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FluoroPharma Medical Inc (CE)

FluoroPharma Medical Inc (CE) (FPMI)

Closed June 20 4:00PM

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FPMI Discussion

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NoobyDoo NoobyDoo 2 years ago
Maybe getting up off the mat finally. I still hold 50K shares from the old days. Good to see some activity.
TB TB 2 years ago
ThirdSyte ThirdSyte 3 years ago
From what I understand June 30 is nothing more than the self-imposed OTC deadline -- which would really not be enforceable due to their lack of employees to process filings -- and speculated to be the "readiness" date to meet the SEC September deadline.

Additionally, I have heard New shell corporations have an additional 14 months.
Maple tree Maple tree 3 years ago
That means June 30 is not deadline. If this is case, Alpha should restart the custodianship filling process. Good or bad, I averaged down yesterday.
barnyarddog barnyarddog 3 years ago
Also, from the SEC Rule 15c2-11, which is 297 pages long, lists exemptions for “shell companies” going thru a reverse merger. These exemptions start on page 96 for those interested. Companies in a shell status going thru a reverse merger may be given a time not to exceed 18 months to become current and meet the new requirements. It’s all there.

These rules are scheduled to begin 26 September, not end of this month."
Maple tree Maple tree 3 years ago
Hope so.
braves31 braves31 3 years ago
Adding this dip. Imo, SSM might pick up custo...alpharidge sucks anyway
willlbone willlbone 3 years ago
Nothing to see here except bag holders.
Flarrowheads Flarrowheads 3 years ago
I have been adding here. Very thin stock. Coukd see .20 quick
Golden Cross Golden Cross 3 years ago
FPMI Share Structure
Market Cap Market Cap
Authorized Shares
Outstanding Shares
Maple tree Maple tree 3 years ago
Golden, be prepared for 30 cents
Stock_Gambit Stock_Gambit 3 years ago
I think it will come
Golden Cross Golden Cross 3 years ago
need volume
Stock_Gambit Stock_Gambit 3 years ago
We will have swings over the next month. But I see a big move coming.
Golden Cross Golden Cross 3 years ago
Up nice Stock_Gambit... wooooo

Stock_Gambit Stock_Gambit 3 years ago
13 July is court date! I can wait a month
Stock_Gambit Stock_Gambit 3 years ago
Better slap…. It’s taking off soon
Mau5 Mau5 3 years ago
Fkkng sh!t can we just get down to .02 so I can enter ;L I had 3k clearing when it was .01 earlier this week and i’m kicking myself
Golden Cross Golden Cross 3 years ago
I bet they will ask... Will probably see it today or tomorrow...

AlwaysKing AlwaysKing 3 years ago
Hi Golden,

Is New Alpharidge custo requesting a shortened time AH, may it actually take place sooner than 7/13? What an incredibly small share structure FPMI has!
Golden Cross Golden Cross 3 years ago
FPMI Case Information

A-21-835870-P | In the Matter of the Petition of Alpharidge Capital LLC

Case Number

Department 24

Judicial Officer
Ballou, Erika

File Date

Case Type
Other Civil Filings (Petition)

Case Status

Alpharidge Capital LLC

Active Attorneys

Lead Attorney
Bauman, Frederick C

Defendant (Participant)
Fluoropharma Medical, Inc.

Events and Hearings

06/07/2021 Complaint

Application for the Appointment of Custodian

06/07/2021 Exhibits

Exhibit A to Application for the Appointment of Custodian

06/07/2021 Exhibits

Exhibits B through E to Application for the Appointment of Custodian

06/07/2021 Initial Appearance Fee Disclosure

Initial Appearance Fee Disclosure
maryj55555 maryj55555 4 years ago
What’s happening here??
slystockhound slystockhound 6 years ago
Hello... hello.... hello. Echo, echo, echo! Is anyone still holding onto their FPMI shares? It's been TERRIBLY quiet the past year and a half, and I have just been holding onto my shares. Anyone hearing anything?????
PJO PJO 6 years ago
Seems it woke up .
8 to 16 cents lots volume/
wonder whats up??????
PJO PJO 7 years ago
Seems this stoped trading 11/ 17/17 ? Any one know what is going on?
I cant find any news any were old or new?
PJO PJO 8 years ago
FluoroPharma Enters Development and Commercialization Agreement for China and Canada

MONTCLAIR, NJ -- (Marketwired) -- 06/06/16 -- FluoroPharma Medical Inc. (OTCQB: FPMI) has entered an exclusive agreement with Sinotau USA Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinotau Pharmaceutical Group, a pharmaceutical enterprise with a focus on critical therapeutic areas. With this agreement, Sinotau will develop and commercialize FluoroPharma's proprietary cardiac imaging assets CardioPET and BFPET in China and Canada. These agents address two different aspects of cardiovascular disease (CVD) with Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging.

