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Anavex Life Sciences Corporation

Anavex Life Sciences Corporation (AVXL)

Closed June 22 4:00PM
After Hours: 6:40PM


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AVXL Discussion

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sab63090 sab63090 2 hours ago
Some favorable price indications seen by me recently:
The 3 wave pattern UP from the yearly low was able to break the 50 day sma, but did not hold & then declined into yet another 3 wave DOWN. Notice that the RSI had held up on this decline and now is above 50 (good), the MACD seems to be turning back up! even the lagging OBV is turning back UP...Bollinger Band....has bounced off the lower end and seems to be squeezing. Large Volume spikes into the index re-balancing seems to point to a lessening of the short sellers pressure (they worked this off nicely, if that's true)...June 30th might be END GAME.
Evidence of persistent large Volume (volume off the bottom) would be needed and getting above $5 towards the 200 day is something to watch and wait for!
👍️ 1
sab63090 sab63090 2 hours ago
Not necessarily corrupt, but beholden to Big Pharma $$$....please explain why several resigned over that $BIIB approval and the EMA would not approve
sab63090 sab63090 3 hours ago
Abe, that's an excellent and logical way to go but most here won't like it because they think that the FDA is the way to go, however fail to see the sand hill Chris Missling is forced to climb in dealing with Big Money Blockers.

It will most likely take longer, but I have more faith in the EMA and the way they approve things; an example is their refusal to approve products that harm people.

They seem to have ethics as opposed to dancing with Big Pharma's money.

I have lost faith in many companies like $PFE (Pfizer) , etc.which made $$$ would think that the price would have been like $NVDA's but the market says "not so fast"

Ir's probably smarter to stay with companies that are easier to understand that deal with people and come back business ($MCD, $HD, $COST, $WMT)...look at the CEO's leadership along with revenues (and profits)......share prices reflect execution over the long term.
Investor2014 Investor2014 3 hours ago
A P3 trial was completed when the Accelerated Approval was granted based on the P2 trial. Based on that P3 full approval was then granted not too long after.

Too many confirmatory trials have taken too long to be initiated or even never started. To curb that the FDA has recently firmed up that a confirmatory P3 must be underway when AA is granted.
boi568 boi568 5 hours ago
You are switching to "the FDA is corrupt" argument. I don't buy that, either.
Rubyred77 Rubyred77 6 hours ago
“Remember, Eli Lilly and the other BPs received their approval from the FDA based on successful P3 studies.”

Actually BIIB, who got the ball rolling was actually only reviewed using the p2 data I believe
Investor2014 Investor2014 6 hours ago
Right so we can only believe a biotech company has either 0 or 100% chance of approval - great makes it so much easier. Thank you for explaining that.
Steady_T Steady_T 6 hours ago
First, I was discussing a single stock, not a portfolio.
Second, I predicted Rett approval at 99%. This next trial is likely to make that prediction come true.

Thank you for the comments about my financial status. I have frequently said Anavex is part of the high risk portion of my portfolio, something you seemed to have over looked.

As I have also said in the past, Anavex has multiple shots on goal. It only needs to score once to be success.
👍️ 1
crescentmotor crescentmotor 7 hours ago
Your binary outcome sentence clearly demonstrates a non portfolio thinking

Non portfolio thinking? Just more gobbledegook to try to make some obscure point about what obviously involves risk. Whether an investor owns a single biotech stock or only one amidst a portfolio full of blue chip stocks, when that biotech files a NDA with a regulatory agency, that is a binary event--pass or fail. That's the lure of investing in biotech stocks, that is: accepting a non zero chance (but based on successful intermediate trials could easily be 50% or higher) in exchange for potential life-changing monetary rewards. Whether investing in biotech companies is done with discretionary cash only is a personal decision. It's a very straightforward situation without a lot of thinking being involved. You take the risk or you don't. You are either a player or you are not.
🏁 1 👍️ 2
Investor2014 Investor2014 8 hours ago
Probably less than you get for asking silly questions.
🐀 1 💩 1 🤡 1 🦨 1
Investor2014 Investor2014 8 hours ago
Your binary outcome sentence clearly demonstrates a non portfolio thinking and instead a pet stock single 99% chance of winning on a lottery ticket get rich approach.

That’s why I discuss chance of approval for folks to think about. Not as in influencing people not to buy or otherwise the stock, but just to think - apparently it isn’t well received despite also you getting your declared 99% winning chance proven wrong.

Now hopefully you own not just $AVXL or is able to lose again to be financially ok and just maybe wiser at some non zero chance.
🐀 1 👍️ 2 💩 1 🤡 1 🦨 1
BCCHoosier BCCHoosier 8 hours ago
Do you get time and a half for working for working weekends?
Investor2014 Investor2014 8 hours ago
Of course there was, as also pointed out here back when and now by the new Anavex larger trial design with equal sized placebo and dose arms.
🐀 1 🤡 1
abew4me abew4me 8 hours ago
Yes. I understand all of that, boi. But you have to remember that the FDA is getting millions of dollars from BP on a regular they aren't going to be eager to step on their toes. They can come up with all kinds of excuses to delay our approval: Your n=509 was too small ...Your P3 study was only 48 weeks vs. Eli Lilly's two years...We aren't finished with the new guidelines for AD approval, etc,..

