularity public with this merger with GXGX. Tell me about it and why this. Is this a SPAC? Walk us through the growth story for Celularity.


Robert Hariri


So, Maria, as you know, Celularity was a spinoff from Celgene Corporation. We were the one and only spin off company dedicated to the platform of technology we invented around using cells and other biologic materials from the postpartum placenta. The platform is very rich. We have access to cells that are stem cells as well as immune cells. And we were looking towards moving towards the capital markets in order to take advantage of the funding necessary to fuel very active and aggressive clinical programs. So, GXGX, the special purpose acquisition corporation that we partnered with, was ideally situated and suited for our purposes. Number one, they provided us great certainty upon our process to go public. They provided speed that obviously is essential in a fast-moving technology sector. And they provide a great value. We were able to, to rise, to raise our PIPE round – our private investment in a public enterprise – through our existing strategic investors, and we’re able to move very quickly and efficiently towards being public. So, we’re very excited. Celularity has the potential to be a leader in cellular therapy, not just in cancer, but in degenerative diseases, and clearly even in treating viral diseases. So, the GXGX SPAC was an ideal partner for us.


Maria Bartiromo


That is just terrific. Dr. Hariri, we will be watching the growth story as you take to the capital markets. Congrats to you. It obviously gives the company that much more scale, which we will cover. Dr. Robert Hariri, come back soon.


Robert Hariri


Thanks very much. Thank you very much, Maria.





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