In exchange, FluoroPharma expects to earn significant revenue based on unit sales to Sinotau and royalties based on Sinotau's sales of both imaging agents. In addition to a $550,000 upfront payment to FluoroPharma, up to $1.4 million in development milestone payments have also been established.

CardioPET, the company's lead imaging asset, is a fatty acid analog that targets the heart's primary energy source, and promises to provide unique insight into cardiac physiology versus older technologies like SPECT. CardioPET has completed enrollment in a Phase II study in Europe, and will advance to additional clinical studies in the US.

BFPET, entering Phase II studies in the US, is a marker of mitochondrial membrane integrity and can be used to evaluate myocardial perfusion with all the potential benefits of Fluorine-18 PET imaging, such as higher image resolution fewer image artifacts.

"We are pleased to have reached agreement with such a well-established partner as Sinotau," said Thomas Tulip, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of FluoroPharma. "As cardiovascular disease prevalence continues to rise in China, Canada, and around the world, we believe these assets will play a major role in how heart disease is diagnosed and managed appropriately."

According to the World Health Organization, the death rate from cardiovascular disease in China is nearly double that of cancer, and across Asia it now exceeds the mortality rates for CVD in other developed countries.

"We are pleased to have a partnership that combines FluoroPharma's radiopharmaceutical assets with our extensive development, regulatory, sales, and marketing capabilities," commented Xu Xinsheng, Sinotau President and CEO. "Our goal is to offer novel radiopharmaceutical approaches to improve care and patient outcomes with the growing cardiovascular disease problem in China. Ultimately, we are focused on having an impact on the growing concern of cost implications and quality of care in such a large population."

As part of the agreement, Sinotau is responsible for the costs and conduct of clinical studies and regulatory applications to obtain approval by the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) and Health Canada. Upon approval, Sinotau will be primarily responsible for all CardioPET and BFPET sales, marketing, market access and medical affairs activities in China and Canada. FluoroPharma and Sinotau will jointly support certain pre-market planning activities with a joint commitment on clinical and market development programs pending CFDA and Health Canada approvals.

"This is the first of many important partnerships which we anticipate during the course of our clinical development," added Dr. Tulip. "The ongoing advance of CVD and the need for better and more efficient solutions in healthcare worldwide give us increased confidence in the inherent value of our portfolio, and our ability to deliver shareholder value as well."
PJO PJO 8 years ago
MONTCLAIR, NJ -- (Marketwired) -- 12/29/15 -- FluoroPharma Medical, Inc. (OTCQB: FPMI), a company specializing in the development of novel diagnostic imaging products that utilize positron emission tomography (PET) technology for the detection and assessment of disease before clinical manifestation, announced today the appointment of Dr. Thomas Tulip, PhD as Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. Tulip joined FluoroPharma as President in October 2015 and assumed responsibility for the company's day-to-day operations, with a focus on global product and business development strategies.

Additionally, Walter Witoshkin has accepted the role of interim Chairman of the Board. Mr. Witoshkin has been a member of the Board since 2011. The company's previous Chairman and CEO, Thijs Spoor, will remain a member of the Board. The company also recently announced the resignation of Dr. Joseph A. Pierro from the Board, and the appointment to the Board of Austin Lewis IV, CEO of Lewis Asset Management Corporation.

Commenting on the announcement, Dr. Tulip stated, "I am extremely excited to work with the extended FluoroPharma team to advance the company to the crucial next step in its evolution. The company has accomplished many significant milestones under Thijs's leadership, for which we are extremely grateful. Thanks to his efforts, we believe we are now well positioned to move to the next phases of development for our promising cardiovascular imaging agent portfolio, and thereby demonstrate the value of our cutting edge technology."

Dr. Tulip added, "We will continue to focus on the execution of critical development milestones necessary to advance our assets to commercialization and to build shareholder value. We believe it is becoming increasingly clear that current challenges in the management of patients with cardiovascular disease will be better addressed with the innovative technologies that we are developing."

