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JPX Global Inc (CE)

JPX Global Inc (CE) (JPEX)

Closed June 21 4:00PM

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JPEX Discussion

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chemist72 chemist72 1 day ago
JPEX up 200% today. Weeeee! LOL
chemist72 chemist72 1 week ago
Funny, with ~2M shares adds ~$200 to portfolio.

Crying and laughing at the same time
💯 1
Jimmy Joe Jimmy Joe 1 week ago
chemist72 chemist72 1 week ago
Wow. UP 9,900% - LOL

(0.000001 to 0.0001)
Ramazing Ramazing 2 weeks ago
Good point. Nuff said
Jimmy Joe Jimmy Joe 2 weeks ago
at this point what could possibly go wrong?

1) Frank
2) Mitch
😂 1 🤣 1
eyeownu eyeownu 2 weeks ago
im holding! JPEX Lotto tickets. at this point what could possibly go wrong?
Jimmy Joe Jimmy Joe 2 weeks ago
Have no other choice now.

Have to hold onto what I gots.

Dear Frank,

You are amazing.


Dear Mitch,

You too are amazing along with Frank.


Can they take this down below $0.000001~? TIA.
jufel jufel 2 weeks ago
It has been a month and CEO Guel has done nothing to turn jpex back to pink current. So I must suppose that Frank are looking for a new RM TARGET, while asking back the preferred shared plus interests 12% per year, that is about $65K. I dont think MGC wants to get involve in a SUE for misrepresentation and Frank dont want to lose time either. So I looking forward for news in a few months, this nightmare may become profitable after all, specially for the ones who got shares below 0.001. Cheers
tractor4sale tractor4sale 3 weeks ago
If it was a hold at $0.0001, it’s a screaming hold now at $0.000001.

Jimmy it’s time to hold ‘em tight-! 😀😃😄😁😆😂🤪🤣
👍️ 1
Jimmy Joe Jimmy Joe 3 weeks ago
If it was a buy at $0.0001, it's a screaming buying now at $0.000001.

Tractor time to load up~! 😹😸😅🤣😄🤣😅😂
chemist72 chemist72 3 weeks ago
Someone sold their 2 cents worth - literally! LOL

20,000 shares sold at $.000001 equals $.02 >
Jimmy Joe Jimmy Joe 1 month ago
chemist72 chemist72 1 month ago
On October 10, 2022, the Company entered into a settlement agreement with Mr. Hovendick, for the company to rescind the cancelation of Mr. Hovendick’s shares in the Company’s Common and Preferred stocks, and for Mr. Hovendick to withdraw/dismiss all litigation, convert his 10 million preferred B into 100 million of Common, surrender his 1,000 Preferred A for cancelation, and forfeit all indebtedness claim against the Company.
Eagle1 Eagle1 1 month ago
Did the hovendick person get his shares he wanted?
tractor4sale tractor4sale 1 month ago
Sell your shares! Other people want them! Obviously they were still valuable to you when JPEX was trading in pink limited! That was considered a warning sign to you but obviously irrelevant! Don’t forget, you have shares! YOU decided to lose everything!
🤡 1 🤪 1
Jimmy Joe Jimmy Joe 1 month ago
And you just keep pumping. Buying more. Up to how many millions of shares priming the pump as though Mitch was really going to do something with this ticker.

How long how you worked for the outfit~?

Paid shill~? YES~!
Also came to that conclusion.

Truly hope you lose everything you put into this POS waiting for Miracle Mitch
to pull something out of his azz. Now it's the energy sector~? Going to pump that~? Wondered why you didn't join the Discord when Abyers asked you. Pretty damn clear as to why.

Sell those "tractors". 😆😅😄🤣😂
tractor4sale tractor4sale 1 month ago
Thanks for the laugh! Can you tell us how long ago you came up with the conclusion that this was all about EGO, MONEY and POWER? One year ago, six months ago, yesterday? You decided to keep holding for the entire duration and that is non negotiable…. You are another one who seems to be able to predict the future of this ticker but couldn’t predict where this ticker is today because if you could, there would be no reason for you to still be a shareholder! A partial loss is better than a total loss…
Jimmy Joe Jimmy Joe 1 month ago
Maybe a new company in the energy sector~? We were speculating that when Mitch was fighting Frank in court for this ticker.