Why take a chance with the FDA when we've already started the EMA process seven months ago?

Dr. Missling has already stated that the FDA is faster than the EMA when it comes to processing the NDA. Now, some people would think that that is a good thing. I don't.

What if the EMA is leaning towards approving our NDA...but hears that the FDA has already decided to turn us down? They can really muddy the waters for us.

Of course, all of these scenarios could be moot as long as the P2b/3 data and the OLE data is exceptional. THAT would be our golden ticket because the FDA would have no choice but to give us approval. (IMO, of course)

But if the data of either of the studies are mediocre, Dr. Missling needs to forget the FDA...and go straight to the EMA. They will be much more receptive to approving our application.

🆖 1 🍼 1 🏁 1 👍️ 4 😃 1 ♥️ 1
kevindenver kevindenver 10 hours ago
The official volume was 5,909,660 shares. Among the caveats of using 3rd party sources is incorrect data and errors.
🎯 1 🏆️ 1 👍️ 1
tradeherpete tradeherpete 10 hours ago
No, I haven't seen the breakdown. That data would be welcome to see for those of us who haven't given up.

I don't think Dr. Missling has given up either.

Thanks for your input, Powerwalker.
🆖 1 👍️ 1 💩 1
Kentucky123 Kentucky123 11 hours ago
Stockcharts shows 9.8 million shares traded
🆖 1 🍼 1 👍️ 1
mrplmer mrplmer 11 hours ago
Why don't you apply for the COO job. Then poison his beer stein like in a good old movie.(kidding georgie)
You sound like you have a strong opinion and are a good strategist.

You just need to like eating chicken all day.
🎯 1 🏆️ 1 💩 1 🦨 1
bb8675309 bb8675309 11 hours ago
What? No life? Hangin out complaining about georgejjl and AVXL over the weekend?
🆖 1 👍️ 1 💩 1
BIOChecker4 BIOChecker4 11 hours ago
What? No predictions for GREAT NEWS, ABSOLUTELY GREAT NEWS, or HUGE NEWS sometime in the next 2-3 weeks? I guess you must be tired of being wrong.
🎯 1 🏆️ 1 👍️ 1 💩 1 🦨 2
williamssc williamssc 12 hours ago
That PDD OLE report was from Mar 30, 2023, so just a year ago. With a new phase3 coming up, my guess is it will be added in conjunction with approval.
🏁 1 👍️ 4 👏 3
sumbuysumsell sumbuysumsell 12 hours ago
Bet you've been camping at your favorite spot at the mountain lake? Getting outside for some real air is a good thing.
🎯 1 🏆️ 1 👍️ 1 💩 1 🦨 1
LakeshoreLeo1953 LakeshoreLeo1953 13 hours ago
Does buying lower sound to you like a short covering squeeze, George?
No need to assist. You do enough on your own to get SMH from real investors.
👍️ 1 💩 1 🦨 1
kevindenver kevindenver 13 hours ago
Because Anavex rules! As the competition drools!
🆖 1 🍼 1 🏁 1 👍️ 7 💥 2
williamssc williamssc 13 hours ago
Sorry my earliest post was on AD OLE
mike_dotcom mike_dotcom 13 hours ago
So you're saying the shorts are going to be able to cover their position without moving the stock up substantially at all. That's what I thought.
👍️ 1 💩 1 🦨 1
Darby1 Darby1 13 hours ago
Why don’t you kick rocks and stop being a yeti kund!
👍️ 3
Talon38 Talon38 13 hours ago
Triple Witching drove AVXL to almost 6Million shares? None of our competitors BIIB, SAVA, ANVS had anywhere near that volume! Reasons please.
🆖 1 🍼 1 👍️ 8
BDR10 BDR10 13 hours ago
It's triple witching day Georgie you should know we've been here three or four times and obviously if millions of shares were bought before the close the stock price would not be messing around in pennies
🎯 1 🏆️ 1 👍️ 1 💩 1 🦨 1
georgejjl georgejjl 13 hours ago
A lot of buying of AVXL shares today especially at the close of trading,

The shorts were closing a lot of their open short positions on AVXL stock.

Good luck and GOD bless,
🆖 1 💩 1
mike_dotcom mike_dotcom 14 hours ago
That was nearly THREE YEARS AGO and there hasn't been anything mentioned of it since.
👍️ 1
Steady_T Steady_T 14 hours ago
My guess is that somewhere between 75% and 90% of the MAA will be directly usable in the NDA. There was an effort to harmonize the filing requirements some years ago.

