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Atlantic Energy Solutions (PK) (AESO)

Atlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
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09/24/20099:31AMMarketwiredA Westchester County School District Elects Atlantic EnergyUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
09/01/20099:00AMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions Announces Assistance to Clients With the NYSERDAUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
08/05/20099:10AMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions Announces Appointment of New Executive Vice PresidentUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
07/17/20095:00PMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions CEO Re-Addresses Stimulus Fund MarketUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
06/30/20099:02AMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions Awarded Second Long Island School District ProjectUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
06/08/20098:00AMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions Awarded 9 Contracts Valued at $15 MillionUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
06/03/20098:00AMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions, Inc. Stimulus Funding RoleUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
06/01/20098:00AMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions, Inc. Achieves New Jersey Energy CertificationUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
05/27/20099:00AMMarketwiredGrass-Roots-Research ( Issues Positive Research Report on Atlantic Energy Solutions, Inc.USOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
05/26/20098:00AMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions Initiates Energy Audits With EcoGreenHotelsUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
05/12/20099:38AMMarketwiredFirms Offer Free On-Site Environmental Audits to All U.S. HotelsUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
04/27/20098:00AMMarketwiredLong Island School District Awards $12 Million Project to Atlantic Energy SolutionsUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
04/24/200910:06AMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions Expands Its TeamUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
04/16/200912:54PMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions Being Awarded With 2 New Energy Efficiency Projects Worth MillionsUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
04/14/20092:02PMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions Announces Sponsorship of Alternative Power BlogUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
04/08/20099:00AMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions Fiscal Year '08 Performance Supports a Stronger 2009USOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
04/07/200911:22AMMarketwiredTwo NYS School Districts Begin Their Energy Efficiency Projects With Atlantic Energy SolutionsUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
03/24/200910:38AMMarketwiredYork Financial Group and Atlantic Energy Solutions Team Up to Tackle Residential Energy OpportunitiesUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
02/04/200910:42AMMarketwiredAnother New York State School District Begins "Greening" Project With Atlantic Energy SolutionsUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
01/29/20099:15AMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions Achieves Largest Savings to Date for Property Management CompanyUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
01/27/20099:15AMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions Announces Cooperative Marketing Agreement With York Financial GroupUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
01/14/20097:00AMMarketwired[Video] Wall St. Network's 3-Minute Press Show Features Executive Interviews and Highlights Recent Press for the Following: EK,USOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
01/13/20099:41AMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions Announces the Opening of a New Florida Office; CEO Tim Brock Discusses the Company's Growth and GoalsUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
12/19/20081:46PMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions Addresses Financial News Web Site ErrorUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
12/10/20089:52AMMarketwiredProposal Submitted to Southern NJ School District for Long Term Energy Efficiency ProjectUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
12/04/20089:15AMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions Partners With Evolution Solar on Solar PanelsUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
12/02/20089:15AMMarketwiredStrategic Discussions Underway to Build a Solar Power Plant on Florida's West CoastUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
11/20/20089:28AMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions' Director of Project Development Receives Mitsubishi Diamond Designer CertificationUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
11/18/20089:15AMMarketwiredEnergy Efficiency Project Due to Begin for NYS School DistrictUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
11/12/20089:15AMMarketwiredAtlantic Energy Solutions Chosen as Energy Efficiency Contractor for Two New Jersey BoroughsUSOTC:AESOAtlantic Energy Solutions Inc (PK)
 Showing the most relevant articles for your search:USOTC:AESO