Online Blockchain plc Launches Alpha Testing of

AI Assistant

- Synthia AI to make life more efficient, productive and fun -


Online Blockchain plc (LSE:OBC), the London-listed incubator of new technology applications, has opened the whitelist for the alpha test group for its new AI assistant app.


Synthia, an AI whole-life assistant powered by OpenAI technologies, has been designed to offload time-consuming tasks enabling busy individuals to focus on high value activities in their work and leisure time. With abilities to interact with other people's Synthia AIs, scheduling calls, meetings and making bookings will just be the beginning.  


The app is based on the 80/20 rule (Pareto principle) that states roughly 80% of output can be achieved by just 20% of input. Synthia has been created to increase the efficiencies in a person's life by removing as much of the mundane, inefficient 80% as possible. The Synthia AI ecosystem leverages users' work/life balance by streamlining their tasks and chores for maximum productivity while condensing all the overload of today's 'hunt and click'.


People can join the test group by visiting:  


"I know I'm not alone in finding today's fractured web communication experience exasperating and counterproductive. As a pioneer of new technologies, OBC is on a mission to cut through this chaos," said Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain plc. "AI is the key for filtering out all the noise and spam in our lives. It enables us to throw off the chains of low value drudgery to prioritise what's most important in our work and life. We are excited to bring to market a new AI product and look forward to onboarding our first alpha test cohort."

About Online Blockchain PLC

Online Blockchain PLC (LSE: OBC) is a UK-based incubator driving        cutting-edge research and development in internet and information-based technologies for the next generation of customers. Established in 1999, OBC has remained at the forefront of the internet evolution, incubating successful online games and creating ADVFN, the leading global financial news platform for retail investors, listed on the London Stock Exchange. Led by a visionary team with over two decades of pioneering experience in technology, Online Blockchain focuses on technical innovation in the blockchain and AI space. The company's notable achievement includes the creation of Umbria Network, a widely acclaimed cross-chain bridge for digital assets.

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