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BrightRock Gold Corporation (PK)

BrightRock Gold Corporation (PK) (BRGC)

Closed June 22 4:00PM

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About BrightRock Gold Corporation (PK)

Misc Nonmtl Minrls, Ex Fuels
Misc Nonmtl Minrls, Ex Fuels
Reno, Nevada, USA
BrightRock Gold Corporation (PK) is listed in the Misc Nonmtl Minrls, Ex Fuels sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker BRGC. The last closing price for BrightRock Gold (PK) was $0.22. Over the last year, BrightRock Gold (PK) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.196 to $ 0.6879.

BrightRock Gold (PK) currently has 330,498,000 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of BrightRock Gold (PK) is $72.71 million. BrightRock Gold (PK) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -183.33.

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BRGC Discussion

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RetroSpect RetroSpect 4 weeks ago
Doubt it but anyone dumb enough to still own this?
SquareUp SquareUp 2 months ago
mac Shasavar the king
RetroSpect RetroSpect 4 months ago
This reminds me of GVSI. Going to zero real quick
RetroSpect RetroSpect 5 months ago
New video absolutely cringeworthy

RetroSpect RetroSpect 5 months ago
This company is done. IMO

The news they always release is kind of embarrassing. Imo. Company has not one iota of an idea how to run a company. Imo. This looks like a huge scam for me. Imo

This is and will continue to sink. IMO. People need to open their eyes and think with the brain not heart. Imo
RetroSpect RetroSpect 5 months ago
Ooof. Really really bad day

Company continue to do nothing
Spartanfan1 Spartanfan1 6 months ago
Free fallin? Take another look, Tom Petty
👍️ 1
RetroSpect RetroSpect 7 months ago
Absolute Free Fall by a scam CEO. The scary part is the actual selling hasn’t begun yet.

Way overvalued by 13-14x here

Share price should follow
🤑 1
RetroSpect RetroSpect 7 months ago
All the DD here is getting sketchier by the day. Surprised the suspension hasn’t hit yet.

Just a matter of time until trips
🥰 1
Spartanfan1 Spartanfan1 7 months ago
It’s actual a spaceship made of cheese and we’re all going to grandmother’s house

Back on earth- yes, it’s a video
👍️ 1
gitreal gitreal 7 months ago
Sadly, that video is one of many these clowns have issued to promote BRGC. Amateur hour.
🤑 1
RetroSpect RetroSpect 7 months ago
That cannot be a real video…
gitreal gitreal 8 months ago
These clowns at BYRK just issued a PR about a massive new lithium discovery east of the Midnight Owl

There's a link to a Youtube video

You have got to see the video to believe just how amateurish and clownish these guys are. The idiot who drove his jeep into some rancher's cattle corral and then started zapping random rocks with his spectral analyzer admitted he didn't really know what the numbers meant. And it is obvious he doesn't - how hard would it be to read the instruction manual? Reads the number in ppm, but when he tries to convert to percent, misses it by a couple orders of magnitude. And keeps referring to "lithium-bearing spodumene". Well, that's just idiotic.....all spodumene bears lithium, or it isn't spodumene. And a few tenths of a percent lithium is not spodumene. The rocks he was zapping were not in place, they appeared to be alluvium and did not appear to be pegmatitic rock at all, looks like weathered basalt to me.

I bet the rancher that owned that corral would not be happy with that idiot messing around his water tanks and piping.

Apparently there are many other videos of Steve Cyros stumbling around the hills north of Wickenburg talking about all the massive lithium deposits. What an idiot, he wouldn't know a chunk of spodumene if it hit him on the head.
Hawkeye_tt Hawkeye_tt 9 months ago
Looking for Name Change to come through anytime now. New ticker.
Progress continues.
Hold on.......The fun is here.

JustinPCDiscord JustinPCDiscord 9 months ago
RetroSpect, Gitreal, Captain Black Bob Blanco, price per share just keeps going up, what's wrong with you guys, do your job!
👍️ 1
Spartanfan1 Spartanfan1 9 months ago
Accumulation of this stock is just crazy. People holding for good reason
👍️ 2
Hawkeye_tt Hawkeye_tt 9 months ago
Up we go....$1 ++ is in the future as we know.

Spartanfan1 Spartanfan1 9 months ago
Damn right and more to come!
👍️ 2
Hawkeye_tt Hawkeye_tt 9 months ago
New 52 WK highs every wk now.....

