Maranello (Italy), March 23, 2021 – Ferrari N.V. (NYSE/MTA: RACE) (“Ferrari” or the “Company”) informs that the Company has purchased, under the fourth tranche of the common share buyback program announced on March 11, 2021 (“Fourth Tranche”), common shares - reported in aggregate form, on a daily basis - on the Italian Stock Exchange (MTA) as follows:


 TradingDate(dd/mm/yyyy)   Stock Exchange   Number of common shares purchased   Average price per shareexcluding fees(€)   Consideration excluding fees (€) 
12/03/2021 MTA 6,000  163.2566  979,539.60
15/03/2021 MTA 6,000  163.6607  981,964.20
16/03/2021 MTA 6,000  164.9980  989,988.00
17/03/2021 MTA 4,000  164.2357  656,942.80
18/03/2021 MTA 5,000  163.2737  816,368.50
19/03/2021 MTA 5,000  164.4405  822,202.50
22/03/2021 MTA 5,000 169.8372 849,186.00
 Total   -  37,000 164.7619 6,096,191.60

Since the announcement of the Fourth Tranche of the buyback program dated March 11, 2021 till March 22, 2021, the total invested consideration has been:•              Euro 6,096,191.60 for No. 37,000 common shares purchased on the MTA.

Under the Company’s equity incentive plans, on March 16, 2021 the Company assigned, inter alia, to certain employees and former CEO of Ferrari Group No. 206,571 common shares held in treasury. On March 17, 2021 Ferrari purchased No. 93,473 common shares from a group of those employees and former CEO in order to cover the individual's taxable income as is standard practice (Sell to Cover) in an over-the-counter transaction executed at the price of Euro 165.1 per share equal to the Reference Price of MTA-Borsa Italiana of the previous day.As of March 22, 2021, the Company held in treasury No. 8,949,511 common shares equal to 3.48% of the total issued share capital including the common shares and the special voting shares.

Since January 1, 2019 until March 22, 2021, the Company has purchased a total of 3,764,185 own common shares on MTA and NYSE for a total consideration of Euro 509,518,424.76.

A comprehensive overview of the transactions carried out under the buyback program, as well as the details of the above transactions, are available on Ferrari’s corporate website under the Buyback Programs section (


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