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CIA Discussion

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StockLogistics StockLogistics 2 years ago
Yearly report due May 25? โ€œCitizens (NYSE:CIA) is likely to report quarterly earnings at $0.34 per share on revenue of $422.63 million.โ€œ
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Couple of more up days and a massive increase is possible, with recent hurricanes more people will also be seeking home insurance in addition to life insurance for pandemics, has to be an industry that is hot right now because of these factors, perfect storm, all imo
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Updated short interest 8/31/21 10.71% of float
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Company in way better shape today than on March 11 when it reached $7.05 all imo
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Again, 6 month chart says a big chance at major share price increase beginning this afternoon/tomorrow, good numbers in last filing for company, high short interest and heading into fall/winter flu season, companyโ€™s customers will be more likely to consider life insurance and related purchases in this timeframe, all imo

Company bought back stock form 4 on 8/31/21:
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Big chance at SP increase here imo

โ€œCitizens Announces Q2 2021 Financial Results

Year-over-year earnings up $0.12 per share

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Citizens, Inc. (NYSE: CIA) today announced Q2 2021 financial results showing $0.10 earnings per share, a $0.12 increase over the prior year. The significant improvement is driven by higher realized gains and was positively impacted by higher premium revenue in the quarter due to focused sales campaigns and lower sales in the prior year as a result of the impact of the COVID-19 environment.

Gerald W. Shields, Vice-Chairman of the Board and interim CEO, said, "Premium revenue trends improved with the second quarter 3% above last year and 10% above the previous quarter resulting from our improving distribution capability, better service, and innovative new products. These improvements are core to our strategy and will remain key drivers of our performance across our business."

Mr. Shields went on to say, "In our Home Services Segment, we had one of the best quarters since 2017. We are receiving strong customer reception to our new whole life product, Security Plan Plusโ„ข, which utilizes digital technology to enhance the speed and ease of the application process. We remain focused on product innovation, customer experience improvements and operational excellence and are pleased with our early customer receptivity and trendsโ€”all leading indicators underlying long-term growth."

Q2 Highlights (versus Q2 2020)

Net income of $0.10 per share of Class A common stock up $0.12 per share vs. the prior year
Revenue up 9% primarily on realized investment gains
Claims and surrenders up 6%--Life Insurance segment up 13%, Home Services segment down (19%)
General expenses up 3% on higher rent on the new headquarters
Net income of $0.10 per Class A earnings share improved by $0.12 versus the prior year, largely on higher realized investment gains resulting from new investment opportunities. Net income was positively impacted by increased revenue and lower federal taxes.

Revenue increased by 9%, primarily driven by a $3 million increase to realized gains driven mainly by fair value increases from new investment opportunities in limited partnerships, a 3% increase in premiums and lower sales in the prior year due to the impact of the COVID-19 environment.

The overall number of policies issued increased by 82% and 17% versus last year and last quarter, respectively, due to enhancements made to our business operations and sales practices to meet changing customer needs.

In the Life Insurance segment, premium revenues were flat versus the prior year and 10% over the previous quarter on strong first year premiums. During the second quarter, the significant increase in first year premiums offset the decline in renewal premiums. We continue implementing new targeted sales campaigns and promotions to stimulate sales, improve the time to issue, and develop new business opportunities. In addition, we are benefiting from successful agent recruitment efforts with an 18% increase in active international agents. All of these initiatives contributed to a 60% increase in the number of policies issued versus last year and a 9% improvement over the first quarter.

In the Home Services segment, new business premiums increased 30% and 20% compared to the prior year and the prior quarter, respectively. The improvement was primarily due to expanding an automatic issue product offered to existing policyholders, which boosted the number of policies issued and produced a slight increase in average face values. Renewal premiums increased primarily due to continued strong collection efforts by independent agents and less pressure on disposable income of insureds as a result of government stimulus and assistance programs.

During the second quarter, the Home Services segment introduced a new whole life product, Security Plan Plusโ„ข, with digital technology, improving the speed and ease of the application process and with higher allowable face values. Security Plan Plus was designed with today's consumers in mind, offering a highly competitive product with a sleek combination of design, functionality, and value.

Claims and surrenders benefits increased by 6% versus the prior year, on a 13% increase in the Life Insurance segment. This segment experienced a 49% increase in death claims, including COVID-19 claims and a 28% increase in surrenders. As previously disclosed, surrenders have been increasing over the last several years primarily due to a combination of an aging block of business, with little to no associated surrender charges, coupled with the challenging economic conditions, especially in Latin America. Death claim benefits in the Life Insurance segment have also increased due to higher volume and a higher average amount of reported claims. At the same time, claims and surrenders in the Home Services segment dropped by 16%, on a 19% decrease in death claim benefits during the second quarter compared to the prior year, which had a high number of COVID-19 death claims.