One that that is certainly different is the EU requirement for literature and labels to be in multiple languages.
🆖 1 🍼 1 🎯 1 👍️ 4
frrol frrol 14 hours ago
Yes, the NDA will likely be easier to prepare with the work done on the MAA.
🎯 1 👍️ 3
williamssc williamssc 14 hours ago
ANAVEX®2-73 (Blarcamesine) Shows Clinical Benefit in Long-Term 48Week Phase 2 Extension Study in PDD

Study successfully achieved both primary and secondary objectives

ANAVEX®2-73 treatment resulted in improvements of all efficacy endpoints over 48 Weeks

Great to see
👍️ 2 💥 1
frrol frrol 14 hours ago
That's good to hear, thanks.
Steady_T Steady_T 14 hours ago
The focus is on writing the MAA, most of which will be used in the NDA. So both things are going on.
🆖 1 👍️ 4 💩 1
kund kund 14 hours ago
Given the high participation rate in the OLE that would suggest that the subjects think the drug was doing some good for them How do you know that? Have you learned anything from PDD OLE? Same was claimed until OLE data was released.
👍️ 1
Jonjones325 Jonjones325 14 hours ago
Hopefully we can set a new sp floor with the maa filing. Then the wait will be pretty long but at least it will be at a higher price. Afterwards there will be plenty of opportunity to take profit or sell calls to get some extra gravy.

If the peer review is good followed by the filing, I’d expect some good price appreciation. And as anticipation builds for the binary moment, some fomo should set in. Not expecting a rocket but it will be there along with some short covering.

Add in some progress on other fronts and we should be sitting at a respectable price. Of course it’s different for each. I’d be happy waiting in the mid 20s. Seems doable.
🆖 1 👍️ 3 💩 1
williamssc williamssc 14 hours ago
Also the caregivers must be seeing improvement even after 4+ years. I would think positive input from family overseers would be a leading reason why participants are still receiving their daily dosage.
👍️ 6 ❤️ 2
Steady_T Steady_T 15 hours ago
Why is it that people that think the drug will be successful are such targets for your derision? Are the people that think it is going to fail also subject to your derision?

Is either opinion somehow less worthy than a 25% chance of success opinion? What makes the 25% chance opinion so much more valid? Is it because it is your opinion?

It's a binary result. It will happen or it won't. There is no 25% of it happening.
🆖 1 🍼 1 🏁 2 👍️ 8 💥 1
lajolla1 lajolla1 15 hours ago
Thanks, Just read up on triple witching and it seems to be a reasonable explanation of the extreme
🆖 1 👍️ 1 💩 1
Steady_T Steady_T 15 hours ago
OLE extension does three things. It allows those in the trial that were in the placebo arm to receive the trial drug is they so wish. It allows those on the drug to continue receiving it if they feel that it is doing them some good. And, it allows the company to gather information about longer term usage of the trial drug.

Given the high participation rate in the OLE that would suggest that the subjects think the drug was doing some good for them. The placebo subjects apparently seem to think that they want the opportunity to see if it will do them some good.
🆖 1 👍️ 7 💩 1
Steady_T Steady_T 15 hours ago
More BS Investor2014.

There was nothing improper about the Rett trial. In retrospect, the outcome might have changed if the trial design was different and maybe larger. In retrospect the outcome could have been different if the randomization had been different.
🆖 1 👍️ 3 💩 1
powerwalker powerwalker 15 hours ago
Steady_T Steady_T 15 hours ago
You are so misleading.

Please point out what that has been relayed from the AGM that is material information.

Interesting stuff, for sure. Non specific for sure. Not material, for sure.
🆖 1 👍️ 2 💩 1
BDR10 BDR10 15 hours ago
Where's our head cheerleader, so he can brag about the volume and explain to us all what triple witching day is, lol
🎯 1 🏆️ 1 👍️ 3 👎️ 1 💩 1 🤡 1
WilliamMunny WilliamMunny 15 hours ago
You may be right, frrol, but I heard him as saying that they had been waiting on biomarker research - past tense - and now had their ducks in a row. He did reiterate on the PD trial that it still was scheduled for the second half of the year. We shall see.
🆖 1 🍼 1 🏁 1 👍️ 5 💥 3 😁 1
boi568 boi568 15 hours ago
I think your analysis misses on two points.

First, the Anavex 2b/3 is not in a different trial phase than the mab Phase 3's. It would be considered as a Phase 3 if submitted in an NDA.

Second, the upcoming change to the FDA guidance for early stage AD trials will ease the standards for approval, notwithstanding earlier approvals.
🏁 1 👍️ 5
kevindenver kevindenver 15 hours ago
I agree, the science of biomarkers and the need to include them in a trial seems to be increasing, if not be required for many indications.

I think I read here that for fragile X, there is a new biomarker.
🆖 1 🍼 1 👍️ 1
lajolla1 lajolla1 16 hours ago
do you know what would cause that?
🆖 1 🍼 1

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