New York, United States, June 19th, 2024, Chainwire, a leader in decentralized compute networks, has formed a strategic partnership with OpSec, known for its advanced privacy-focused cloud solutions. This collaboration aims to integrate’s decentralized GPU resources with OpSec’s innovative cloud infrastructure to streamline and improve cloud operations for developers and enterprises.

Through this partnership, and OpSec will develop a proof-of-concept that demonstrates how OpSec’s nodes can be efficiently deployed across’s distributed network. This initiative is expected to significantly improve the scalability and accessibility of cloud resources, providing robust support for a wide array of machine learning models and cloud-based applications.

The roadmap for this collaboration begins with the immediate development of the integration proof-of-concept, followed by extensive scalability testing to ensure a seamless developer experience. This phased approach ensures meticulous attention to detail and alignment with both companies' standards for quality and performance.

[OpSec], Chris Williams CBDO of OpSec, noted, “Partnering with enables us to amplify our cloud solutions, merging our strengths to provide unparalleled infrastructure for our users.”

Tausif Ahmed, VP of Business Development at, stated, ‘This partnership with OpSec is a significant milestone in our mission to democratize access to GPU compute capacity. By integrating our decentralized resources with OpSec's advanced privacy-focused cloud infrastructure, we are paving the way for a more scalable, efficient, and secure cloud computing environment. This collaboration not only enhances the capabilities of both our platforms but also sets a new standard for innovation in the industry.’

As and OpSec move forward with their joint initiatives, they remain focused on delivering solutions that not only meet current technological demands but also set new standards for innovation and efficiency in cloud computing.

About Opsec

OpSec is a revolutionary cloud computing platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to revolutionize the internet by leveraging decentralized cloud servers, private networks/IP addresses, and cutting-edge RDPs. The mission is to explore, implement, and guide the creation of a secure, efficient, and decentralized digital ecosystem. OpSec also offers various utilities that enhance the functionality and usability of web3, such as OpSec Cloudverse, OpSec CloudBot and OpSec Extension.

The OpSec community at on Telegram, is growing everyday and is already one of the most active in the space, pertaining to the number of active users and most importantly of projects and blockchains that we are in contact with. 

Regarding the native token, $OPSEC is used to pay for Transaction Fees within the ecosystem, pay for services and to participate in network security and governance and a lot more is coming.

For more information visit the docs page at:

About is a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) that deploys and manages on-demand, decentralized GPU clusters from geo-distributed sources. Hundreds of thousands of GPUs are accessible today in IO Network, and this Internet of GPUs is specifically architected for low latency, high processing demand use cases like AI/ML ops and cloud gaming. democratizes access to GPU compute capacity while reducing costs, expediting lead times, and expanding choice for engineers and businesses. Access compute capacity for a fraction of the cost or become a capacity supplier at .

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