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  • DATA443 is a very small microcap company with shares selling close to $5.00 and a small number of outstanding shares estimated at about 750,000 supporting a market cap under $5 million in a currently $165 Billion Cybersecurity market
  • DATA443 is the ONE AND ONLY cybersecurity solution that prevents cybercrime victims from being locked out of their computer and also prevents data from being stolen
  • DATA443 automatically encrypts data so hackers are not able to use the stolen data rendering their efforts worthless
  • When hacked, DATA443 users only have to reboot their computer and all data is automatically restored and computers function normally
  • The unmet need for DATA443 solutions is enormous because the high rate of successful cyberattacks for ransom indicates current solutions do not work well enough
  • DATA443 early sales are running at close to $4 million annually and appear positioned for what could be several magnitudes of growth
  • DATA443 just announced a new recurring 6 figure contract with Fortune 500 company


Several better-known cybersecurity companies such as CRWD, OKTA, SPLK, PFPT, ZS and PANW have huge multi-billion-dollar market caps and mountains of cash, but they continue to report big losses quarter after quarter primarily due to extraordinarily heavy spends on Sales & Marketing. Financial Filings report that these companies are continuing to spend close to and in some cases over half of their revenues to acquire customers. Examples pulled from EDGAR Filings are shown in "Exhibits" at the end of this article.


If these Cybersecurity providers provide truly effective cybersecurity solutions, why would they continue to have such high customer acquisition costs? With so many large companies providing Cybersecurity protection, why is it that losses from data breaches and ransoms such as the recent Colonial Pipeline shutdown are more frequent every day? Could it be that their solutions only work marginally? This does not add up!


Facts speak loudly for themselves . . . Current cybersecurity solutions are not working well and are clearly not hack proof creating an unmistakable and enormous unmet need for Cybersecurity THAT REALLY WORKS!


DATA443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (OTCPK: ATDSD), a leading data security and privacy software company announced an enhanced product bundle for businesses of all sizes to meet the growing risks of ransomware and virus infections affecting every sector of business and government.


This year, the Company released its unique and game-changing Data443 Ransomware Recovery Manager™- the ONLY product for enterprise that both protects sensitive data from ransomware and recovers the device on which it is operating. As attacks continue to proliferate in speed, cost, and impact, the Company has released a new product bundle that leverages the award-winning Data Identification Manager (formerly ClassiDocs) and the long-running leader in secure content distribution – Data443 Sensitive Content Manager™ - (formerly ARALOC).



  • DATA443 is the ONLY IT Vendor to have a full suite that protects, recovers data AND the machine
  • Drastically limits collateral damage on the network
  • Mitigates the risk of any extortion attempts of stolen data
  • Ensures greater privacy compliance and enforcement with more robust policy management
  • Identification of all data types, then select protection of assets in a rapid fashion



  • Attacks, infections, and data extortion rates continue to grow in sophistication, cost, and frequency
  • Time to Recovery (TOR) increases significantly – directly impacting business continuity


Business insurance costs are soaring as a direct result of cybersecurity breaches, in many cases unavailable to many businesses


Crucial national security assets are under continued direct risk


The sequence of operations enabled by Data443's product line are consistent with effective measures to stymie ransomware infections AND devalue any extortion demands if data does get exfiltrated from the company networks, no matter the method.


The following products are bundled together at a starting price of $69/user: (discounts apply for bulk purchases)


Data443 Data Identification Manager is deployed to analyze, classify and report on sensitive data on any network servers, laptops or desktops, cloud or data sticks.


Data443 Sensitive Content Manager is deployed to consume, encrypt and otherwise secure content that is above any threshold the administrator sets, the data may reside within the company networks, 100% encrypted.


Data443 Ransomware Recovery Manager is deployed to all servers, workstations, laptops and desktops and prepares the machine in the event of an infection. This involves proprietary and patent pending techniques – including data shapshots, protected drive locations and other administrator defined parameters. It is also able to be managed by Data Identification Manager for protection of identified data.


Jason Remillard, Data443's founder and Chief Executive Officer, commented, "These three products work in concert – one to find the data, one to encrypt the data, and one to recover the data. The icing on top – is we also recover the device, thus enabling the business worker to be back in action with a simple reboot, clean, infection-free and a computer that is not spreading infections and working through the network."


