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Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.

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Gilat House, Yegia Kapayim Street
Daniv Park, Kiryat Arye, Petah Tikva, Israel
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Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.
Dated November 26, 2019
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 Yael Shofar
 General Counsel

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 Gilat Business updateInvestors Day  CEO  Yona Ovadia   November 

 Gilat – Boundless Communications          MOBILITY  MOBILE  Air  Land  Enterprise  Consumer  4G/5G  Sea  MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGYTerrestrial-grade user experience  END-TO-END SERVICEMost stringent service levels  GLOBAL PRESENCE20 sales offices  BROADBAND  2G/3G  Established 1987  NASDAQ / TASE: GILT   ~900 employees 

 Accelerating Connectivity – Growth Areas  Mobile    Cellular Backhaul,Network Resilience, Public Safety  Mobility        In the Air, at Sea, on the Ground  Broadband HTS/VHTS/NGSO    Broadband to the Unserved and Underserved  Developed, not developing world   Introducing the concept of recurring revenue  Increased investment in R&D  

 Gilat five main pillars – 3 growth Engines   HTS/VHTSNGSO 5G  WavestreamSSPAs  Peru  Mobility AeroBaseband Antenna       Cellular BackhaulEnt, consumer  Broadband  Mobile  Mobility  Recurring Revenue  Positively impact on Gilat’s performance and bright future:NGSO, and the mPower winAero and free wi-fiProgress in Cellular Backhaul and servicesTurned a corner in Peru 

 Broadband:Evolution, revolution       

 Satellites HTS/VHTS: Evolution  Telesat~9 Tbps 512 Satellites  GEO EVOLUTION: WIDE BEAM  HTS  VHTS  HTS Evolution  NGSO Revolution  Commercial GEO Satellite Orders  Manufacturing Orders  Although less GEO satellites are built, they are more powerful WIDE BEAM (X Gbs)  HTS (10X Gbs)  VHTS (100X Gbs)  Satellite Capacity 

 Satellite revolution: NGSO is a reality  MEO 5,000-10,000 km~120msec  GEO 35,786 km~550msec  LEO200-2,000 km~15msec  SES/mPOWER~2 Tbps 22 Satellites  OneWeb~4.5 Tbps 600 Satellites  SpaceX~20Tbps 4425 Satellites  HAPs10-50 km~5msec  HTS/VHTS~100-500 Gbps  Telesat~9 Tbps 300 Satellites  Amazon~20Tbps 3236 Satellites  NGSO PROMISELow Latency - Order of magnitude reduction in latency (toward 5G)Terrestrial-like connection (Fiber in the sky)Tera bits of capacity; Global coverage  Lower orbit  Higher number of satellites in a constellation due to satellite field-of-view 

 NGSO is materializing    Gilat is engaged with several NGSO operators : SES/mPower, Telesat, OneWeb, SpaceX, and AmazonWon mPower:Significant revenue opportunitySeveral successful demonstrations with Telesat's LEO Satellite:  Opportunity in Both Baseband and ESA  mPower positions us well in the vast market of NGSO, as well as for VHTS (e.g China Satcom)  The mPower Constellation 

 Our vision of Abundance capacity (GEO + NGSO) is materializing    Global HTS Bandwidth Supply, Demand and Price per Mbps  $/Mbps/Month  Gbps    ~16 times today        Source: Euroconsult, NSR, 2017      ABUNDANCE OF CAPACITY UNLOCKS NEW MARKETS         

 Paving the path to 5G    Maintaining Gilat’s 4G Superiority on the Path to 5G  Paving the path to 5G  Significant Investment in R&D 5G 


 MOBILITY – Superior Passenger Experience Drives Demand  Satellite Broadband Connected Aircrafts      7,200(2018)  27,800(2028)  Source: NSR, April 2019  Commercial Aircrafts      ~850(2018)  5,300(2028)  Source: NSR, April 2019  Business Jet Aircrafts 

   One of the largest single network  Gilat enables GOGO - the largest IFC Network    The largest IFC provider with >2,450 aircrafts    World’s fastest speedIn-Flight connectivity        ~1,500 commercial aircraft installed and activated with satellite More then 1300 with Gilat Aero modem +850 backlogSep 2019    Gilat`s focus on mobility as part of our profitability growth 

 Aero connectivity and the free Wi-Fi opportunity  Free Wi-Fi Trend Represent Significant Opportunity for Gilat  “ We did conduct two weeks of tests, it was on a limited scale. We learned a lot about the technical capacity challenges when you want to open up Wi-Fi free with great broadband capabilities” “They will be coming, certainly, later this year”“We think it’s important” Delta CEO Ed Bastian - July 2019  “… to get the system to a high enough level of reliability and bandwidth that we can make WiFi free for our customers.” United CEO Scott Kirby- July 2019 

   First project – aero parabolic antennaStrategic agreement with Tier-1 aviation service providerExpansion into business aviationBest in class product  Aero Antennas - accelerating growth  Global Aero Flat Panel Antenna (Cumulative)    “The aero vertical will Generate $8.4B in cumulative equipment revenues, with ~29,000 units forecasted to be shipped, by 2028”  Source: NSR, Feb 2019  TMA Business Jet Aviation  

 ESA Aero Antennas - Next Gen Antenna  Horizon 2020 - Joint Development Project    An established player in the Phased Array Antenna (PAA) for the defense (UAV) marketDeveloping an ESA (Electronically Steered Antenna)Won a Technology Demonstrator project with Airbus  ESA Represents a Significant Growth Engine to Gilat Mobility Business 