Spartanfan1 Spartanfan1 9 months ago
Boom- agreed
JustinPCDiscord JustinPCDiscord 9 months ago
Keep demonstrating why no one should listen to you, or you can also keep quiet, either works.
👍️ 1
surrealistrader surrealistrader 10 months ago
BRGC is building a solid foundation for success in exploration. Lets hope Mac stays with it.
Spartanfan1 Spartanfan1 10 months ago
Ah hell…

Or you could just look at this chart and see the reality

1 year chart? 3 year chart? Go right ahead
RetroSpect RetroSpect 10 months ago

Look at Sunny’s pump history

Look at sunnyland his his scam paid pump group. He does nothing but make people broke. Here’s a quick recap of everything he has spent 24 hours a day 7 days a week pumping

He says he is an investor yet with everything buy and every single sell every day he says “clean open” “smacks being shorted” “strong close” “they’re losing it” “MM scared”

If you are a long term investor you do not speak like that. You are a pumper and a paid one with yours millions of shares for “services” that you will dump on slfairless and the other puppets in your group. He had interest through red beryll in all of these which essentially means he is getting paid to pump.

This is truly sad and I hope someone is investigating this because $SDRC $BRGC $XTPT are likely going to 6 feet under. It’s not fair that he treats people like this

Just like GGSM- about to be bidless
Just like BYRG- about to be bidless
just like PKPH- suspended
Just like BRYYF-suspended
Just like BORK- about to be bidless and suspended
Just like $TRSI. Sunny said he tried contacting them to get involved for services. The canouses are the biggest scammers in OTC history and everyone knows that. They ALL end at .0000. The fact that he openly tried to get involved with those criminals tells you all you need to know. If you hold a position is anything in his pump group, you need to be comfortable knowing you will likely lose it all just like the above mentioned.

Just like CYLC- should be suspended at this rate

Next ones to reach bidless/ suspension will be
$SDRC $BRGC $CAVR(well on its way to bidless)

Sunny land and his minions pumped all these equally
Spartanfan1 Spartanfan1 10 months ago
You made the same prediction on July 27- how is that working out for you? (Hint- it’s not)
RetroSpect RetroSpect 10 months ago
This pump and dump scam is gonna fall quicker than BYRG or TRSI or other sunny scams that all got suspended
surrealistrader surrealistrader 10 months ago
This refers to Lithium readings, shown via the hyperspectral imaging, in concentrations consistent with those specifically found in spodumene occurances.

I agree that "Spodumene-grade" is an odd choice of words that implies it shares the scale of grade low-medium-high. Its possible that it was a typo and they meant to say "high grade spodumene" but I doubt it. We will not know the grade of the ore until more traditional sample collection and chemical analysis is done at surface and eventually with intersections at depth. This deposit is still in prospecting phase.
Spartanfan1 Spartanfan1 10 months ago
Bullish and strong! Ready for new highs
Hawkeye_tt Hawkeye_tt 10 months ago
Blue Sky soon now. I see someone here will be mad at that....LOL

gitreal gitreal 10 months ago
Spodumene grade lithium?

What does that even mean?
Captain Black Bob Blanco Captain Black Bob Blanco 10 months ago
"the interpretation of imaging data collected by SpecTIR, LLC. "

Interpretation Lmao.

BrightRock Gold Corporation Announces the First-of-its-Kind Discovery of a Significant Spodumene Deposit at its Midnight Owl Location near Wickenburg, Arizona Using SpecTir Hyperspectral Data

GURNEE, IL / ACCESSWIRE / August 22, 2023 / BrightRock Gold Corp. (OTC Pink:BRGC) is pleased to announce the interpretation of imaging data collected by SpecTIR, LLC. The engagement of SpecTIR, LLC, has resulted in the production of a groundbreaking and first-of-its-kind discovery of a significant spodumene deposit at BrightRock's Midnight Owl Property near Wickenburg, Arizona, utilizing a long-wave infrared (LWIR) hyperspectral survey. This ground-breaking process has paved a new avenue for the exploration of hard-rock lithium resources. This is the very first time that spodumene-grade lithium has been directly detected in a commercial airborne survey. The hyperspectral imaging data collection was executed at a resolution of around 3 feet (1 meter), adhering to military-grade standards.

Midnight Owl is a lithium pegmatite exploration project located in the White Picacho Pegmatite District near Wickenburg, Arizona. The project is situated in a favorable location due to its mining history. Additionally, the project site is approximately 170 miles away from three lithium battery gigafactories. BrightRock owns 100% of the property, spanning 5005 acres, or 243 lode claims.

