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Shareholders can determine whether Mr. John Hennessy deserves their against vote.
Alphabet is denying a live shareholder proposal presentation by telephone at it annual meeting. 

Mr. Hennessy chairs the Governance Committee which is responsible.
The SEC issued guidance in 2020, 2021 and 2022 stating that in light of the possible difficulties for shareholder proponents to attend annual meetings in person to present their proposals during the Covid pandemic, the SEC staff encourages issuers to provide shareholder proponents or their representatives with the ability to present their proposals through alternative means, such as by phone.
Unfortunately Alphabet, under the direction of Mr. Hennessy is trashing the SEC guidance.

Alphabet seems to be looking to AT&T as a shining example. AT&T would not allow the proponents of shareholder proposals to read their proposals by telephone at the 2020 AT&T online annual meeting during the pandemic.
Please see:
AT&T investors denied a dial-in as annual meeting goes online

After denying shareholders a telephone presentation at the AT&T annual meeting the person in the same role as Mr. Hennessy at AT&T, Mr. Matthew Rose, received more than 900 million against votes from AT&T shareholders in 2021. This compares to less than 100 million against votes for certain other AT&T directors in 2021.
Mr. Hennessy, Chair of the GOOGL Governance Committee, seems to be 6 years into retirement from a 40-hour workweek. According to the Alphabet annual meeting proxy Mr. Hennessy serves on no other board to keep up his skills and to get a different perspective on Board oversight other than what Alphabet management is feeding him.
Shareholders can determine whether Mr. John Hennessy deserves their against vote.

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