General expenses were up 3% from the prior year driven by advertising costs for our new domestic product and increased rent related to the new headquarters location.

Segment Operations

Our Company is comprised of two operating business segments and other non-insurance enterprises as detailed below. Our insurance operations are the primary focus of the Company and are the lead income generators of the business.

Life Insurance
Our Life Insurance segment primarily issues U.S. dollar-denominated ordinary whole life insurance and endowment policies predominantly sold to non-U.S. residents located principally in Latin America and the Pacific Rim through independent marketing consultants. We began re-selling domestically in Florida in 2021.

Home Service Insurance
Our Home Service Insurance segment provides final expense life insurance and limited liability property insurance policies marketed to middle- and lower-income households, as well as whole life products with higher allowable face values in Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas, sold through independent agents and through funeral homes.

Other Non-Insurance Enterprises
Other Non-Insurance Enterprises primarily include the Company's IT and Corporate support functions. Their data is included in the segment data table to properly reconcile the segment information with the consolidated financial statements of the Company.

Investor Relations View original content to download multimedia:

SOURCE Citizens, Inc.โ€œ
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Could see 4.00 in near term imo
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
About two weeks or so here till bottom and next run imo based on six month chart
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Another month maybe for the next try at a reversal imo
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
The chart just isnโ€™t ready yet it appears from todayโ€™s price action imo, maybe next month
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Big revenues I hope from the increase in life insurance demand in this new world, company turned around and going in the right direction imo
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Hopefully Redditโ€™s pump and dump in the odd months of the year applies to CIA, usually begins mid month imo
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Great week ahead possibly as potential CIA customers wonder whether life insurance is a good idea post pandemic imo
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Got back to 5.40s after a tougher morning maybe some belief that this is a sustainable run now that the company appears to have everything in order and growing business channels
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Nothing negative materialized from the accounting firm change as described in the filing, strength resuming after initial caution imo
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Acct firm changed
8-K 06/22/2021 06/16/2021
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Last few trading sessions it looks like more traders could be catching on to the possibility of consumer interest in insurance post pandemic
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Just gotta keep accumulating at low volume until this gets on the short squeeze radar imo
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Which day will Reddit look at the short percentage here if ever
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Insurance stock as pandemic is coming to an end with the memory fresh in the minds of consumers could be prime time for this sector imo. Where is Reddit on the short interest here?

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StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Continuing short squeeze candidate off the radar so far imo
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
There is also a new generation vibe in the company name and the business model imo which could attract retail investors and Reddit in a short squeeze scenario
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
CIA is a life insurance company after a pandemic where b/c of the pandemic experience people will likely be thinking more about getting life insurance and dying less from the declining pandemic in theory and imo
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Short interest here is 13.5% on a life insurance company
StockLogistics StockLogistics 3 years ago
Chart shaping up for a run after long term consolidation, short squeeze candidate if Reddit would ever wake up to it
BlueAlien BlueAlien 7 years ago
CIA buyer at 7.09
stocktrademan stocktrademan 8 years ago
CIA bullish 9.95

life insurance company
macd crossed 0 up
macd signal line crossed average up
price just went above the parabolic sar

bounced off the 38.2% fibonacci retracement
38.2% level indicates a strong uptrend
anything below 61.8% indicates trend change bearish
redraw following new highs up until it breaks 61.8%
then draw for bearish case following new lows down later

normal chart

log chart

stocktrademan stocktrademan 8 years ago
$CIA recent news/filings

bullish 7.02
note earnings 3/10

## source:

$CIA charts

basic chart ## source:

basic chart ## source:

big daily chart ## source:

big weekly chart ## source:

$CIA company information

## source:

Ticker: $CIA
OTC Market Place: Not Available
CIK code: 0000024090
Company name: Citizens, Inc.
Company website:
Incorporated In: CO, USA

$CIA share structure

## source:

Market Value: $369,573,258 a/o Mar 03, 2016
Shares Outstanding: 49,080,114 a/o Aug 02, 2013
Float: Not Available
Authorized Shares: Not Available
Par Value: No Par Value

$CIA extra dd links

Company name: Citizens, Inc.
Company website:

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$CIA DD Notes ~
silkysullivan silkysullivan 9 years ago
Interesting Article
Happyme73db Happyme73db 10 years ago
Move it up now....
Penny Roger$ Penny Roger$ 12 years ago
~ Monday! $CIA ~ Earnings posted, pending or coming soon! In Charts and Links Below!

~ $CIA ~ Earnings expected on Monday *
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