Dr. Tulip has spent more than 25 years in the development and commercialization of radiopharmaceuticals and imaging agents, with a track record of success in R&D, business development, brand and alliance management, and international business. From 2011-2015, he served in senior leadership roles at Navidea BioPharmaceuticals, Inc., where he led one of the few successful recent launches of an innovative radiopharmaceutical; established a number of global partnerships; and, in-licensed a pair of best-in-class neuroimaging assets. Previously, Dr. Tulip held senior leadership positions at Alseres Pharmaceuticals, Lantheus Medical Imaging (LMI), Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), and DuPont, where his roles spanned product discovery and development, business and technology planning, brand and alliance management and international business management. While at BMS and DuPont, he was instrumental in the development, commercialization and international management of the highly successful nuclear cardiology franchise; successfully built the BMS Medical Imaging international business; and led planning activities for innovative PET tracers at LMI/BMS. He was a Board Member of the Academy of Molecular Imaging and Chairperson of its Institute for Molecular Technologies. Dr. Tulip was Chairperson of the Society of Nuclear Medicine Corporate Advisory Board and served as a Director of the Council on Radionuclides and Radiopharmaceuticals. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Medical Imaging Technology Association (MITA) and leads its PET Working Group. He earned a B.S. from the University of Vermont, and an M.S. and Ph.D. from the Northwestern University.

An investor call is planned for Wednesday, January 6th at which time Dr. Tulip will share his vision for FluoroPharma and address questions. Details of this call will be forthcoming shortly
mulletman99 mulletman99 9 years ago
Last chance to buy cheap

Lets think about it.
- They just raised over $2mil.
- They increased the note to $3mil, so IMO, its a safe bet that more is coming in
- They owe the CRO for CardioPET $500k (see 10Q) - They raised enough to pay this. IMO, its safe to assume this has been paid with the $2mil raised and the data is in hand. We know they need a blind read of the results. There are 3 options here: a) this is already happening b) they are waiting for more $$$ from the note to start
- BFPET P2 is set up and ready to go. I am betting that thet are enrolling and we will get an announcement soon. I have seen others guess that they are waiting for the first patient to be scanned.

Based on the above, the news is about to start flowing, and so is the data. Data = attention, especially P2 data, which anyone who knows anything about biotech knows.....this is the de-risking stage. Companies that WANT to partner, will almost always wait until after P2 data.

Once the CardioPET P2 data rolls in, there will be presentations, conferences, (analysts???) etc. This will bring some attention to the stock and get it out of the bargain-bin pricing territory.

And while the final P2 data from CardioPET P2 is still being presented, we should start seeing initial P2 data from BFPET P2 in the form of scans, either from the company, or from MassGen at industry conferences. This should happen very quickly, since as I have said, there are a lot of fat people in Boston.

This company is about to come out of the darkness. Before it entered this quiet period due to finances, the pps was in the $0.60s. I fully expect to see that again (at minimum) by years end. Thats only 3 1/2 months away.

Its time folks. Here we go!

Oh yeah......dont make me look stupid management......LETS GO ALREADY!!!!!

All your own DD and think for yourselves.
PJO PJO 9 years ago
Looking back at news etc I cant see when results are expected? Any hints?
mulletman99 mulletman99 9 years ago
Couldnt have said it better.

And I have spoken with management, and the urgency is there, IMO.
slystockhound slystockhound 9 years ago
Before you all jump the gun on an assumption of a retracement of price per share, you might want to read up on the filings over the past few months. I am placing a wager that these non-dilutive capital raises are moving the company forward to finalize P2 data for CardioPET. This is a major milestone that should provide a spark for the company, in that the data (if anywhere close to P1 - in which it should be) will start to attract the bigger fish, which can move both CardioPET and BFPET across the finish line. Based on the data, which should be overwhelmingly positive in comparison to today's current standard, this company most likely gets gobbled up - IMO.

I'm speculating, but feel fairly comfortable with my investment in this price range - especially when many of the larger raises in the past were done at > 60 cents.

Also, I'm not intimately familiar with One Equity Research, but they did a great write-up on the current state of FluoroPharma. Pretty accurate from what I can tell.

