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About C3 AI Inc Inc is an enterprise artificial intelligence company. The company provides software-as-a-service applications that enable customers to rapidly develop, deploy, and operate large-scale Enterprise AI applications across any infrastructure. It provides solutions under three divisions namely, The ... Inc is an enterprise artificial intelligence company. The company provides software-as-a-service applications that enable customers to rapidly develop, deploy, and operate large-scale Enterprise AI applications across any infrastructure. It provides solutions under three divisions namely, The C3 AI Suite, is a comprehensive application development and runtime environment that is designed to allow customers to rapidly design, develop, and deploy Enterprise AI applications of any type; C3 AI Applications, include a large and growing family of industry-specific and application-specific turnkey AI solutions that can be immediately installed and deployed; and Ex Machina, analytics for applying data science to every-day business decisions. Show more

Prepackaged Software
Prepackaged Software
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
C3 AI Inc is listed in the Prepackaged Software sector of the New York Stock Exchange with ticker AI. The last closing price for C3 AI was $27.78. Over the last year, C3 AI shares have traded in a share price range of $ 20.23 to $ 44.90.

C3 AI currently has 124,817,776 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of C3 AI is $3.42 billion. C3 AI has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -12.72.

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C3 AI Welcomes Former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy to Advisory Board

C3 AI (NYSE: AI), the Enterprise AI application software company, is proud to announce the appointment of Kevin McCarthy, the immediate past Speaker of the House, to its advisory board. Mr...

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C3 AI to Present at Mizuho Americas TMT Conference on June 12

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AI Discussion

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Moonboy1 Moonboy1 2 weeks ago
All AIneeds to be shut down completely. It's all stolen intellectual property with copyright violations etc. That's why the anti trust probe with nvdia
Monksdream Monksdream 4 weeks ago
AI 10Q expected 5/29
Next day settlement begins 5/28
reyprimero reyprimero 1 month ago
Just saying!
skydog526 skydog526 1 month ago
Bro ya been here forever. Chart will dip 23 I bailed Friday. I'll wait to see if it fills 23 this moves like a snail because it's also an index which I didn't realize.
reyprimero reyprimero 2 months ago
This chart signals, time to buy, could be flying very soon, last earning first one profitable, and the way was attacked by shorts until now, MOAS coming, they know had to cover before next earning,
skydog526 skydog526 2 months ago
In at $24 time to FLY
Lokotony Lokotony 2 months ago
I got out at cost $25, thinking I would regret. So crazy it is being held back SOOOOO hard. Positive earnings report earns one day of profits and then they drive it down, again.
Moonboy1 Moonboy1 2 months ago
This POS keeps holding all the other small cap AI stocks back. It's kind of like the Bitcoin of AI. Nothing else moves unless it moves.
Dallas-Cowboys Dallas-Cowboys 3 months ago
Such a huge percentage of shorts they can’t sustain any run up
Lokotony Lokotony 3 months ago
I don't see it being bright green until then. So strange how this is treated. Earnings were great and run up day after and it has been mostly and deeply red since.
Dallas-Cowboys Dallas-Cowboys 3 months ago
It will be in late May
Vincent1974 Vincent1974 3 months ago
When is the next earnings?
mypenneys mypenneys 3 months ago
I think the high was 22 dollars probably due to the earnings report. So now we wait again.
My only question is this a good AI stock to be in. Or is this a flash in the pan and not good because it’s AI 1.0 and not the new generation of AI
Is there a symbol for AI Energy. Where they Fuse 2 Atoms with 191 lasers creating 195,000 degrees of heat to fuse them together which can produce enough energy in a jar to heat your house for sixty years.
retired early retired early 3 months ago
Got nothing but time. :)
Dallas-Cowboys Dallas-Cowboys 3 months ago
I agree with you there is too much short interest on the stock. I think the only way to get a short squeeze is for C3ai to blow away the quarter and I don’t see that happening. I will also sell after next earnings the shorts control this stock and won’t let go
❣️ 1
Lokotony Lokotony 3 months ago
I see the MMs are never going to allow this one to win. I haven't counted, but I'm sure it has been red at lest 75% of the days since the run up after earnings (ONE day). So, I'll be waiting for the next earnings and hope for another run up and cash TF out. This one seemed so promising!
6of1 6of1 4 months ago
the growth of AI will be larger and faster than anything in our financial history
lambchops lambchops 4 months ago
Thanks for the reply. AI is moving higher steadily.
We're in a good position. This might grow to a $100+ stock over time IMO.



