SAN DIEGO, April 16, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Hey Social Good launched its unique content and data-driven yelp-like platform to help consumers easily shop with purpose by awarding medal rankings to socially conscious companies who give back and practice sustainable business operations. The highly exclusive platform gives medal rankings to the best Give Back and Sustainable companies (much like coveted stars given by Michelin Guides) and offers social good lifestyle tips. The platform's 200+ decision point data model considers a company's social and environmental impact, and its contribution to achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Around 87 percent of consumers in the US said they prefer purchasing from companies that support important social issues according to the Cone Study But, as consumers seek out more purpose-driven social enterprises and better vetted information, it's become hard to navigate through the overwhelming amount of information available online. The Hey Social Good platform fills this gap by helping consumers in three ways: (1) easily get to the best social good companies working to make a social impact; (2) learn about a business' authentic efforts to do good; and (3) make impact through better shopping choices.

"This platform was created from my deep frustration when I was searching for the best sustainable kitchen trash bag," said Dr. Cindy J Lin, CEO and Founder of Hey Social Good. "It was surprisingly hard to purchase wisely and I wanted something that would make it easier to do good. This has turned into the most invigorating and inspiring journey because I didn't realize how many amazing social good companies are trying to make it easier for people to shop and make an impact. My goal is to house 50,000 social good businesses in one hub that inspires 1 million people to choose a product or service that creates social good impact."

The Hey Social Good team is made up of scientists and creatives with extensive background in working towards better social and environmental practices. They understand well that the road to a sustainable future is long and involves many phases. This is why Hey Social Good celebrates progress not perfection. The platform highlights brands and products making an impact no matter how big or small...celebrating victories of every size along the way.

"We are in an exciting time in the world of sustainability and consumer impact. I feel like consumers are really in the driver's seat now when it comes to the standards they set for the companies they support. Now more than ever people are demanding transparency from the brands they know and love, and we are confident that the Hey Social Good ranking model will be a trusted source of authenticity to these consumers looking to make impactful shopping choices. As someone who makes an effort to shop consciously, I wish I had a tool like this years ago," shared Kate Houser, Hey Social Good's Creative Director. is powered by HOVE Social Good Intelligence, a unique social impact focused data analytics company. Hey Social Good is committed to helping consumers easily find and rank the best companies and products that are helping the planet and people thrive.

About Cindy J Lin
Dr. Cindy J Lin is the founder and CEO of HOVE Social Good Intelligence. She previously worked at the US Environmental Protection Agency solving tough environmental and scientific problems encountered on national and international projects.

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