Is there still risk here? Absolutely! But in my opinion, the reward greatly outweighs the downside based on the current price per share. Time will tell. Management has been quiet, so I'm hoping there is urgency to get the train back on its track.

Just my two cents.
jfk jfk 9 years ago
Yup. That sums it up. They can't move forward without capital (severe dilution). Will go a major step backward (PPS) before forward based on trial results. This may take 6-12 months to get its footing again.
The Night Stalker The Night Stalker 9 years ago
did my DD, broke bio, big potential pipeline no funding and cash strapped- no good
Talc Moan Talc Moan 9 years ago
FPMI looking very Strong.
The Night Stalker The Night Stalker 9 years ago
nice one
Talc Moan Talc Moan 9 years ago
Very strong move today for FluoroPharma
kylegar15 kylegar15 9 years ago
Hoping to hear something soon!
Talc Moan Talc Moan 9 years ago
Great 8k!
hmoney hmoney 9 years ago
I really have no idea at this point.....They are really behind :(
kylegar15 kylegar15 9 years ago
When do you think data comes out?
hmoney hmoney 9 years ago

DD below:

Company Overview
FluoroPharma Medical, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in discovering, developing and commercializing molecular imaging pharmaceuticals with initial applications in the area of cardiology. Molecular imaging pharmaceuticals are radiopharmaceuticals that enable early detection of disease through the visualization of subtle changes in biochemical and biological processes. Our initial focus has been on the development of novel cardiovascular imaging agents that can more efficiently and effectively detect and assess acute and chronic forms of coronary artery disease, or CAD.
FluoroPharma Inc. was organized to engage in the discovery, development and commercialization of proprietary products for the positron emission tomography (PET) market.

Positron emission tomography (PET)
Positron emission tomography (PET) is a nuclear medicine, functional imaging technique that produces a three-dimensional image of functional processes in the body. The system detects pairs of gamma rays emitted indirectly by a positron-emitting radionuclide (tracer), which is introduced into the body on a biologically active molecule. Three-dimensional images of tracer concentration within the body are then constructed by computer analysis. In modern PET-CT scanners, three dimensional imaging is often accomplished with the aid of a CT X-ray scan performed on the patient during the same session, in the same machine.

License with Massachusets General Hospital
On June 26, 2014, FPMI & Massachusetts General Hospital (“MGH”) entered into two license agreements, which Agreements replace the single license agreement between the Company and MGH dated April 27, 2009, as amended by letter dated June 21, 2011 and agreement dated October 31.
The Agreements provide exclusive licenses for the Company’s two lead product candidates, BFPET and CardioPET, two of the three cardiac imaging technologies covered by the Original Agreement.

The Company and MGH are in discussions regarding the exclusive license to VasoPET, the third product candidate covered by the Original Agreement, the Company’s rights to which ceased upon the termination of the Original Agreement contemporaneously with the execution of the new Agreements. The Agreements were entered into primarily for the purpose of separating the Company’s rights and obligations with respect to its different product development programs. Each of the Agreements requires the Company to pay MGH an initial license fee of $175,000 and annual license maintenance fees of $125,000 each. The Agreements require the Company to meet certain obligations, including, but not limited to, meeting certain development milestones relating to clinical trials and filings with the United States Food and Drug Administration.
MGH has the right to cancel or make non-exclusive certain licenses on certain patents should the Company fail to meet stipulated obligations and milestones. Additionally, upon commercialization, the Company is required to make specified milestone payments and royalties on commercial sales. The Company is amortizing the cost of these intangible assets over the remaining useful life of the Agreements of 10 years.

Understanding the Use of 18-F aka Fluorine-18
FPMI uses 18F as their tracer for CardioPET & BFPET.
Fluorine-18 (18F) is a fluorine radioisotope which is an important source of positrons. It has a mass of 18.0009380(6) u and its half-life is 109.771(20) minutes. It decays by positron emission 97% of the time and electron capture 3% of the time. Both modes of decay yield stable oxygen-18.

Fluorine-18 is an important isotope in the radiopharmaceutical industry, and is primarily synthesized into fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) for use in positron emission tomography (PET scans). It is substituted for hydroxyl and used as a tracer in the scan. Its significance is due to both its short half-life and the emission of positrons when decaying. In the radiopharmaceutical industry, it is made using either a cyclotron or linear particle accelerator to bombard a target, usually of pure or enriched oxygen-18-water [1] with high energy protons (typically ~18 MeV protons).