❣️ 1
Lokotony Lokotony 4 months ago
Should blasted off from earnings. Being held for a reason. Likely the calls made that day!
lambchops lambchops 4 months ago
LC's just got a feelin' AI is about to blast off to new highs.


tw0122 tw0122 4 months ago
52 week high by end of week $48 then going even higher. These mini dips buyable for new ammunition
❣️ 1
Lokotony Lokotony 4 months ago
Going to be profit takers today.
lambchops lambchops 4 months ago
Very strong move on Thursday. Will we see followup move today?


hotdawg hotdawg 4 months ago
Nice 24% gain sofar today. Keep it going
reyprimero reyprimero 4 months ago
Now shorts going to burn, nice to see this kind of volume, look first stop 50’s area!! Imo
Lokotony Lokotony 4 months ago
NOT getting the boost. My thoughts are, if (and they should) they have great earnings and these analysts screw them, like they are proned to do, I'm getting out. Not meant to be if they are being targeted. This should be at least $100 by now. It was in the 30s JUST last week.
Lokotony Lokotony 4 months ago
Was truly hoping we'd get a nice boost today......with the NVDA AI hype. Guess that's just meant for the huge companies.
linkvest linkvest 4 months ago
Exactly the same here. Going more AI myself but I am finding some stocks are saying AI but they haven't a clue what it is LOL... Well stay warm up there in the Mid West.. looks like another poolside day for me LOL....
lambchops lambchops 4 months ago
Good to be seen! Back at ya'!

Been hanging and banging on some other penny stocks. Mostly BABL.

Switching out of some long stock positions. Decided to buy into some AI stock and the momo looked strong here on this one. Also got back into cybersecurity and Genomics, too.

Stay in touch.


linkvest linkvest 4 months ago
Heyyyy Lambchops... Long time no see. Hope life has been treating you good... Yes maybe its AI time to shine.
Lokotony Lokotony 4 months ago
I'm jumping out of most positions before what I see as a crash before the first rate cut. BUT, this one will be hard to drop.
lambchops lambchops 4 months ago
Nice upward momo on this stock, LV.


linkvest linkvest 4 months ago
Over 31 and still trading like crazy
linkvest linkvest 4 months ago
Into the 30s we go today it looks like.
❣️ 1
Zilidium Zilidium 4 months ago
or even 29
linkvest linkvest 5 months ago
With this kind of volume we might even see 27's today...
♥️ 1
linkvest linkvest 5 months ago
Needs some time... this one is on my back burner for now.. GL to ya
♥️ 1
Lokotony Lokotony 5 months ago
You are absolutely right. It DID hitch on to the AI train and went up fast.....but when I say THEY, I mean MMs/Hedge. I do hope for this one to go wayyyyy up....
linkvest linkvest 5 months ago
LOLOL... I don't think they decided to make it go down... Thinking the whole market in the last two years has been going down but lots of companies are starting to see daylight.
linkvest linkvest 5 months ago
26 right around the corner now.
linkvest linkvest 5 months ago
Well maybe thinking positive about last quarter of 73 Million dollars at a 17% increase is a good thing. News will catch up sooner or later.. little patience on this one.
Lokotony Lokotony 5 months ago
Well, it's lost A LOT of value and yes it's up, but I'm looking for it to take off, LIKE IT WAS, before they decided to make it go down so much! GLTA
linkvest linkvest 5 months ago
WOW... over 2 MILLION DOLLARS is share value traded this morning. Up 1.8$ @ ,47 per share
Lokotony Lokotony 5 months ago
Sure would be nice for this positive info to equal positive share price.....BUT, this is a small cap, so it's being obliterated from above. New target for shorters too.
linkvest linkvest 5 months ago
Revenue: Total revenue for the quarter was $73.2 million, an increase of 17% compared to $62.4 million one year ago.
linkvest linkvest 5 months ago
Very nice website AI has:
linkvest linkvest 5 months ago
Here's some news from last month that show what happening with AI: REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – December 6, 2023 –, Inc. (“C3 AI,” “C3,” or the “Company”) (NYSE: AI), the Enterprise AI application software company, today announced financial results for its fiscal second quarter ended October 31, 2023.

