LifeMD, Inc. (NASDAQ: LFMD, a leading direct-to-patient telehealth company, today announced the continued expansion of its primary care platform’s diagnostic capabilities with new offerings that include at-home screening kits for early warning signs of colon and breast cancer.

LifeMD’s new offerings feature the Aware® Breast Self Exam pad for breast exams and the EZ Detect™ at-home test that can detect an early warning sign of colon cancer. By launching these innovative diagnostic telehealth offerings, LifeMD continues to expand the scope of its patient-first, virtual primary care platform. Strategic partnerships make these new offerings possible, creating an opportunity to provide patients with smarter and more proactive health care. Both kits are from Biomerica.

Patients who are interested in accessing these at-home screening kits can access them for free with a LifeMD membership at these respective links: Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer.

“There is nothing else that dramatically increases the likelihood of surviving cancer than early detection. Unfortunately, cancer screening is underappreciated and not performed as often as it should be. Early detection not only improves the chance of cured disease and complete recovery, but also quality of life and longevity,” said LifeMD CEO Justin Schreiber.

“We believe telehealth can play an essential role in diagnostic care and early detection as part of regular medical self-care, which is why LifeMD offers these at-home screening kits for free as part of the LifeMD membership. We’re thankful for our strategic partnerships that allow us to provide innovative treatments and diagnostics to our patients. Together with our strategic partners, LifeMD will continue to promote preventive care’s critical and underappreciated role in healthcare,” continued LifeMD CEO Justin Schreiber.

Breast CancerBreast cancer is the second most common cancer in women in the United States and is responsible for about 30% of all new female cancers each year. According to the American Cancer Society, in the U.S., more than 290,000 new cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2022, resulting in more than 43,000 deaths.Self-screening is key to preventing breast cancer. About 80% of breast cancers are detected because women themselves notice changes in their breasts, highlighting the important role that each woman can play in her own health. Early detection substantially improves the chances that breast cancer can be diagnosed and treated successfully, with survival rates reaching as high as 99% when the cancer is detected early and is still localized in the breast.

Breast self-exams, clinical breast exams, and mammograms help detect breast cancer early and play a crucial in improving survival rates. The American Cancer Society recommends that women begin practicing monthly breast self-exams at age 20. Although a breast self-examination is not a replacement for regular medical visits and regular ultrasound or mammography, the importance of early detection cannot be overstated.

LifeMD is offering the Aware® Pad from Biomerica, an FDA-cleared device that enhances tactile sensitivity to changes or irregularities in breast tissue, making breast self-examinations easy and convenient. The device helps to facilitate an effective self-exam and, in combination with LifeMD’s reminders, encourages a patient to perform a breast self-examination every month.

Colon Cancer (Colorectal Cancer)Colorectal cancer is the fourth most common cancer diagnosed in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, in the U.S., more than 106,000 new cases of colon cancer are expected to be diagnosed in 2022, with colon cancer expected to cause about 52,580 deaths during 2022.Like most cancers, regular screening is the key to prevention and early detection of colorectal cancer. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends that all adults aged 45 to 75 be screened for colorectal cancer.

LifeMD’s colon self-testing kit contains the EZ Detect™ from Biomerica, an FDA-cleared device that is the most cost effective and convenient test available for at-home detection of hidden blood in the stool, one of the primary early signs of colorectal disease. The device is a simple, sanitary, and fast at-home test requiring no stool handling; users simply drop a test tissue into the toilet bowl, and the tissue will turn a blue-green color within two minutes if blood is present. Unlike many other colorectal screening measures, the at-home test has no dietary restrictions before or during the testing period.

About LifeMD

LifeMD is a 50-state direct-to-patient telehealth company with a portfolio of brands that offer virtual primary care, diagnostics, and specialized treatment for men’s and women’s health, allergy & asthma, and dermatological conditions. By leveraging our proprietary technology platform, affiliated 50-state medical group, and nationwide mail-order pharmacy network, LifeMD is increasing access to top-notch healthcare that is affordable to anyone. To learn more, go to

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