We ended up a group of religious Spanish media stations~?

If that was the energy sector Mitch was employed in it must be some new energy platform.

Nothing is going to happen with this POS. It was all based on EGO, MONEY, and POWER.

Basically showed Frank who was boss.

These guys are real pieces of work.

This is how Mitch spends his time........ battling Frank and Caywood for a ticker
he doesn't really care about anyway. That about sums it up~!

When people have that type of money it doesn't really matter. The coffin has no pockets. Cannot take it with you when you go.
Jimmy Joe Jimmy Joe 1 month ago
Yeah, that was 2 years ago. Still ZIP from these 🤡s.

And here it will languish looks like........... forever.
Lime Time Lime Time 1 month ago
100 shares traded. MM signal lolol
jufel jufel 1 month ago
Will hold until jpex is RMed by MGC or another Company, which ever come first. All bets are off if WW3 comes first.
chemist72 chemist72 2 months ago
No dreams. Will hold until comes off EM or FINRA deletes the ticker symbol JPEX.

It's called being a bag holder. lol
👍️ 1 🤣 1
jufel jufel 2 months ago
The only reason Alpharidge bought the shell was to RM and take profits. Respect to MGC, it looked promising, with assets value more than $200 M and annual gross profits beyond a $1 M, who could imagine that one of the main mentors in this deal was a non US citizen, possibly an illegal alien. So worst scenario will be return to the blackboard and search for another RM unless WW3 starts, JMO. Do you have another dream?
chemist72 chemist72 2 months ago
You guys are dreaming again. lol
jufel jufel 2 months ago
" ....I foresee Alpharidge getting control of the JPEX ticker again and finding a new candidate to merge into it in the energy sector where Hovendick has been employed in since 1997…"

Yeap... Most probable outcome...maybe a PR with an acknowledgement of dissolving the relationship plus announcement of new RM with an XX company
tractor4sale tractor4sale 2 months ago
People change their narrative all the time…. You are another one who decided to hold for the proposed 4,000,000,000 share dilution! Another sign of confidence…
Jimmy Joe Jimmy Joe 2 months ago
Tractor changes the narrative and puts the onus on us to find answers. I thought tractor HAD all the answers.

Keeps pumping this ticker. Now that it's on expert we can sell, but we can't buy, not that I would. Not selling either.
Just writing this one off as a loss.

When they finally do anything they are going to obliterate everyone with a doozy of a reverse. Hovendick will make sure that he will be awarded many shares on the new deal. You have some kind of an affliction with this pos Hovendick. I don't have to tell you anything that i did on this stock.

That about says it all. I wouldn't touch this thing with a 100 foot pole. Hopefully your 14 million shares nets you more than tush paper.

👍️ 1 💩 1 😂 1 🤡 1
tractor4sale tractor4sale 2 months ago
There is absolutely no denying that the Mekaddesh Group was in financial distress and went into this JPEX ticker solely for the purpose of doing an offering. With the OS at almost 1.5 billion at the time of the merger, if Frank and Hovendick with their combined almost 400,000,000 shares (Hovendick has 175,000,000 shares as previously disclosed) KNEW that the Mekaddesh Group was going to do a 4,000,000,000 share offering immediately after getting control of the ticker, by NO MEANS would they of allowed the Mekaddesh Group to merge into it and dilute shares at rock bottom prices and to further decrease the value of what they currently owned! You cannot sell me on the idea that Hovendick killed the GDVM deal just to go with the Mekaddesh Group deal KNOWING they were going to do a 4 BILLION share offering after getting control of the JPEX ticker. Though it may take some time, I foresee Alpharidge getting control of the JPEX ticker again and finding a new candidate to merge into it in the energy sector where Hovendick has been employed in since 1997…

