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Federated Hermes Inc

Federated Hermes Inc (FHI)

Closed July 14 4:00PM
After Hours: 6:24PM


StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade
21.5010.0014.900.0012.450.000.00 %00-
22.509.0013.900.0011.450.000.00 %00-
24.007.5012.500.0010.000.000.00 %00-
25.006.5011.400.008.950.000.00 %00-
26.505.009.900.007.450.000.00 %00-
27.500. %00- %01-
30.003.306.500.004.900.000.00 %00-
31.501.755.002.203.3750.000.00 %02-
32.500. %00- %0195- %447/12/2024
36.500.002.850. %00-
37.500. %00-
39.000.302.850.301.5750.000.00 %0123- %00-
41.500.002.850. %00-
42.500. %00- %02- %00-

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StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade
21.500.002.850. %00-
22.500. %00- %00- %00-
26.500. %00-
27.500. %00-
29.000.352.900.351.6250.000.00 %0124- %00-
31.500.501.150.500.8250.000.00 %03-
32.500. %00- %0123- %00-
36.501.904.900.003.400.000.00 %00-
37.500. %00-
39.004.407.400.005.900.000.00 %00-
40.005.308.500.006.900.000.00 %00-
41.506.9010.000.008.450.000.00 %00-
42.500. %00-
44.009.4012.300.0010.850.000.00 %00-
45.0010.4013.400.0011.900.000.00 %00-


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Seminole Red Seminole Red 2 minutes ago
BDEZ BDEZ 7 minutes ago
McGregor has just endorsed 45...
BDEZ BDEZ 10 minutes ago
Enemy of the people.This is how regime media is reporting on today’s assassination attempt on President Trump.
BDEZ BDEZ 12 minutes ago
We are at war They shot Trump supporters on January 6th for protesting a stolen election. Now they shot Trump and his supporters for attending a re election rally. Realize the times we’re living in
BDEZ BDEZ 14 minutes ago
BDEZ BDEZ 14 minutes ago
Brandon Tatum @TheOfficerTatum This is a real, disinformation X post by Democrat @RepSwalwell This kind of rhetoric is what leads people to do what Thomas Crooks did today. People need to be held accountable!
Kam8 Kam8 16 minutes ago
Thermo's post at 3/10/2023. he said on the post that something very CLOSE, then He seldom make a new post for nwbo. I am guessing he has signed NDA. You know he is a big big investor. Guessing End story not too far.
Seminole Red Seminole Red 16 minutes ago
good thing he turned his head......
Kutter Kutter 18 minutes ago
All we want is a President who is not a Criminal, not liable for sexual assault, not Epstein's beastie, not abused 25 women, not liable for Fraud, not a scammer, not a conman, does not share our classified top secrets with unauthorized persons, does not pardon his buds like a dictator, does not lie
Lime Time Lime Time 18 minutes ago
I'm sorry that you are confused at how this works. If they didn't want a filing requirement anymore, then they easily could have told the SEC through EDGAR via the proper form. They failed to do so and are severely delinquent. There is no excuse for this type of behavior.

The SEC woul
BDEZ BDEZ 18 minutes ago
New angle of assassination attempt on President Trump from behind
71chris71 71chris71 23 minutes ago
Good morning t 53! Are you still with us?
BDEZ BDEZ 24 minutes ago
BDEZ BDEZ 25 minutes ago
Yup Sem...
Kam8 Kam8 25 minutes ago
Ok, may be $4-$20 after Broad franchise. Then End story. $20- $22 is my guessing for End story. BPs would not miss this golden end. And just 15000 patients per years , revenue x 10 multiple, we might see 10++
BDEZ BDEZ 25 minutes ago
@dbongino explains that @realDonaldTrump STILL does not have a full presidential protection package despite the "apocalyptic" threat level against him
BDEZ BDEZ 30 minutes ago
Pls screenshot & capture every official Biden / Kamala / DNC account of all tweets w keywords “death” “dangerous” “deadly” and more. Just capture them & I’ll help guide to best landing. PLS just get on this now they are mass deleting. Use all tools. GO!
Seminole Red Seminole Red 33 minutes ago
Wise Man Wise Man 33 minutes ago
The financial condition of FnF (soundness and solvency as seen on the Balance Sheets) is measured with the capital metrics imposed in the FHEFSSA of 1992 for the first time: capital ratios, capital definitions, capital classifications and prompt corrective actions with the Restriction on Capital Dis
satter satter 33 minutes ago
You are so wrong it's incredible and you know it.

His 10% tarrif on China is going to have such an financial impact on households. He is a flamming idiot.

Project 2025, that is your freedom? And deep down your right? Ya sure give yourself a check mark, brainwashed Twi
Seminole Red Seminole Red 34 minutes ago
This is all of us. What you do to him, you do to us.
SkeBallLarry SkeBallLarry 38 minutes ago
" Was a very-close call, Bull " .. !!
Dodger1 Dodger1 38 minutes ago
Warren mostly power and lookie see

Now look I've hooked up with...don't you see...the see


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