Equity Stock Transfer (“EST”), an SEC registered stock transfer agent and registrar, is proud to announce another first: adding enhanced security protection for our clients across our entire Online Access platform.

EST’s Online Access platform for shareholders provides real-time access to their securities information including current holdings, transaction and shareholder reports, cost basis and tax reporting information and other valuable transactional and administrative documentation. Issuers can also take advantage of Online Access and obtain their current cap stack, critical insider holding information, stop transfers, issuance and transaction journals, various queries of shareholder reports, and several other data points.

Our recent deployment of Twilio’s Authy push authentication services including SMS, voice and email authentication will provide enhanced security across our issuer and shareholder ecosystems with an added layer of confidentiality protection when accessing online accounts.

As global instances of cyber-attacks proliferate, our top priority is to be responsive to the security of our clients. At EST we strive to lead the industry by example. With Twilio (NYSE: TWLO), the leading cloud communications platform for channels like voice, text, chat, video, and email, we have added the de facto industry standard for remote access security.

“Transfer agents maintain extremely sensitive information for their clients. Twilio Authy allows us to provide, in a remote access setting, the highest level of security with the least amount of user friction. This combination invariably gives thousands of our domestic and, particularly, our international shareholder and issuer clients unparalleled security and comfort when accessing their accounts. We are equally excited about future plans to integrate Twilio’s authentication tools into our virtual meeting room platform as well.” – Mohit Bhansali, CEO

Equity Stock Transfer is a New York City based SEC registered and bonded full-service transfer agent and registrar for publicly traded and private companies. EST provides a full suite of cap table tools, proxy management, virtual shareholder meeting and voting platform, and various share depository and paying agent services for domestic and international clients. For over 10 years EST has provided unparalleled personal attention and technology for intelligent automation and customer service.

Contact Information:Carolinapress@equitystock.com855-557-4647