“It was a solid quarter, with total revenue growing 17% year-over-year to $73.2 million, and customer engagement growing by 81% year-over-year. We saw unprecedented interest and traction in our generative AI offerings. Importantly, we are seeing a return to accelerating revenue growth as we continue our transition to a consumption-based pricing model,” said C3 AI CEO and Chairman Thomas M. Siebel. “In the trailing four quarters, we have seen top line year-over-year revenue growth increase from -4% in Q3 FY23, to 0% in Q4 FY23, to 11% in Q1 FY24, to 17% in Q2 FY24.”

Fiscal Second Quarter 2024 Financial Highlights
Revenue: Total revenue for the quarter was $73.2 million, an increase of 17% compared to $62.4 million one year ago.
Subscription Revenue: Subscription revenue for the quarter was $66.4 million, constituting 91% of total revenue, an increase of 12% compared to $59.5 million one year ago.
Gross Profit: GAAP gross profit for the quarter was $41.1 million, representing a 56% gross margin. Non-GAAP gross profit for the quarter was $50.4 million, representing a 69% non-GAAP gross margin.
Net Loss per Share: GAAP net loss per share was $(0.59). Non-GAAP net loss per share was $(0.13).
Cash Reserves: $762.3 million in cash, cash equivalents, and investments.
Customer Engagement: Customer Engagement for the quarter was 404, an increase of 81% compared to 223 one year ago. [See FY23-Q4 Investor Supplemental for more details on Customer Engagement methodology.]
Key Customers
During the quarter, C3 AI closed 62 agreements including 36 pilots.

The Company entered into new agreements with GSK, Indorama, and First Business Bank and expanded agreements with Con Edison, Roche, Nucor Corporation, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, among others.
C3 AI’s federal business continues to show significant strength with federal bookings representing almost half of total bookings, up nearly 187% from the year prior. C3 AI signed 20 new federal agreements, including five agreements for C3 Generative AI.
The Company closed new and expanded deals with the U.S. Navy, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Joint Staff J8, the Defense Logistics Agency, and the Administration for Children & Families, a division of the Department of Health & Human Services.
Customer Success Stories
Building on its success in the manufacturing sector, C3 AI continues to work with Nucor to optimize production schedules across several mills, expanding the largest U.S. steel producer’s AI program. This expansion with Nucor also included two new use cases initiated in Q2: AI to improve forecasting, and generative AI targeted at facilitating proper health and safety procedures.
Con Edison, a customer since 2017, continues to expand its use of C3 AI applications, most recently with C3 Generative AI to help workers quickly find answers to questions and analysis related to smart meter, service, and infrastructure data. In the second quarter, Con Edison completed two pilots of the newest application, which have since converted to production.
C3 AI also converted two pilots and expanded its federal business within the U.S. Department of Defense at the Defense Logistics Agency (“DLA”), which provides logistical, acquisition, and technical support for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and other federal agencies and allies. C3 AI is helping the DLA improve efficiency, visibility, and readiness across the supply chain predicting consumption, inventory, and transportation of critical goods such as parts, components, and fuel.
In Q2, the Administration for Children and Families (“ACF”), a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has made the first order to C3 AI under a $90 million blanket purchase agreement. As a critical civilian agency, the ACF works to help unaccompanied children who cross the U.S. border find temporary shelter or permanent homes. The ACF will use the C3 AI Platform to perform complex data analysis more efficiently, examining the scope and resource landscape for children within the agency’s care, including staffing needs and how long these children are with their case managers — and ultimately use the resulting insights to inform decision makers on resource allocation and needs.
Key News
The C3 AI partner ecosystem continues to drive significant growth. In Q2, the Company closed 40 agreements through its partner network, which includes AWS, Baker Hughes, Booz Allen, Google Cloud, and Microsoft. The qualified opportunity pipeline with partners has increased by 75% in the past year.
C3 AI and AWS expanded their Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA). Under the expanded SCA, C3 AI and AWS will focus on continuing to offer advanced generative AI solutions for enterprises.
To meet market demand, C3 AI has announced and released a no-code, self-service generative AI application in AWS Marketplace, C3 Generative AI: AWS Marketplace Edition.
In Q2, C3 AI was recognized multiple times for its innovation in the AI space. C3 AI has been named to Fortune 50 AI Innovators list and was recognized as a top 10 AI partner by Everest Group in its inaugural ‘Artificial Intelligence Top 50’ list of global market-leading AI-first technology providers.
For the fourth year in a row, Constellation Research named C3 AI as a “solution to know” on its ShortListTM for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Cloud Platforms in Q3 2023.
Pilot Growth
During the quarter, C3 AI closed 62 agreements including 36 pilots. The 36 pilots represented an increase from 24 pilots in the first quarter and 13 pilots in the year-ago quarter. Notably, 20 of these pilots were generative AI pilots, an increase from eight in the first quarter.

