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About Agora Inc

Agora Inc provides real-time communication solutions. The company offers real-time video calling, voice calling, live audio and video streaming, recording, and real-time messaging. It serves the gaming, retail, and education industries. The company operates in the People's Republic of China and the ... Agora Inc provides real-time communication solutions. The company offers real-time video calling, voice calling, live audio and video streaming, recording, and real-time messaging. It serves the gaming, retail, and education industries. The company operates in the People's Republic of China and the United States of America and the majority of its revenue is derived from the People's Republic of China. Show more

Prepackaged Software
Prepackaged Software
Grand Cayman, Cym
Agora Inc is listed in the Prepackaged Software sector of the NASDAQ with ticker API. The last closing price for Agora was $2.29. Over the last year, Agora shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.00 to $ 0.00.

Agora currently has 92,202,176 shares outstanding.

API Latest News

Agora, Inc. Reports First Quarter 2024 Financial Results

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Agora, Inc. (NASDAQ: API) (the “Company”), a pioneer and leader in real-time engagement technology, today announced its unaudited financial...

U.S. Index Futures Dip Amid Wall Street Anxiety; Oil Prices Decline

U.S. index futures started Wednesday with a slight decline in pre-market trading, with an air of anticipation due to the imminent results from Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) and after the S&P 500 and...

Agora, Inc. to Report First Quarter 2024 Financial Results on May 22, 2024

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Agora, Inc. (NASDAQ: API), a pioneer and leader in real-time engagement technology, will release its financial results for the first quarter...

SURVEY: Consumers Want More Live Interactive Shopping Events

SURVEY: Consumers Want More Live Interactive Shopping Events PR Newswire SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 8, 2024 61% of consumers under 55 express interest in live shopping experiences SANTA CLARA...

Agora Launches Advanced Video Technology to Enhance Live Stream Quality

Agora Launches Advanced Video Technology to Enhance Live Stream Quality PR Newswire SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 1, 2024 Agora's Adaptive Video Optimization™ (AVO) technology dynamically optimizes...

Agora Partners with EZDRM To Bring Content Protection To Live Broadcasting

Agora Partners with EZDRM To Bring Content Protection To Live Broadcasting PR Newswire SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 11, 2024 The partnership expands Agora's focus on media and entertainment with...

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API Discussion

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Primrose Primrose 3 years ago
Agora ready to rise again, with the whole market recovery. Should peak end April early May.
Primrose Primrose 3 years ago
When will Clubhouse be available for Android users?

App cofounder spills details [Financial Express, Online | February 28, 2021 4:46 PM]

At CNBC/NYT interview: Bill Gates and Clubhouse cofounder Paul Davidson - Gates indicated he prefers Android over iPhones, Davidson responded that Clubhouse is working on an Android version and currently a top priority. When the android expansion does happen, it will at a global scale.
This is why I fear trading Agora stock short term and rather hold it continuously without selling for a long time. This kind of news can come out at any time and then there will be no turning back. The next big news that I will never be able to predict would be opening Clubhouse to one and all – when they are ready. They are wise treading the waters slowly and fixing issues as they grow, as experienced recently with some data breaches that they are identifying and fixing promptly with help from Stanford University’s Internet Observatory.
Primrose Primrose 3 years ago
I see two positives in today's action:
1. Achieved new all time high of 114.96 -- aaaaammmhhazzzzhing!
2. Tested support level of 100 and succeeded in remaining above that. Recently, on its way up, we saw that 100 was a major resistance level for Agora shares and challenged it a couple of times over the past 10 days or so, before smashing up through it. For a sustained rise, a stock is healthier if it tests a previous resistance level as a new support level and succeeds in remaining above it.

In summary, two positives today: tested 100 support level and succeeded, AND achieved new all time high of 114.96.
Primrose Primrose 3 years ago
Clubhouse & Agora: There's an interesting article in Yahoo Finance. .
It shows how Clubhouse's strategy of growing slowly to first fix major issues is working (they can plug a potential leak to Chinese Govt by hosting servers in the US instead of China). It also confirms that Agora powers Clubhouse, refuting any remaining birthers: Clubhouse was born from inside Agora's platform and not via Cesarian section from an unknown mother. They state that Clubhouse membership was 3.1 million on Feb 2nd. So the doubling I talked about earlier was probably from 1 million to 2 million in during a week in late January. Also, the 6 million membership that I read about somewhere else could have been after Zuck hosted on Clubhouse, which was after Feb 2nd. Cannot wait for Clubhouse to spread across android devices, and for them to go open access to the entire human race (excluding China of course, as they state in the article below).

