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Teucrium Sugar Fund

Teucrium Sugar Fund (CANE)

At close: July 17 4:00PM
( 0.00% )
After Hours: 6:08PM


StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade
5.005.807.900.006.850.000.00 %00-
6.004.806.900.005.850.000.00 %00-
7.004.505.200.004.850.000.00 %00-
8.003.604.203.603.900.000.00 %01-
9.002.453.300.002.8750.000.00 %00-
10.001.502.251.551.8750.000.00 %00-
11.000.971.250.971.110.000.00 %029- %0234- %059- %0143- %039-
16.000.320.800.320.560.000.00 %02- %00- %00- %00- %00- %00-

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StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade %00- %00- %00- %00- %010- %017-
11.000.350.800.350.5750.000.00 %04- %059-
13.000.851.551. %016-
14.001.752.502.872.1250.000.00 %018-
15.002.703.601. %01- %01- %00-
18.005.706.600. %00-
19.006.707.600. %00- %00-
21.008.709.608.479.150.000.00 %00-


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Lime Time Lime Time 1 minute ago
Huge catalysts coming here. Only the expert traders know this 😀 🚀
stockinspector stockinspector 1 minute ago
Early tries failed and then price jumped back up on Schwab. It is showing on my platform again, will try tomorrow.
kthomp19 kthomp19 1 minute ago
This post deserves a sticky. It succinctly lists the facts and would help people avoid incorrect conclusions.
penguin007 penguin007 2 minutes ago
Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. Revenues look great, and forecasted revenues look much better! Let's hope they decide to take the path that we know will be much more successful in the long run.
janice shell janice shell 2 minutes ago
StockInfo11 StockInfo11 2 minutes ago
GASWORLD: Royal Helium Ltd. (RHC.v, RHCCF) continues successful helium sales from its Steveville helium plant in Alberta, achieving its 12th and 13th trailer sales since November 2023. CEO Andrew Davidson praised the plant's stable production and low operating costs. +The plant produces 22,000 mcf o
kthomp19 kthomp19 3 minutes ago
The SPS LP grows to $350B by next year. At that time, the SPS agreement gets re-written to cap the LP at that amount, and future earnings go to the GSEs without a corresponding dollar to LP. This finally ends the NWS.

I would suggest that the 10% divvy on the $350B LP can be reduced t
kthomp19 kthomp19 3 minutes ago
I believe that the Twins are now too big to kill. There is no other alternative for what they do in size and scale.

Don't conflate killing the company with killing the common shareholders (via dilution to near nothing).

The former is not possible without receivership. T
nathanial nathanial 3 minutes ago
We had a reverse split years ago and it worked out rather well. Your point??
kthomp19 kthomp19 3 minutes ago
GSE's capital levels are already sufficient.

No, their regulatory capital levels are hugely negative.

Stress tests have been passed for several years.

Irrelevant. The stress tests have nothing to do with regulatory capital levels.

FHFA inv
kthomp19 kthomp19 3 minutes ago
In the meantime, where does the windfall go? Yep, to Treasury!

In the eyes of the politicians that Layton referred to, when the money goes to Treasury it isn't a windfall because Treasury is the one who bailed FnF out.

Heaven forbid the legal shareholders of the company
kthomp19 kthomp19 3 minutes ago
The sooner the litigation is over the better.

I totally agree. The Supreme Court's rulings that the NWS was legal (not ultra vires) and also was not a takings (by denying cert on the takings cases that were dismissed) plus the Litigation End Date language in the January 2021 letter ag
Yes ma’am. On my lunch break now. Made all my deliveries and pickups today. Probably going to go work on the dock for a little bit tonight. They finally dug the hole for our house yesterday. No concrete footers unless they did them today. I’ll go by on my way home tonight. Also got three doctors app
kthomp19 kthomp19 3 minutes ago
Whatever the case may be FHFA is DIRECTLY telling us and everyone else they are NOT going to end the c'ship and are specifically telling Congress they must do so. I don't know how much clearer they can be telling us they are NOT going to budge from this position.

I agree. Sandra Thomp
kthomp19 kthomp19 3 minutes ago
Conservatorships happen all the time. Like it or not they are analogous with Chapter 11 bankruptcies, except that in Chapter 11 shareholders actually have rights.

It's rather funny that some people here contort themselves into knots trying to distinguish the conservatorships from Chap
Involuntary-Recluse Involuntary-Recluse 3 minutes ago
kthomp19 kthomp19 3 minutes ago
For someone who values semantics, you should note that JPS have a redemption value for when they get called. It happens to be the same as their liquidation preference, except for FNMFO.

They have a stated value, a redemption value, and a liquidation preference. They are all the same e
kthomp19 kthomp19 4 minutes ago
So if I were to get Calabria in a room and ask him point blank to his face:

"Do you have any evidence that shows writing down the SPS LP is illegal?"

What do you think he will say?

I think he would say that he already answered your question in his book. Y
kthomp19 kthomp19 4 minutes ago
Is the court saying the FHFA can do illegal things?


I think the inference is that it can perform any *legal* act in it's own interests.

Yes. The Supreme Court ruled that the NWS was not ultra vires, and thus not a violation of the APA. It said that FH
kthomp19 kthomp19 4 minutes ago
So the inverse is also true. Every dollar that is taken from the common shareholders as the result of the senior preferred write-UP, could remain with Common shareholders if they chose to stop stealing the equity.

"Stealing" is just your word, not FHFA's or Treasury's. How does one "
kthomp19 kthomp19 4 minutes ago
You don't think it's likely that someone at Treasury would make a misleading statement to get what they want? Really?

I think that's less likely than the possibility that they were just telling the truth. Especially in the light of incentives: converting the SPS gives Treasury far mor
SSKILLZ1 SSKILLZ1 4 minutes ago
VMIR (As Of 7/17/24)

Daily Performance
Value Microcap Index:+0.32%
Value Microcap Index Rebalanced:+0.09%

Overall Performance
Value Microcap Index: +9.49% (Best Levels of 2024)
Value Microcap Index Rebalanced:+12.60% (Best Levels of 2024 and
kthomp19 kthomp19 4 minutes ago
The difference is that some are blinded by what they *think* will happen, ignoring other possibilities.

The difference is that some people, like me, actually put forth a number for things like the chances that Treasury converts (75%) or writes down (25%) the SPS. Most others just list
jesster64 jesster64 4 minutes ago
Next time order 4 beers
BBQbob BBQbob 4 minutes ago
R. McElroy
C. Morikawa
T. Fleetwood
V. Hovland
B. Harman
...please and Thank You!
Good luck to All!

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