Singapore -- December 4, 2023 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- Coinllectibles (OTC: COSG) is proud to successfully co-present the debut solo exhibition of Bhutanese artist Galek Yangzom, titled "Patterned Prayer" held at The Arts House in Singapore on July 21 and July 22, 2023. This remarkable event, hosted by Y Art Project,  was well-attended by dignitaries and art aficionados and marked a significant milestone in Galek Yangzom's artistic journey which showcased her captivating reinterpretations of Bhutanese cultural motifs.


In addition to presenting Galek Yangzom's exceptional artwork, Coinllectibles is thrilled to introduce a limited edition 3D Art DOT collection based on Galek's works. These 3D Art DOTs can be experienced on the world's first glasses-free 3D tablets, providing art enthusiasts with an immersive and unique viewing experience. Each 3D Art DOT is available for purchase and comes with an autostereoscopic 3D tablet, allowing collectors to own a piece of Galek Yangzom's art in a groundbreaking format.


Galek Yangzom's journey as an artist is deeply rooted in her Bhutanese heritage and a profound commitment to giving back to her homeland. Raised amidst the majestic Himalayan mountains and influenced by her father's dedicated service as Prime Minister, Galek Yangzom found her calling in the world of art. Her passion for art education in Bhutan has led her to draw inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry of her homeland, which she lovingly weaves into her creations.


"Patterned Prayer," Galek Yangzom's first solo exhibition, unveiled a collection of paintings that breathe new life into the traditional motifs, designs, and patterns integral to Bhutanese culture. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Bhutanese architecture, and her own creative vision, Galek reimagines these sacred motifs, which are deeply revered by the Bhutanese people, infusing them with vitality and spirit.


The exhibition delves into the academic interplay of colors, a departure from strict symmetry, and a reimagining of Bhutanese architectural norms. Galek's work poses profound questions about the transcendent nature of patterns and their ability to convey identity, culture, and heritage beyond textiles and architecture.


Coinllectibles' co-presentation of "Patterned Prayer" underscores our commitment to supporting and promoting innovative art forms and emerging artists. Galek Yangzom's exploration of Bhutanese culture through her art is a testament to the power of creativity and the role it plays in preserving and reimagining cultural heritage.


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