Consumption Pricing
In Q1 FY23, C3 AI introduced a transition to a consumption-based pricing model to fuel growth, which the Company believes is becoming the standard among enterprise SaaS companies in the industry. The consumption-based pricing model is based on vCPU/hour, in line with industry-standard cloud software pricing standards. The transition has been met with great reception among C3 AI’s prospects, customers, and partners. Since this transition, the Company has closed over 100 pilots on the new consumption pricing model. The Company believes traction with C3 Generative AI: AWS Marketplace Edition will further accelerate the Company’s consumption pricing adoption and customer engagement metrics.

C3 Generative AI
Recent estimates suggest that the market for Enterprise AI applications is bigger and expanding faster than certain experts previously anticipated. Bloomberg Intelligence estimates that generative AI will become a $1.3 trillion market by 2032. Goldman Sachs predicts that AI could increase corporate profits by 30% in the next decade, and that generative AI alone could raise the global GDP by 7%. C3 AI believes it is in a prime position to see a significant increase in opportunities for Enterprise AI, and the Company is also well-positioned to accelerate growth, gain market share, attain sustainable non-GAAP profitability and establish a market-leading position globally. As such, the company plans to further accelerate its investment in generative AI, deepening its investments in lead generation, branding, market awareness, and customer success.
C3 AI closed 20 new agreements for C3 Generative AI in the second quarter. C3 Generative AI is addressing use cases across multiple industries including manufacturing, financial services, and defense & intelligence.

The generative AI qualified pipeline grew to over 225 in Q2, an increase of more than 55% from Q1.
C3 AI has announced a no-code, self-service generative AI application in AWS Marketplace, C3 Generative AI: AWS Marketplace Edition, allowing users of all technical levels to begin using generative AI in minutes in their enterprise. The application provides a starting point for customers and can be quickly scaled across the enterprise and can be used together with all other C3 AI applications. C3 Generative AI: AWS Marketplace Edition is now available under a 14-day free trial in AWS Marketplace via private preview.
Financial Outlook:
The Company’s guidance includes GAAP and non-GAAP financial measures.

The following table summarizes C3 AI’s guidance for the third quarter of fiscal 2024 and full-year fiscal 2024:

(in millions) Third Quarter Fiscal 2024 Guidance Full Year Fiscal 2024 Guidance
Total revenue $74.0 – $78.0 $295.0 – $320.0
Non-GAAP loss from operations $(40.0) – $(46.0) $(115.0) – $(135.0)
Alpha611 Alpha611 5 months ago
Best of luck!
linkvest linkvest 5 months ago
Hmm Interesting... thanks
novicetrader novicetrader 5 months ago
To be noted though, that 9778 share sale was for Tax obligations on the vested RSUs,not the same as a regular sale.Just saying.

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