Robert Iger at Town Hall Vows to Focus on Creativity 

The Disney CEO tells employees that the company needs to chase profitability from streaming rather than new subscribers.

BlockFi Files for Bankruptcy as Latest Crypto Casualty 

Cryptocurrency lender BlockFi filed for bankruptcy, making it the latest major digital assets company to fail since FTX, with which BlockFi is financially intertwined.

Meta Fined $276 Million in Europe for Data-Scraping Leak 

The fine issued by Ireland's Data Protection Commission, Meta's main privacy regulator in the European Union, is the latest sign of how authorities in the region are becoming more aggressive in applying the bloc's privacy law to big technology companies.

Analysis: Nestle's Pricing Dynamics in Focus at Investor Day 

Nestle's near-term pricing dynamics are expected to be a key focus for the market at the company's investor day, with the consumer-goods industry struggling with high costs.

Kim Kardashian Reevaluates Balenciaga Ties After Ads With Teddy Bears in Bondage Gear 

The reality TV star said she was re-evaluating her business ties with the fashion brand after it ran a controversial campaign featuring children holding teddy bears clad in bondage gear.

Twitter Is Too Musk to Fail 

Twitter's finances are bleak, but Elon Musk would rather make it a money pit than allow it to buckle under.

It's Cyber Monday. What Steep Discounts Mean for Retailers. 

How much margin are retailers willing to sacrifice in order to clear excess inventory, asks one analyst. More importantly, investors may not be willing to bear the pain.

In Satellites, Antitrust Could Lead to Less Competition 

Elon Musk's Starlink would benefit if consolidation among other players stalls, as could be the case if U.K. regulators block Viasat's takeover of Inmarsat.

JPMorgan, Others in Talks to Reimburse Zelle Customers 

U.S. banks including JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo are devising a plan to compensate victims of scams on the Zelle payment network.

Investors Are Losing Patience With Driverless Cars' Slow Pace 

Investors are getting impatient with the pace of driverless-car development, pressuring an industry that has had to scale back plans and retrench.


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