VANCOUVER, WA -  December 14, 2020 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- ORCHID VENTURES, INC. (CSE: ORCD OTC: ORVRF) (the "Company" or "Orchid"), a multi-state cannabis innovation company, announces that its wholly owned subsidiary, PurTec Delivery Systems has launched an innovative, proprietary, patent-pending ceramic film atomization heating technology and the first cotton-free vaporizer technology, PurCore F1, in joint development with their strategic partner, JWEI Group Advanced Technology Research Institute, built on the JWEI µKera Ultra technology platform. The Company believes this new technology will transform and disrupt the status quo throughout the cannabis vaporizer industry by providing consumers with higher-performing products that deliver a more optimal user experience with benefits that include a smoother draw, more flavor and less harshness, all while dramatically improving consumer safety.




PurCore F1 is the world's first Cotton-Free and balanced heating atomization technology. PurTec establishes that the heating element of PurCore F1 and the oil-conducting material have achieved nano-level fusion, effecting the 2-D heating of the entire liquid-conducting surface. Nano-level fusion means that PurCore F1 has made substantial breakthroughs in terms of service life, heating efficiency, atomization efficiency and carbon deposition, so that its comprehensive stability in high viscosity oil applications has increased by approximately 80%. PurCore F1 and the JWEI µKera Ultra Technology Platform is a breakthrough in the industry that not only lengthens the lifespan and improves the heating and vaporization efficiency with its three times larger heating area compared to ceramic cell products, but also drastically reduces the carbonyl emissions that are found in other ceramic and cotton coil vaping products.


Vaporizer performance is the key to consumer satisfaction while ensuring material safety is fundamental. The PurCore F1 consists of a food grade silicate ceramic wick and precious metal heating element. The F1 porous ceramic wick has been compiled with many regulations such as RoHS 2.0, REACH, European and FDA Food Grade Materials and others. The heating element material is well known for its biocompatibility and has been extensively used in medical applications. In addition, PurCore F1 strives for excellence in raw material selection. The heating materials are selected from precious metal biomaterials that are widely used in medical devices and in terms of fluid conduction, food-grade contact materials certified by the FDA. 


"The release of PurCore F1 in collaboration with our strategic partner JWEI Group, is a milestone breakthrough in electronic vaporizer technology. This is the first of a series of technological advancements that we have been developing over the last 16 months. The service life of PurCore F1 measured higher than any cartridge we've tested by a substantial margin, resulting in a life of 2,500 puffs, making it possible to have a true cotton-free system. Not only that, the nano-level fusion greatly improves the efficiency of oil heating and atomization. Experiments conducted in the research phase of development showed that PurCore F1 significantly improves consumer safety, specifically regarding carbon deposition and carbonyl emissions of cotton and ceramic atomization cores." Said Corey Mangold, CEO of Orchid Ventures. "The PurTec Innovation Team along with the JWEI Group have created an advancement program that will involve introducing several new technologies over the coming months, all focused on consumer safety and protection, and product performance, starting with PurCore F1, which will become the new gold standard in the industry. The patent pending PurCore F1 technology will launch its first series of products in early  2021, and is currently in preparation and development for upcoming FDA regulations pending the federal legalization of cannabis."


Dr. Bo Jiang, PhD. of the JWEI Group stated, "The birth of PurCore F1 ceramic film heating technology will bring users an entirely new product experience. We continue to set the bar when it comes to vaporizer technology and constantly improving on our pursuit of technological advancements with our design and engineering team in Switzerland, to our manufacturing teams in China, and in joint development with our strategic partner PurTec. We continue to establish ourselves as not only one of the largest manufacturers of vaporizers in the world, but the pioneer of the industry. We are excited for the future as we continue to collaborate and design new innovations with the PurTec Team, in the vaporization of cannabis products that will advance consumer safety, efficacy and ultimately deliver a superior experience to the consumer."

Please forward any questions regarding our new PurCore F1 vaporizer technology or inquiries about product availability to sales@purtecdesigns.com. .


Or, learn more at www.PurTecDesigns.com/PurCoreF1





Orchid Ventures is an Irvine, CA-based cannabis innovation company, that launched in Oregon and California in August 2017 and has since developed a mass-market brand and loyal consumer following with its premium cannabis products and unique vape hardware delivery system. Since July 2019, Orchid has diversified its efforts and has brought to market innovative services and product offerings to support brands throughout the global cannabis industry. Orchid has diversified its portfolio to include PurTec Delivery Systems, a company that produces, markets and sells clean vaporizer hardware that has been emissions tested against the most stringent standards in the world set forth by the EU and has unrivaled product quality and value pricing. Orchid, through its wholly owned subsidiary, has launched a patented and clinically proven bioavailability solution to increase the absorption of THC and other cannabinoids making products much more effective and an activation time of less than ten minutes. With a continued focus on brand and intellectual property development, Orchid will continue to create new and innovative products and technologies, then bring them to the global cannabis marketplace and set the gold standard for delivery systems whether it's vape or formulation sciences. Orchid's management brings significant branding, product development and distribution experience with a proven track record of scaling businesses and building sustainable revenue growth through value-generating partnerships and innovation that creates enterprise value. Learn more at https://orchidessentials.com/




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Corey Mangold




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