Drivers: CardioPET and BFPET
• Phase II of clinical trials at four sites in Belgium. The trial, like the patent, is through a 3rd party- SGS Life Sciences Servies .
• SGS has registered offices in Belgium for clinical research services relating to the Company’s CardioPET Phase II study to assess myocardial perfusion and fatty acid uptake in coronary artery disease (CAD) patients. The phase II trial is an open label trial designed to assess the safety and diagnostic performance of CardioPET as compared to stress echocardiography, myocardial perfusion imaging and angiography as a gold standard of background disease.
• The Phase II clinical trial plan for 18-F FCPHA is an open label trial designed to assess the safety and diagnostic performance of 18-F FCPHA as compared to myocardial perfusion imaging and angiography as a gold standard of background disease.
• The Phase II trial consisted of between 30-100 individuals with known stable chronic CAD who cannot undergo stress-testing for the evaluation of suspected or proven CAD
• Enrollment for the Phase II trial was closed on December 15th and final analysis is being completed.
• 17 million potential patients

• Successfully completed Phase I trial with 12 healthy volunteers with no adverse events.
• FPMI anticipates BFPET has a much higher revenue potential than CardioPET. Their January 2015 Investor Presentation reveals their belief the Bfpet market could exceed $8billion in 5 years.
• For use in combination with stress-testing in patients with presumptive CAD. Essentially, opportunity to become standard for measuring cardiovascular blood flow.
• Phase II was initiated in Sept 2014. The trial, like the patent, is through a 3rd party- PPD Development, LP.
• On May 23, 2014, the Company entered into a Master Services Agreement with PPD Development, LP, a clinical research organization engaged in the business of managing clinical research programs and providing clinical development and other related services, for the clinical research services relating to the Company’s BFPET Phase II study.
• The Phase II trial will be an open label trial designed to assess the safety and diagnostic performance of BFPET. Multiple trial sites are planned in various locations in the United States. In connection with this agreement, the Company has accrued $90,000 as of September 30, 2014 related to start-up costs.
• Enrollment for phase II has been very slow. They expect enrollment to commence in the first quarter of 2015. The estimated cost of this program is $1.7 million.
• BFPET would replace SPECT in institutions with PET capability.
• 12 million potential patients
• FDA enrollment monitoring link

Evaluating Risks
1) 3rd Party Patent –FPMI licenses patents from 3rd party owners.

2) Patent Expiration – Patents for BFPET & CardioPet continue through 2025.

3) Cash flow- Burning Cash because of trials

4) $100k to marketers - On March 24, 2014, the Company entered into a consulting agreement with the Del Mar Consulting Group, Inc. ("Del Mar") for investor and public relations services. The consulting agreement has an initial term of four months with successive one month renewal periods until terminated by either party upon not less than 10 days prior notice.
a. The Company paid an upfront fee of $125,000 payable at the Company's option either in cash or in restricted shares based on the market price of its common stock preceding the Effective Date.
b. The Company will also pay a monthly cash retainer of $10,000 during the term of the consulting agreement. In addition, provided the consulting agreement remains in effect, the Company will pay to Del Mar a $125,000 renewal fee within 10 days following the five month anniversary of the Effective Date at the Company's option either in cash or in restricted shares based on the market price of its common stock preceding the Effective Date.

5) $325,000 Lawsuit Pending - On July 16, 2013, Todd Nelson, as plaintiff, served Fluoropharma Medical, Inc. with process in the matter captioned, Todd Nelson v. Fluoropharma Medical, Inc.; and Does 1 through 10, No. 13 CV 01152 JAD CWH, which is pending before the United States District Court for the District of Nevada. In this action, the plaintiff alleged that he suffered damages attributable to the Company’s refusal to honor certain stock options after February 28, 2012. Plaintiff seeks at least $325,200 in damages, as well as punitive and exemplary damages, prejudgment interest, and costs. No resolution has occurred yet.

6) CEO contract is up in 2015 – Contract expires on July 30, 2015. Foresee it being renewed.

7) Lease Expiration - Offices are located in Montclair, New Jersey. However, their lease expires on April 30, 2015. On July 1, 2014, the Company increased its office space and amended this agreement. The amended monthly lease payments for this office space are $6,350 per month plus common area costs.

