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DeepSpatial Inc (QB)

DeepSpatial Inc (QB) (DSAIF)

Closed June 23 4:00PM

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0.0169 52 Week Range 0.0569
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About DeepSpatial Inc (QB)

Cmp Facilities Mgmt Service
Investment Advice
Toronto, Ontario, Can
DeepSpatial Inc (QB) is listed in the Cmp Facilities Mgmt Service sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker DSAIF. The last closing price for DeepSpatial (QB) was $0.02. Over the last year, DeepSpatial (QB) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.0169 to $ 0.0569.

DeepSpatial (QB) currently has 101,462,171 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of DeepSpatial (QB) is $2.03 million. DeepSpatial (QB) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -1.35.

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DSAIF Discussion

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monoatomicgold monoatomicgold 3 years ago
YOU are a character.... I will give you that...Talk to you again in three weeks..
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 3 years ago
Yeah but hey.....Compared to my gold plays ?.....They're nuthin'.

Like I mean - Which would YOU rather be holding eh ?....DSAI ?.....Or GZZ ?

PS : Sorry for starting up this board without your permission !

Hope you strike it rich.


monoatomicgold monoatomicgold 3 years ago
Just closed up quite a bit from your kinda unkind post, anyways, has not started yet, but its creeping now..

Someone has dug into the fact that no one is taking a salary, product is established, executives from top 100 companies, are for some reason, on their first ever penny board of directors.

Imagine if this company started dropping news....Sales etc.....

Coupled with next to no cash burn..........

nowwhat2 nowwhat2 3 years ago
THE CHART PATTERN to look for..... ?
Oh my !

THE CHART PATTERN to look for.....

Meanstwhile MY 2 golds - THEY have been CLIMBING !

Although, the other one here just got bought out - Got offered 1.30
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 3 years ago
Let's see you post stuff like this

Compare that to DSAI

Next day DSAI - Is tanking....* On 1500 shares ($210 bucks)

monoatomicgold monoatomicgold 3 years ago
A guy who gifts every bottom and top, on spy, and you set up a board without a heads up.

What would you say bout a guy like that.

Who set up a board behind the gift benefactor.....
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 3 years ago
One can see why.
It's too damned risky.

This is.....your "pearl" (altho not a pick) which "is anticipated" to go dollars ?
Without much of anything to back the claim up ?

Management/Directors - I looked at them....
Can't tell much from that (Linkedin/Google)

Chart Pattern ?.....ha man - Are you kidding me ? No

So one needs your permission to start up a stock board ?

monoatomicgold monoatomicgold 3 years ago
No more pearls....
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 3 years ago
They were..... "the only pattern which consistently delivers mega runners"

monoatomicgold monoatomicgold 3 years ago
This was not a pick.

my keyboard was off on spy board, still is actually.

So you setup a board on ihub without my permission...

Take this off ihub and sell your odd lot of 100 shares please.
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 3 years ago
Yes but in what way is this "a ramshackle" chart (post) that needs to be apologized for ?

These guys were your Number One pick what 4 days ago....
They were..... "the only pattern which consistently delivers mega runners"
Why shouldn't one monitor them ?

Oh wait - I now see what you mean - Okay - They look like a ramshackle stock pick....

A ramshackle thing is something badly made or in bad condition, and looks as if it is likely to fall down.

monoatomicgold monoatomicgold 3 years ago
monoatomicgold monoatomicgold 3 years ago
calling every top and bottom on spy to the day, didn't convince you of anything...

Sigh, just, watch, learn and digest.

I like your charts. But so do millions of investors.

My stuff.... maybe 1000 investors around the world, tops,, look for.

Still no apology, for setting up a ramshackle ihub board either....Hmmm..
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 3 years ago
Sorry but yer gonna hafta up yer game there mono (if yer gonna be "schooling" me in "patterns"....

Like, remember what I was sayin' about Cup and Handle Patterns ?

Next trading session - Boom ! :

Now, just how is your "pattern" here, better than THAT ?

monoatomicgold monoatomicgold 3 years ago
It was taught to me by the most successful investor, I have ever come across.

Table top accumulation, zero catalysts so far etc...

No posts here. I am not happy about a board being hurriedly thrown up.

nowwhat2 nowwhat2 3 years ago

Again - Why I've never HEARD of a pattern like that - What is that patterns' NAME ?

This was the widely-known CUP pattern here....AT .60 CENTS

Their chart HAD many of the things which I look for in charts :

But I don't see ANY good things in DSAIs' chart

Please......What IS it about DSAIs' chart that's SO great ?

monoatomicgold monoatomicgold 3 years ago
Barring a major stock market collapse, the one I gave you is anticipated to go dollars.

nowwhat2 nowwhat2 3 years ago
Oh ?.....Funny.....and here I've always felt that THESE were THE best TA patterns to look for....

NOT this ; Can you provide any examples of THIS being successful ?
Just what would be this patterns' name (if it even has a name) ? patterns and CUPS.....THEY are THE PATTERNS which one should hunt for ;

For example Tasekos' CUP at .60 cents

Or Westcoast Forests' Cup at 1.00

The US Dollars Cup at 1.25

monoatomicgold monoatomicgold 3 years ago
That pattern is the only pattern that consistently delivers mega runners. Its a completely unknown company, no salaries, no r and d, already done. Many of the board members are on boards of fortune 50 companies, never have they ever been on any other boards.

But that aside, reverse every huge winner out there, that is a multimillion dollar tip re; THE CHART PATTERN to look for.

Never seen that tip in a book or a course, not me anyways.
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 3 years ago
DeepSpatial Inc

Last news release = April 27th

Problem is....
Nothing much (if anything) to go by here (technical analysis-wise)


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