Absolute Software™ (TSX: ABST) (Nasdaq: ABST), a leader in Endpoint Resilience™ solutions, today announced that at its annual general meeting of shareholders held virtually on December 9, 2020, each of the six nominees listed below, and discussed further in Absolute’s management information circular dated November 6, 2020, were elected as Directors.

The voting results for each Director are as follows:


Votes For (#)

Votes For (%)

Daniel Ryan



Lynn Atchison



Gregory Monahan



Salvatore Visca



Gerhard Watzinger



Christy Wyatt



Absolute’s shareholders also voted in favour of the re-appointment of Deloitte LLP as Absolute’s auditors.

Detailed voting results will be posted under Absolute’s profile on SEDAR at www.sedar.com and on EDGAR at www.sec.gov.

About Absolute Software

Absolute Software is a leader in Endpoint Resilience solutions and the industry’s only undeletable defense platform embedded in over a half-billion devices. Enabling a permanent digital tether between the endpoint and the enterprise who distributed it, Absolute provides IT and Security organizations with complete connectivity, visibility, and control, whether a device is on or off the corporate network, and empowers them with Self-Healing Endpoint™ security to ensure mission-critical apps remain healthy and deliver intended value.

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