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Analyst Ratings and Price Target Adjustments: Capital One, Nvidia, Walmart…

Bruno T
Analysis & Opinion
February 22 2024 3:28AM

In the latest series of analyst ratings and price target adjustments, various prominent companies have experienced shifts in their market outlooks. These changes reflect the evolving business landscapes, financial performances, and market conditions impacting these firms.

Capital One Financial Corporation

Evercore ISI adjusted its stance on Capital One Financial Corporation, downgrading the stock to in-line from outperform. The firm also revised its price target downwards from USD 160 to USD 142. Similarly, Edward Jones downgraded the stock to hold from buy, indicating a more cautious outlook on the company’s future performance.

Datadog, Inc.

Datadog, Inc. saw a notable shift in its rating by Baptista Research, which upgraded the stock to hold from underperform. Interestingly, the price target was significantly increased from USD 99 to USD 148.50, suggesting a reassessment of the company’s growth prospects and valuation.

Doordash, Inc.

Morgan Stanley presented a more optimistic view on Doordash, Inc., upgrading the stock to overweight from equal weight. The firm also raised its price target from USD 135 to USD 145, highlighting a positive outlook on the company’s growth trajectory and market position.

Globalfoundries, Inc.

Baptista Research downgraded Globalfoundries, Inc. to outperform from buy, with a decreased price target from USD 79.20 to USD 64.40. This adjustment reflects a tempered enthusiasm about the company’s near-term prospects.

Howmet Aerospace Inc.

In a contrasting move, Baptista Research downgraded Howmet Aerospace Inc. to underperform from hold but raised the price target from USD 57 to USD 64.40. This suggests a nuanced view on the company’s valuation relative to its industry peers.

Martin Marietta Materials, Inc.

HSBC upgraded Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. to hold from reduce, with a substantial increase in the price target from USD 376 to USD 543. This upgrade indicates a significantly improved outlook on the company’s market position and financial health.

Moody’s Corporation

Baptista Research shifted its rating on Moody’s Corporation to hold from underperform, raising the price target from USD 343 to USD 400. This change reflects a more favorable view of the company’s operational stability and market influence.

Nvidia Corporation

Nvidia Corporation received an upgrade from Morningstar to hold from sell, with a dramatic increase in the price target from USD 480 to USD 730. This adjustment underscores the company’s robust growth potential and leadership in the technology sector.

Palo Alto Networks, Inc.

William O’Neil & Co Incorporated made the decision to drop coverage on Palo Alto Networks, Inc., ceasing its analytical outlook on the company.

The Mosaic Company

Scotiabank upgraded The Mosaic Company to sector outperform from sector perform, setting a target price of USD 40. This upgrade suggests a positive reassessment of the company’s position within its industry sector.

Trimble, Inc.

Baptista Research downgraded Trimble, Inc. to hold from buy, with a target price set at USD 64.40. This indicates a more conservative view on the company’s growth prospects and market valuation.

Verisk Analytics, Inc.

Morningstar downgraded Verisk Analytics, Inc. to hold from sell but raised the price target slightly from USD 220 to USD 225, reflecting a nuanced view of the company’s valuation.

Walmart Inc.

CTBC Securities Investment Service Co LTD upgraded Walmart Inc. to add from neutral, with an increased price target from USD 160 to USD 195. This upgrade highlights a positive outlook on the retail giant’s growth and market resilience.

Zoetis Inc.

Baptista Research upgraded Zoetis Inc. to outperform from hold, with a raised price target from USD 203 to USD 219. This reflects an optimistic view on the company’s future growth trajectory and its position in the pharmaceuticals sector.

These adjustments in ratings and price targets by various financial analysts provide investors and market watchers with insights into the evolving landscapes of these companies, offering guidance for potential investment decisions.