     Leading the Fast Growing 4G/LTE Satellite Backhaul Market  Source: NSR, April 2019  For the first time, Gilat gets to the pole position in shipment  “  “  Being able to differentiate with a compelling managed service offer is key to gain business and defend healthy margins  “  “  SATELLITE BACKHAUL MARKETService , Equipment & Capacity      $820M(2018)  $3,790M(2028)  Source: NSR, April 2019  Market Leader With 35% of Market Share in Modem Shipments  Source: NSR, April 2019  Source: NSR, April 2019    More Than 85% Market Share In LTE 

 Japan – the "Land of the Rising Sun“   High ARPU countryGeography: islands, earthquakesRelationships of trust and loyalty  CBH is one of the main sources of managed service - recurring revenues 


 Got approval to move to ops in R1  21  R3:AmazonasICA  R2:Cusco  R1:HuancavelicaAyacuchoApurimac  Q4 2019 - started selling services over the network, First $10m deal with IPT, Confident we will win more.  Our target is to turn Peru into a source of profitable recurring revenue of(at least) ~$50m/year 

 Peru –political focus on the program 

 Financial Indicators Highlights  

 Executing Profitable Growth Strategy  Annual Revenues  Adjusted EBITDA  Revenues: $260M - $270MGAAP Operating Profit: $23M - $27M Adjusted EBITDA: $38M - $42M  GAAP Operating Profit  Updated 2019 Management Objectives (US$ millions) 

 Updated 2019 guidelines and outlook – increased profitability US$ millions  Revenues$260M-$270M ($266.4M)(2%)-1.4% YoY  Revenues w/o Terrestrial Infra$234M-$240M ($241.4M)(3%)-0% YoY  Mobility RevenuesMainly IFC$105M-$108M ($97.2M)8%-11% YoY  Operating ProfitGAAP $23M-$27M ($21.3M)Non GAAP $27M-$31M ($25.1M)  Operating Margin GAAP 9% (8%)Non GAAP 11% (9%)  Adjusted EBITDA$38M-$42M ($35.2M)8%-19% YoY  * Guidance 2019 / (Actual 2018)  Fixed Networks Revenues including CBH$128M-$132M ($144.2M)(11%)-(8%) YoY 

 Gilat revenues & terrestrial infrastructure breakdown  US$ millions 

 Annual Revenue per Segment   US$ millions  283M  266M  260M-270M 

 Q3 2019 Profit and Loss Highlights US$ millions  Revenues$63.4M ($62.8M)(1%) YoY  Gross Profit/MarginGAAP $23.3M – 37% ($24.2M – 39%)Non GAAP $23.3M – 37% ($24.5M – 39%)  Mobility Revenues$27.1M ($21.8M)  OPEXGAAP $16.3M ($18.2M)Non GAAP $15.8M ($18.0M)  Operating Profit/MarginGAAP $7.0M – 11% ($6.0M – 10%)Non GAAP $7.5M – 12% ($6.5M – 10%)  Net ProfitGAAP $6.3M ($8.7M*)Non GAAP $6.8M ($5.1M)  Adjusted EBITDA$10.1M ($9.1M)  Fixed Networks Revenues$27.3M ($34.9M)  Revenues w/o Terrestrial Infrastructure$54.4M ($56.8M)  *) in 2019 Net profit includes $4.1M initial recognition of deferred tax assets with respected to carry forward losses **) Q3-19 (Q3-18) 

 Quarterly Profit and Loss Highlights US$ millions, except per share data  GAAP  Q3 18  Q4 18  Q1 19  Q2 19  Q3 19  Revenues  62.8  69.7  62.1  59.7  63.4  Gross Profit  24.2  26.0  23.6  22.0  23.3  Gross Margin  39%  37%  38%  37%  37%  R&D, net  8.2  8.9  8.3  7.1  7.1  S&M  5.5  5.5  5.9  5.4  5.0  G&A  4.6  4.3  4.9  4.6  4.1  Other income*  -  (0.2)  -  -  -  Operating income  6.0  7.5  4.5  4.9  7.0  Net income  8.7  5.3  2.8  3.4  6.3  Diluted EPS  0.16  0.09  0.05  0.06  0.11  Non-GAAP**            Gross Margin  39%  38%  38%  37%  37%  Operating Income  6.5  7.9  5.6  6.3  7.5  Net income  5.1  5.7  4.0  4.8  6.8  Adjusted EBITDA  9.1  10.5  8.2  8.9  10.1   * Include trade secrets litigation income** Adjustments reflect the effect of non-cash stock based compensation as per ASC 718, amortization of intangible assets related to shares acquisition transactions, amortization of lease incentive, impairments, restructuring costs, re-organization costs, trade secrets litigation expenses (income), tax expense under amnesty program and initial recognition of deferred tax asset with respect to carry-forward losses 

 Balance Sheet HighlightsUS$ millions  1) Including cash and cash equivalents, restricted cash and net of short term bank credits2) DSO calculation excludes Terrestrial Infrastructure Projects Segment3) Q3-19 (Q2-19)  Cash and equivalents1$84.2M ($69.5M)  DSO286 days (83 days)  Total Assets$358.8M ($365.5M)  Cash From Operation$17.2M increase($8.3M decrease)  Total Debt$8.2M ($8.3M)  Shareholders equity$228.6M ($223.2M)