Apparently, the Stanford Internet Observatory confirmed "Chinese tech firm Agora Inc supplied back-end infrastructure to Clubhouse". This meant that Agora could access raw audio data for Chinese government agencies or individuals via data relayed to servers hosted in China or by Chinese entities. They concluded that China could not access data if the audio was stored in the United States. Clubhouse wants to fix this before they move forward, and indicate that it will be fixed this coming week.
Primrose Primrose 3 years ago
I share a great article from Seeking Alpha from Feb 4, 2021.
Lots of information about the future of Agora, and how Clubhouse and Yalla are powering it now, but how this exposure will serve as free advertising for Agora, to make it the prime mover in the field of "anyone from anywhere on any app" real-time virtual engagement using PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service). Reading such material gives me the courage to hold on tight for a nice ride up. Actually, earnings on Feb 22, 2021 for Q4-2020 may be disappointing as the previous two quarters showed consecutive reductions in quarterly income compared to Q1 -- but that is because China controlled its Covid-19 situation before Q2 and so local demand fell (that's why API tanked to 32-33 after Q3 earning in November). But if we only look back we can turn into a pillar of salt. Mainly look forward and this looks like a stock that could give us the Midas Touch -- turning things into gold, not salt!
Primrose Primrose 3 years ago
Just saw a post on Twitter that Clubhouse invites in the US were being sold at $100 on EBay! Also being sold in China for one day until Govt shut Clubhouse down. Clubhouse is going to take off once they open up to Android and all free peoples of the world. Can’t wait for that day, as Agora will make a solid run based on Clubhouse’s supercharged growth. It’s already growing 50% a week on invites only on iPhone only!
Primrose Primrose 3 years ago
Unusual spike: +10 points 1st 15mins, >1MillionVolume:
Watched some great action today in the first fifteen minutes: With volume greater than 1 million, the stock went from 99 to near 109. Never seen this kind of action on this stock. This is a huge volume for first 15 minutes. Last Monday it gapped up larger from 56 to more than 70, but that was the first great morning spike and the volume was not this high. More and more people are catching on to this story. This is the next Twilio/Zoom kind of stock and hardly anyone realized for 8 months since IPO in June 2020. I'm holding on for a few years. According to the patterns, some big buyers will step in later this morning and create some more spikes. Higher highs, higher lows, has been the pattern for the past 3 to 4 weeks.
Primrose Primrose 3 years ago
Agora has a link for clients to migrate from Twilio to Agora!!

I saw this advert and link on their LinkedIn site:
"Android Developers, are you thinking about migrating from your existing video platform to a globally deployed lower latency real-time network?
Check out our latest guide on how to migrate from Twilio to Agora??"
Primrose Primrose 3 years ago
Interesting U-Tube video on Agora: shows lots of current customers at the 5 min 31 secs point:

Others please post Due Diligence new research/links/news/videos about this stock.

Agora Inc is going to go places. It could overtake Twilio in a shorter period of time than Twilio took to overtake other hot stocks. I am seeing a huge amount of advantages that Agora has over many other stocks. The whole story has not yet come out. Clubhouse is only one of them. With everyone's help, we can unravel the story here and show Agora's future potential and describe in real-time as the story unfolds.
Primrose Primrose 3 years ago

Things driving Agora past 3 weeks:
1. News on Feb 1st that a private placement of $250 million was buying a 4.5% stake in Agora stock.
2. News a couple of days before that indicating that Agora was buying Easemob for cash (Easemob's messaging system nicely compliments Agora's video and audio live streaming strengths.
3. Finally, adding fuel to the fire, the internet is blazing with the news that Clubhouse uses Agora's platform. Clubhouse is the latest audio social media network that is growing rapidly in popularity and is bound to climb like SnapChat. So, if Clubhouse is taking off, then Agora's platform is powering it. The novel thing is that Agora's payment system works on a per-minute-of-use basis (not a fixed subscription) and therefore any client that becomes a megastar carries Agora along with it. See link below.

"...a person familiar with the matter confirmed to the Post that Clubhouse uses Agora. Industry insiders have also said publicly that the hot new social platform was built using the Chinese company’s services."

"Knowledge of the relationship is not new. Angel investor Justin Caldbeck claimed on Twitter last summer that Clubhouse was built in a week using Agora. Saga Partners investor Richard Chu repeated the claim in his newsletter when he said he was investing in the company."
Primrose Primrose 3 years ago
When Agora reached 99 during two peaks today (Friday Feb 5, 2021), for a new all-time-high, I thought there would be a retreat before the psychological resistance at 100 and that breaking it wouldn't happen until next week. Then, suddenly, after hours this evening it slams through the 100 ceiling and jumps 5 points to all-time-high of 104. There is no saying how fast and how high this is going to go, but it sure shows signs that all retreats are minor and short-lived.
Did anyone realize that Zuck joined Clubhouse Thursday night and gave a presentation? Mark Zuckerberg's Clubhouse premier last night could have been the catalyst for Agora's dramatic jump this morning. Gaining recognition is the fact that Twilio made it big by straddling the shoulders of stalwarts such as WhatsApp and Uber and, therefore, as Agora is the next Twilio, Agora's foot on the shoulder of Clubhouse gives it a future giant's shoulder to stand on and therefore this anticipatory giant leap in Agora's stock this week. Add to it that in February itself 250 million is being invested in Agora by private placement and that Agora is buying Easemob for cash (messaging interface). Everyone, including institutions, want to get in earlier rather than later. Each day lost is one day too late and several dollars in stock price too late. Clubhouse is predicted to become a social media monster in the likes of WhatsApp, SnapChat, & Twitter, and its going to carry agora along with it. In the mean time, several new clients will join Agora from the publicity its getting.

Here's the link to Zuck's involvement with Clubhouse:

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