"Ransomware doesn't have to be a liquidation event for a business. It doesn't have to hurt people in a hospital. And it doesn't have to affect your children in the schools or our people in service. We offer the most rounded capability immediately available, in a proven, effective and simple to deploy model that most organizations of any size can deploy quickly from our cloud services infrastructure. Building on our experience with the world's largest payment providers, over 60,000 privacy clients, 400,000 user experience publishers – we are pleased to offer this timely and highly effective product bundle to the marketplace. While spoken almost 40-years ago, the movie quote is even more true today; Don't underestimate the power of the DarkSide."


About Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc.


Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (OTCPK: ATDSD), is an industry leader in All Things Data Security™, providing software and services to enable secure data across local devices, network, cloud, and databases, at rest and in flight. Its suite of products and services is highlighted by:


(i) Data443® Ransomware Recovery Manager, built for the modern enterprise, its capabilities are designed to recover a workstation immediately upon infection to the last known business-operable state, without any end user or IT Administrator efforts;


(IIData Identification Manager (previously marketed as ClassiDocs and FileFacets®), the Company's award-winning data classification and governance technology, which supports CCPA, LGPD and GDPR compliance in a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) platform that performs sophisticated data discovery and content search of structured and unstructured data within corporate networks, servers, content management systems, email, desktops and laptops;


(IIIData Archive Manager (previously marketed as ArcMail®), a leading provider of simple, secure and cost-effective enterprise data retention management, archiving and management solutions;


(iv) Sensitive Content Manager (ARALOC), a market leading secure, cloud-based platform for the management, protection and distribution of digital content to the desktop and mobile devices, which protects an organization's confidential content and intellectual property assets from leakage — malicious or accidental — without impacting collaboration between all stakeholders;


(VData Placement Manager (previously marketed as DATAEXPRESS®), the leading data transport, transformation and delivery product trusted by leading financial organizations worldwide;


(vi) Access Control Manager (previously marketed as Resilient Access), enables fine-grained access controls across myriad platforms at scale for internal client systems and commercial public cloud platforms like Salesforce, Box.Net, Google G Suite, Microsoft OneDrive and others;


(VII) Data Identification Manager (previously marketed as ClassiDocs) for Blockchain, provides an active implementation for the Ripple XRP that protects blockchain transactions from inadvertent disclosure and data leaks;


(viii) Data443® Global Privacy Manager, the privacy compliance and consumer loss mitigation platform which is integrated with Data Identification Manager to do the delivery portions of GDPR and CCPA as well as process Data Privacy Access Requests – removal request – with inventory enables the full lifecycle of Data Privacy Access Requests, Remediation, Monitoring and Reporting;


(IX) IntellyWP, a leading purveyor of user experience enhancement products for webmasters for the world's largest content management platform, WordPress;


(XData443® Chat History Scanner, which scans chat messages for Compliance, Security, PII, PI, PCI & custom keywords; and


(xi) GDPR FrameworkThe CCPA Framework and LGPD FrameworkWordPress plugins, with over 30,000 active site owners combined, enables organizations of all sizes to comply with European, California and Brazilian privacy rules and regulations.


For more information, please visit



The fact that cybersecurity breaches and ransoms are occurring at an ever-increasing and alarming rate is an indication that a plethora of current cybersecurity solutions are not effectively doing their job as advertised. There are several very large multi-billion-dollar cybersecurity companies that have one striking trait in common which serves to confirm that their offerings are not as good as what the market needs in order to protect against cybercrime. That trait is that they are all suffering huge losses because they are all spending most of their revenue on marketing to buy customers. If their solutions worked well, they most likely would not have to spend so much for customer acquisition. Another trait every one of these huge cybersecurity companies has is that they are all cash heavy. Put all these factors together and the dots lead to the prediction that it is only a matter of time before one of the big boys makes an offer to buy out DATA443. After acquiring a solution that really works, (DATA443 is the ONLY cybersecurity solution that truly prevents hackers from holding victims ransom)  customer acquisition costs could drop precipitously and profitability which is the main goal of any company could be realized. The stage is now set for rising prices followed by a buyout in a year or two.



SPLK Annual Report filed with EDGAR reports over half of all revenue is spent on Sales & Marketing

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CRWD Annual Report filed with EDGAR reports close to half of all revenue is spent on Sales & Marketing

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OKTA Quarterly Report Filed with EDGAR reports over half of all revenues are spent on Sales & Marketing

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ZS Quarterly Report Filed with EDGAR reports over half of all revenues are spent on Sales & Marketing

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PFPT Quarterly Report Filed with EDGAR reports close to half of all revenues are spent on Sales & Marketing

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PANW Quarterly Report Filed with EDGAR reports close to half of all revenues are spent on Sales & Marketing

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