Summary of Results

SpecTIR has made a ground-breaking discovery of lithium-bearing pegmatites with their Long Wave Infra-Red (LWIR) Aerial Fixed Wing Survey. This study marks their first successful detection by SpecTIR of in-situ spodumene, the key lithium ore mineral. Spodumene can only be detected with a well-calibrated LWIR instrument, such as the Specim AISA OWL used in this study. As far as it is known, SpecTIR is the only company in the world to offer this unique and powerful tool for in-situ spodumene detection. Previously, SpecTIR has detected spodumene over disturbed ground, but now, with the Midnight Owl flight, undisturbed in-situ spodumene has been mapped from the air. This discovery is the first of its kind, opening a new frontier for the exploration of hard-rock lithium deposits.
Captain Black Bob Blanco Captain Black Bob Blanco 11 months ago
House of cards. Pumper finds claims , finds a friendly CEO , sells the CEO the claims, in exchange for shares and the CEO puts out the PR's while the pumper and his followers pump the stock on twitter and other sites. Wild storylines about fantastic historical assay numbers, and deals with other tickers that the pumper just happens to have similar setups with, etc, etc,etc
luring in the noobs and the uninformed to buy shares to inflate the pps and once the pumpers sell, look out below. All that's left are bagholders in the end.
RetroSpect RetroSpect 11 months ago
Dilution gonna start any minute now

Consider yourself the powerball winner if you can sell this above .3
Captain Black Bob Blanco Captain Black Bob Blanco 11 months ago
Hard to believe BRGC is trading so high. This company has no production and In my opinion they never will. It takes years to build a mine and millions of dollars .
Take a look at current assets in the recent filing. Lol
What’s being sold here in my opinion, is a story, with Sunnyland providing the mining claims, and Sunnyland and crew providing the hype and promoting it on Twitter and in his chat room.
The same setup and same people involved with multiple mining stocks.
RetroSpect RetroSpect 11 months ago
Wow look at the filing. All these notes that can convert at .0001. This is one the largest lump and dump scam jobs run by the crooked Sunnyland that the OTC has ever seen.

I worry people won’t be able to sell it before this one get a suspension

This is all IMO
Captain Black Bob Blanco Captain Black Bob Blanco 11 months ago
Yep, hence my post about massive bag holders being created which triggered one of Sunny’s discord chat room members here today. All he could come up with was the Form 4’s so he got angry and resorted to name calling. lol
gitreal gitreal 11 months ago
Lithium, nickel, cobalt? What about rare earths, did they forget that one? They're systematically hitting every strategic metal/mineral they can think of.....another chapter out of the penny stock playbook. Buy up claims with "occurrences", tiny prospects, and mined-out deposits. They're cheap. Then use them to promote a host of insider dilution OTC scam stocks.

There's a reason someone like Sunny can file for these claims, or buy them cheap. Nobody else wants them. It would be ironic if he happens to buy or stake a claim that ends up part of a Superfund cleanup someday....and gets brought into the chain of ownership, liable for cleanup. That would suck...for him.
Captain Black Bob Blanco Captain Black Bob Blanco 11 months ago
Some of those notes that can be converted at .005 are already eligible. I’ll bet there won’t be any Form 4’s for the sales. Lol
He also can convert to Preferreds at .0001. Check out pages 4-6
gitreal gitreal 11 months ago
The White Picacho District is well documented, well-studied, and the presence of dikes, lenses, and pods is not a secret. Dikes, lenses and pods are all over that district, most of them are simple (and very small) pegmatites - essentially worthless (quartz, feldspar, mica), too small to mine, too remote, no infrastructure.

They will never drill. Right out of the penny playbook......drilling imminent!
Captain Black Bob Blanco Captain Black Bob Blanco 11 months ago
I just noticed this promo from March.

Quote” Mac J. Shahsavar, P.Eng. Chief Executive Officer of BrightRock, stated "With a swarm of dikes, lenses, and pods, this leads our team to believe in the presence of extensive lithium mineralization in this geographic area. This report along with further geochemical and geophysical data will be used to guide upcoming drilling decisions."
gitreal gitreal 11 months ago
The noteholder of the toxic convertible notes is the CEO, Shahsavar?? So, he ends up being able to convert into millions of shares at the bargain basement price of $0.005? And he is also buying shares at a market price, and then filing Form 4's? Huh? Why buy shares at market price, when he can get all he wants at next to nothing? As management, he can't sell that many shares at a time, right?

Something about this really stinks.
Captain Black Bob Blanco Captain Black Bob Blanco 11 months ago
The BRGC CEO is the note holder. Lol
Check out this Pr from one of the 3 mining tickers
Red Beryl is Sunnyland’s mining company.
Look at the bottom in bold.
I would give odds that the Accredited investors are some of the core group in his invitation only discord chat room
I believe one of them was touting the Form 4’s here today.