“Since 1988, EnCap Investments has been a leading provider of venture capital to the independent sector of the U.S. energy industry.”
Lime Time Lime Time 2 months ago
Need someone to dump more. Dump those 14m
dbob dbob 2 months ago
I have dealt with assholes like Hovendick all of my life. Penny stock people are a different breed. I made my monies on this deal the rest is gravy if something ever happened but Hovendick will just wait out all and sue and use the courts to delay any moves. He did it with the gdvm merger and he ended up with his dick in his hand.+ 175000000 million shares. Those shares are worthless so apparently he doesn't give a damn either. His motives before were to kill the gdvm deal and he successfully did that but what his end game is you and I don't know.
tractor4sale tractor4sale 2 months ago
But you don’t worry about your 14,000,000 shares! But you still want to be a part of a lawsuit against Hovendick if one exists by someone else! You claim Hovendick committed fraud as noted in the second link provided. Just imagine being in court and Hovendick showing he still owns all of 175,000,000 JPEX shares that are now currently worth .0001 each at the time JPEX went into the expert market in April 2024. How would you explain the “fraud” motive Hovendick had to a judge if has the proof that he got financially screwed on the merger deal more than anybody else? There is absolutely no way to prove any wrong doing on his behalf…

05/02/24 11:13 AM
Post #22958 on JPX Global Inc (JPEX)
dbob dbob 2 months ago
my advice is simple. He can take the shares and shove them up his ass.
tractor4sale tractor4sale 2 months ago
It’s really amazing what can be found on the internet by simply googling what you’re looking for… Maybe with your 50 years of trading experience you could give Hovendick a call and give him a few pointers on how to proceed with his 175,000,000 shares…

Hovendick, 67
© Houston, TX
aka Mitchell D Hovendick,
Mitchell Carmen Hovendick, Mitch D Hovendick,
Dean Hovendick Mitchell, Mitch Hovenic,
Hovendick Mitch, Mitchell H, Mitch K
Last update Feb 2, 2024
1314 North Blvd, Houston, TX 77006
(713) 523-2939

dbob dbob 2 months ago
i was given from a good sorce but the funny thing is they owned 200 million shares and ended up making little monies as they dumped everything before .015. They are not patient guys. I happen to be. The stock owes me nothing personally but I have been around for years trading options and pennies and generally pennies do not work. If something miraculous happens here fine for all if not many will get doused.
tractor4sale tractor4sale 2 months ago
The only reason why I was asking was because of what is in your posting history. Your posts went from 10/23/17 and then a giant void in posting until 8/18/22 and your very first JPEX post was written on 11/15/22 as provided below. I guess there wasn’t much to post about during the time you obtained your shares with a .0007 average up to selling some of them in the .02-.04 range? I would of imagined someone who bought 30,000,000 shares would of been promoting JPEX stock as a buy in an attempt to help raise the share price OR spread the word of the rise in share price which would be very similar to what you do (and have done) with all the other stock boards you post on. Obviously JPEX was the exception…
dbob dbob 2 months ago
Got involved in November of 2020 and sold out 16 million from september of 2021 to January of 2022. These are approximate dates. So i have been sitting on the 14 million for a couple of years. It goes i make monies but the odds are stacked against us here. Do you want me to send a detailed accounting of how much i made also.
😂 1
jufel jufel 2 months ago
"...Hovendick will make sure that he will be awarded many shares on the new deal..."

You mean Rinse and Repeat, ludicrous to say the least, what base could it be to ask for more shares in a new sue?

It's been 2 years since the new relationship with MGC, and no word from Hovendick... Silence is consent.

👍️ 1 💯 1
chemist72 chemist72 2 months ago
When I said I'd buy JPEX shares, it was mainly in jest.

I mean you think spending a penny for 100 shares is serious? lol

The reality is that I can't buy any shares of JPEX until it gets out of the EM sewer. Even if I could buy shares, a penny a trade (without commissions) is not exactly a strong commitment.

In any case, I completely understand your anger and frustration with this ticker. I basically feel the same about it as you. But I try not to let those feelings get the best of me.
Take care bud. In the end justice will be served to whoever is really responsible for this mess.
tractor4sale tractor4sale 2 months ago
Obviously you believe you can predict the future by declaring the deal is not coming back! I guess if you could predict the future you would not still be holding supposedly 7,000,000 worthless shares as you call them! I would really love to know when you supposedly became a JPEX shareholder? It’s a simple question so please don’t hide from it…
dbob dbob 2 months ago
You need serious therapy. This deal is not coming back. It never will. When they finally do anything they are going to obliterate everyone with a doozy of a reverse. Hovendick will make sure that he will be awarded many shares on the new deal. You have some kind of an affliction with this pos Hovendick. I don't have to tell you anything that i did on this stock. I have 14 million shares left that are useless. I will be able to use them to wipe my behind.
tractor4sale tractor4sale 2 months ago
If Mitch answers to US, contact Mitch and get US some answers! Just think about how much time YOU have had to get US some answers and failed to do so…
Jimmy Joe Jimmy Joe 2 months ago
I would vote for Trump before i would buy another share of this shit.

