IntelliCell BioSciences, Inc. (OTCQB: SVFC) (PINKSHEETS: SVFC) ("IntelliCell" or the "Company"), a leader in regenerative medicine and the manufacturing of stromal vascular fraction (SVF) containing adipose derived adult stem cells, today announced that an antibody flow cytometry study of IntelliCell's technology was performed by Millipore, a division of Merck, a life science leader providing cutting-edge technologies, tools and services for bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

The results of the study conclude that IntelliCells™ manufactured by IntelliCell's proprietary technology yield an average of 10 times (10X) the number of SVF cells containing adult adipose stem cells from less fat (only 2 oz) than that which the Company believes is used by any of its present competition utilizing enzymes in their process. The study also showed that IntelliCells™ contain all of the viable cells that are manufactured by competing technologies that use enzymatic digestion.

"We believe IntelliCell is setting the gold standard for adipose stem cell processing without the use of enzymes and yielding high number of SVFs with adult adipose stem cell counts. We feel that our technology is a true game changer in the field of regenerative medicine and that SVF could show incredible promise for a wide range of clinical uses in the near future," stated IntelliCell Chairman and CEO, Dr. Steven Victor.

"We believe that the body stores all of the reparative and regenerative cells it could possibly need as a result of trauma or illness in the stromal vascular fraction (SVF) contained in the fat. We are very pleased with the results of Millipore's study as it does confirm that at least four of these pluripotent stem cell types are indeed existent in this tissue, and our technology has, for the very first time in history, unlocked these cells which have similar potential to embryonic stem cells in their pluripotency, in vast number, from a source that entails no moral controversy, and no chemical additives required for digestion of the tissue -- requiring only minimal, mechanical manipulation of the tissue as defined by the FDA's rule 361," concluded Dr. Steven Victor.

The use of autologous adipose (fat) stem cells has become a new and exciting frontier in medicine. Numerous doctors, companies and researchers are studying the use of these adipose stem cells for applications that include the treatment of arthritis and numerous orthopedic injuries such as knees, elbows and shoulders; wound healing; back pain; congestive heart failure; gum recession; and fat augmentation for breast, buttock and face; as well as other disease states.

In the aesthetic world, the use of autologous adipose stem cells has become widely accepted in Europe and Asia. Since the middle of 2009 when the US FDA published its laws on autologous stem cells the field has expanded rapidly.

IntelliCell has developed an in-house technology where it can easily process stromal vascular cells containing a high concentration of adipose stem cells with excellent viability. At present, management believes it is the only company that does not use enzymes in processing adipose tissue and actually counts and checks the adipose stem cells they manufacture.

The adipose stem cell processing technique of IntelliCell takes approximately 30 minutes and the stem cells can be returned to the doctor in the same day. Autologous Adipose Stem Cells are on the cutting edge of medicine and IntelliCell is excited to be one of the premier companies to participate in this field.

About IntelliCell Biosciences, Inc.

IntelliCell is a pioneering regenerative medicine company focused on the expanding regenerative medical markets using stromal vascular fraction derived from adult adipose tissue. IntelliCell intends to initially focus on setting up tissue processing centers throughout the United States with managing partners. The centers will receive and employ the IntelliCell™ process to the adipose stromal vascular fraction harvested by physicians in their own offices, and then return the IntelliCells™ to the physicians the same day labeled "autologous homologous." IntelliCell has already established processing centers in New York City, Philadelphia, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and New Orleans, and has entered into a licensing agreement for a center in Palm Beach. In the future, IntelliCell intends to pursue expansion to secondary markets and beyond the U.S. through a combination of company-owned and licensed clinical facilities. For additional information, visit or call 212 249 3050.

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