XCana Petroleum Corp., Announces Purchase of Service Agreement with Red Beryl Mining Company, Inc.
Press Release | 09/06/2022
CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / September 6, 2022 / XCana Petroleum Corp. (OTC Markets:XCPT) announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Red Beryl Mining Company, Inc. and accredited investors to procure a 2000 acre mining property. The goal will be to obtain 100% ownership of a well documented Nickel Deposit within the United States. The state, county, & exact deposit for this target have already been pinpointed by the Red Beryl Mining team for filing & staking. The location & details of this target will remain confidential until we can ensure ownership is secured under the XCana Petroleum Corp name.

The Need for Nickel:

In a recent IEA (International Energy Agency) report they stated "Global battery and minerals supply chains need to expand ten-fold to meet projected critical minerals needs by 2030. The report concludes the industry needs to build 50 more lithium mines, 60 more nickel mines and 17 more cobalt mines by 2030 to meet global net carbon emissions goals. By 2030, nickel is facing the largest absolute demand increase as high-nickel chemistries are the current dominant cathode for EVs and are expected to remain so."

Mac J. Shahsavar, P. Eng. Chairman of the Company is quoted in saying, "with this agreement we have completed a trifecta of critical battery metal exploring companies. BrightRock Gold Corp, Xtra Energy Corp, and XCana Petroleum Corp are here to meet this historic demand. Batteries will power the future, and they will need minerals like Lithium, Antimony, and Nickel to make it possible."

The consideration for this agreement is 25,000,000 restricted common shares and no cash consideration to be paid to the parties being Red Beryl Mining Company, Inc. & Accredited Investors.
gitreal gitreal 11 months ago
It definitely raises red flags when a crappy OTC "mining" company files Form 4's with the SEC, when not required to. The convertible toxic notes with ridiculous conversion pricing tell the tale.....this is a classic insider dilution scam.

Who are the noteholders who will end up with 10's of millions of almost free shares? Friends of Sunny?
Captain Black Bob Blanco Captain Black Bob Blanco 11 months ago
Quote” No good for anything but promoting to gullible investors who know nothing about geology, exploration, or the economics of mining.”

Yep, claims acquired from Sunnyland’s mining company. Lol
He has teamed up with this same CEO on 2 other mining tickers. Same CEO, same setup with Sunnyland, BRGC-XCPT-XTPT
Debt conversions shares at .005 for the CEO? Millions of shares to Sunnyland for the mining claims.
Little to no cash but they are going to mine and build plants.
My guess is the only mining that is being done is the pockets of the noobs and the uninformed.
Captain Black Bob Blanco Captain Black Bob Blanco 11 months ago
Exactly, To help sell the BS Narrative.
gitreal gitreal 11 months ago
BRGC has produced nothing, and will produce nothing in the near future, and in my opinion, probably never will.

You are correct. The Midnight Owl is a small lithium pegmatite, mined out half a century ago. It is nothing more than a geological curiosity. I believe the AGS or maybe AIPG took a tour group to the mine years ago, but have not tried to go back.....the road in is 6 miles of horrendous 4WD road up a wash, no power within miles. And being Federal lands, just try to get a permit to improve the road (it's in a "waterway", try permitting that). As for supplying lithium to some battery facility in the Phoenix area.....that's ridiculous.

No good for anything but promoting to gullible investors who know nothing about geology, exploration, or the economics of mining.
gitreal gitreal 11 months ago
Why would this company suddenly start filing Form 4's with the SEC when their registration was suspended in 2006?? They are not required to file Form 4's. I suspect they are doing it for make it look like their management is buying shares (hey, if management is buying, it must be a great investment!!).

What is really going on here?
Captain Black Bob Blanco Captain Black Bob Blanco 11 months ago
BRGC has produced nothing, and will produce nothing in the near future, and in my opinion, probably never will.
Captain Black Bob Blanco Captain Black Bob Blanco 11 months ago
Ah, poor fella, you just didn’t bring anything to the game other than “look the CEO bought shares in his own company” . LOL
No comment on the debt conversion .005 shares the CEO gave himself?
No comments on the claims?
No comment on the company having zero current assets in their last filing?
Whatever will they use to build a plant? Legos maybe?
Spartanfan1 Spartanfan1 11 months ago
Bag holders? Proof? That’s where this conversation began.

Assumptions… at best…

I think I’m done with this conversation. I’ve spent enough time Arguing with a troll/basher (insert whatever pathetic name that you want) today

Good luck?

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