Dude, I'm crAzY, but I ain't THAT CraZy. May as well vote for Putin, MTG, and that CrAzY South Dakota Govenor that admitted to shooting/killing her puppy in the face.
If faced with that type of situation I'd buy 1 SHARE rather than vote for Adolf.

Maybe we can get those religious stations up and running for Spanish speaking deportees before ICE grabs them~?
I dunno..........

Have to get off Expert Market and back to Pink Current, then OTCQB.

Jimmy Joe Jimmy Joe 2 months ago
Hindsight is always 20/20. I actually thought Mitch was fighting for SOMETHING~ better than Frank's VeeMost. At least this ticker would have had a run under Frank, right~?

Now EM land.
Jimmy Joe Jimmy Joe 2 months ago
As I have posted SLOPPY DUE DILIGENCE. A reminder of days past~? Was Scorpex supposed to be the answer way back when~? Was that more carelessness~? There seems to be a pattern here.

Spin away....... the fish rots from the head.

Something really smells bad here. Maybe it's my posts. They are rancid with vitriol. I do have the right to be pissed after Mitch fought so hard for this ticker only to muck it up even more~!
Is this clearly thought out or carelessness~? For me it is SLOPPY carelessness. CE market is not the place to be.

You FORGET one thing here tractor~! Mitch answers to US~! But apparently his ivory tower is so high he doesn't even see
Jimmy Joe Jimmy Joe 2 months ago
Dude continue your pumping of this garbage. You obviously have close connections to this "situation".

Now to get off Expert and back to Pink Current.

Buy buy buy buy ........... 🤣😂😆

Meanwhile I'll continue to rant and speak how I wish about this mess.
No personal attacks against you. You're just doing your job.

Have to remain bullish and hope I break even on this trash.
Jimmy Joe Jimmy Joe 2 months ago
I wouldn't touch this ticker with a 50 foot pole.
Tractor obviously works for Hovendick IMO. Been pumping
this ticker for months now. Always on the "buy". One would thing the right amount of DD would be done by
Mitch to ensure no SNAFUs. More SLOP from a guy who just doesn't seem to give a crap.
Expert market is the death nell.

Just saying...........

And we all thought Frank was the problem.

Oh well......... let's see how this mess turns out. Remember, Mitch has so much to lose. Yeah RIGHT~! LMAO~!
😂 1 🤣 1
tractor4sale tractor4sale 2 months ago
I am not believing anything you are saying! As we already know you were posting that they would never be able to find a company to take over the JPEX ticker because they had 1.5 billion in OS back in February 2023 as noted in link #1. Next, in the middle of 2023 the Mekaddesh Group takes over the ticker and shortly later files a Form 1A offering statement stating they will be ADDING 4,000,000,000 shares! As we all know, those new shares was something you specifically wanted to stick around for! So now you were looking at over 5 BILLION SHARES that were going to be involved with this JPEX ticker! It still wasn’t the right time for you to jump ship correct Bob? Obviously! You can save the BS that you didn’t want to break even on the other 14,000,000 shares because just last week you were looking for anybody who might have had Hovendicks number or email address because you would like to have it in case an attorney will be hired to go after the guy as noted in link #3! I am not naive enough to see you wanted to take legal action against Hovendick instead of just walking away quietly with your JPEX financial losses! See your posts I provided to refresh your memory…
dbob dbob 2 months ago
Tractor boy i told you and everyone here that i made a ton on this deal but i was not going to sell 14 million at 0007 to break even on those. I already made my monies but Hovendick is a grifter. Remind you of someone else in politics. Your as naive as anyone on this board. Hope you don't depend on a livelihood from stocks because that would be difficult.
Ramazing Ramazing 2 months ago
lol 😭 aww Man U guys are cracking me up!!

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