Competition will come from Lantheus, Bracco, GE Healthcare, and Mallinckrodt.
If approved, 18-F TPP’s primary competition in the non-acute setting will be perfusion imaging agents such as:
• Sestamibi produced by Lantheus Medical (On market for at least 10 years)
• Tetrophosmine aka Myoview is produced by GE Healthcare (On market since 2003)
• Generic Thallium, the primary U.S. supplier being Mallinckrodt.

Private Placements
Company has done an excellent job of using private placements to raise capital instead of diluting the equity and negatively affecting shareholders.

Articles & Research
1) A new F-18 labeled PET tracer for fatty acid imaging (10/25/14)

2) Zachs Research Report (11/20/14)

3) Lifetech Capital Research Report (6/11/14)

4) Forbes Article (1/10/14)

5) Diagnostic & Interventional Cardiology Article (7/23/2013)

Clinical Research Services Agreements
1) On September 7, 2012, the Company entered into a Clinical Research Services Agreement (“CRS Agreement”) with SGS Life Science Services (“SGS”), a company with its registered offices in Belgium, for clinical research services relating to the Company’s CardioPET Phase II study to assess myocardial perfusion and fatty acid uptake in coronary artery disease (CAD) patients. The phase II trial will be an open label trial designed to assess the safety and diagnostic performance of CardioPET as compared to stress echocardiography, myocardial perfusion imaging and angiography as a gold standard of background disease. Two trial sites are planned in Belgium and are expected to be concluded in the second half of 2014.

In March 2012, the Company had signed a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) that provided for the pre-payment of $290,271 for start-up services. The CRS Agreement provides for additional payments of $346,234 to SGS subject to a schedule of milestones relating to the progress of the clinical trial. Immediately before entry into the LOI, the Company engaged FGK Representative Service GmbH to serve as the Company’s sponsor in compliance with the laws governing clinical trials conducted in the European Union. On February 28, 2013, the Company announced that the Phase II trial had begun. On February 6, 2014, the Company presented interim data from the trial at the SNMMI mid-winter meeting.

2) On May 23, 2014, the Company entered into a Master Services Agreement with PPD Development, LP, a clinical research organization engaged in the business of managing clinical research programs and providing clinical development and other related services, for the clinical research services relating to the Company’s BFPET Phase II study. The Phase II trial will be an open label trial designed to assess the safety and diagnostic performance of BFPET. Multiple trial sites are planned in various locations in the United States. In connection with this agreement, the Company has accrued $90,000 as of September 30, 2014 related to start-up costs. The trial is expected to commence in the fourth quarter of 2014. The estimated cost of this program is $1.7 million.
PJO PJO 10 years ago
Why the jump?? 11/14
Stck went from .45 to .63 but spread is .20.
20,000 buy volume at 43718. never seen a spread this far apart??
Can anyone explain??
PJO PJO 10 years ago
Any thought on confidential treatment order. Why would they do it?????
jfk jfk 10 years ago
recent news seemed very good. surprised no reaction in price. this is a totally unfollowed company. i guess we have to wait for a licensing deal or takeover to move the stock in a significant way.
mulletman99 mulletman99 10 years ago
Phase2 results for CardioPET to be presented at ASNC Sept 18-21
hmoney hmoney 10 years ago
That is good news. Im not sure at this point whether good results would even positively effect the price.
mulletman99 mulletman99 10 years ago
"Any day now", according to both IR and the CEOs last presentation. There are 2 catalysts.
1) CardioPET phase2 results
2) Initiation of BFPET phase 2
hmoney hmoney 10 years ago
When is the next catalyst for FPMI?
mulletman99 mulletman99 10 years ago
FPMI just raised $1.2mil w/ no dilution...on a note. No dilution and most company execs involved.
Basically a bridge loan to phase2 results for CardioPET and the start (and finish?) of phase2 for BFPET.

All we need are the phase2 results for one of the two. Partner it out to fuly fund the 2nd.

Its getting closer.
mulletman99 mulletman99 10 years ago
8K Filed - looks like partnership to me
"The Agreements were entered into primarily for the purpose of separating the Company's rights and obligations with respect to its different product development programs."

Interesting statement there. It looks to me like a potential partnership for 1 of the programs. This is what I have been thinking they would do......partner up with BFPET and use the money to fully fund CardioPET, which has the higher revenue potential of the 2 (both being > $400mil/yr).

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