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World Series of Golf, Inc. (OTC:WSGF) stock is in play ahead of what could be a transformative addition to its revolutionary real-estate investment app Vaycaychella. An update is expected later this week. 

In addition, with its re-branding ongoing and with a vacation property market heating back up, WSGF is prepared to break higher after a challenging sector year resulting from COVID-19. In fact, if there ever was a time when being in the wrong market at the right time was valid, the past eighteen months was it. However, times have changed, and travel and hospitality stocks are perking back up.

And for stocks like WSGF, which were brought down in sympathy with the sector, taking advantage of beaten-down prices could deliver substantial returns.

Vaycaychella Simplifies Real-Estate Investment

To those just hearing about Vaycaychella, it’s a potentially transformative real estate investment app that makes partial and whole ownership in vacation rental property available to the masses. In a way, it can be referred to as the Robinhood of real-estate investing, opening the door to property investment to an entire class of retail investors. 

Better still, everyone can participate, with Vaycaychella unique to offer even partial interest in properties allowing even small budget investors to be involved in owning property in a multi-billion dollar sector. Thus, while excellent for real estate investors, at less than two cents a share, WSGF stock could be the vehicle to drive potentially exponential investment portfolio growth as well.

As it stands, Vaycaychella is priced for appreciation. But with upgrades to the app expected, its 52-week high of $0.09 is in its crosshairs. It’s also fair to argue that the selling in the stock is overdone. But, not unlike hundreds of other micro-cap stocks, the ongoing pandemic took its toll on WSGF stock, with bears chipping away at the investor confidence WSGF established. 

The excellent news, though, is that the fundamentals in the company haven’t changed. In fact, they have strengthened from an operational perspective during the past few months, and additional updates could add even more. Thus, taking advantage of prices that appear to substantially undervalue its assets is a timely and compelling proposition. Here’s why:

Industry-Changing Real Estate Investment App 

Foremost, Vaycaychella is changing an industry. They have taken an area that was once accessible primarily only to big money and brought it to a scale where almost any investor can participate. Moreover, it allows rapid and near-seamless portfolio diversification away from publicly listed companies by owning an actual interest in properties. Consider it as a REIT, but investors actually get deeded property instead of owning shares in a public vehicle. WSGF, soon to be re-branded as Vaycaychella, makes that happen.

And while the app was already revolutionary to the sector, WSGF noted to expect an announcement about a multi-faceted initiative designed to accelerate revenue growth and add assets to the balance sheet. Expected later this week, it could drive share prices higher sooner rather than later. Moreover, factoring in recent upgrades that streamlined P2P onboarding in the app with what could be a value-adding catalyst, prices at their near 52-week lows could become extinct. And deservedly so.

In fact, its most recent announcement should have started that rally. It changed the way users sign up and use the site. Previously, new users had to sign up and go through a process to access the Vaycaychella app. Now, Vaycaychella is available directly from its website, allowing new users to select the Vaycaychella App button directly from the Vaycaychella website and get immediate access to the comprehensive features in the app. 

Moreover, the website itself was entirely updated and now includes access to its blog, where both investment and industry-related posts are regularly added. The “sticky” feature of the app is expected to keep users more engaged and extend visit time to the site. Investors are paying close attention to comments made last week.

Vaycaychella Catalyst In-Play

According to WSGF, management will provide a detailed overview of its initiative to accelerate revenue growth and add assets to the balance sheet. That initiative, which has been underway for several months, is expected to include acquisitions, new business lines to complement its short-term rental-purchase finance business, and a groundbreaking cryptocurrency strategy integrated into the company’s coming Vaycaychella App version 2.0.

Those efforts add to what has been a busy year. In Q3 of this year, WSGF announced enhancing its marketing efforts, launching a targeted marketing campaign to attract new users to its growing platform. Those efforts are working, with Vaycaychella user growth increasing month over month. And in an $87 billion vacation rental market, Vaycaychella user growth can translate into dollars.

Better still, revenues coming through Vaycaychella are accretive to WSGF. Hence, growth there is expected to have a direct impact on WSGF share prices. Further, as the platform makes real estate investment accessible to a larger pool of potential users than ever before, Vaycaychella has the potential to become an influential app in an industry that has seen a rising demand for simplified investment applications. 

Better yet, as markets emerge from a global halt to the hospitality sector, the updates made to Vaycaychella put WSGF stock in its best place ever to generate returns for its investors. 

Disrupting A Multi-Billion Dollar The Real Estate Investment Market

Still, it’s not only marketing that will drive growth. It’s the app that will do that work. After all, at its core, Vaycaychella is an industry-disrupting easy to use app focused on changing the vacation property investment landscape. It does so by making purchase financing more available to anyone looking to acquire, restore, or operate a short-term vacation rental property. Marketing campaigns make that intent known. And those new to the app, especially those considering property investment, will likely be impressed. 

Vaycaychella helps investors purchase and monetize property assets through mainstream apps such as Airbnb (NASDAQ: ABNB), VRBO, and Booking.com (NASDAQ: BKNG). However, the difference is that through its innovative and accessible platform, Vaycaychella is making this once-exclusive investment opportunity available to millions. That’s where the reference to Robinhood earlier comes into play. That app, also targeting retail investors, went from worth millions to multi-billions in less than five years. And it’s still growing. Vaycaychella has the potential to do the same.

Keep in mind, it’s the Wall Street power plays that make or break companies. While Robinhood is an excellent alternative means allowing retail investors quick access to the markets, they became an industry giant because of institutional investment. Those same investors touted the story and drove valuations higher. Vaycaychella can catch that same attention. It will take work, but it can happen.

Attracting that attention could come from Vaycaychella’s Peer to Peer (P2P) platform having the inherent potential to serve a massive purpose. It’s a transformational new service to the real estate investment sector that utilizes a software application based on the Vacaychella alternative financing pilot business model. The software application’s goal is to spread Vaycaychella’s alternative financing model around the world. And, in doing so, potentially millions of new investors can seize upon the opportunities it brings. 

Keep in mind, WSGF acquired Vaycaychella about two years ago. And where it is today is impressive from a development and operational perspective. It’s also easy to use.

A Simple App With Massive Potential 

Buyers create a profile, sellers list properties, and deals get made. It’s almost like a dating app for real estate investors – and the ability to create a detailed profile and project pages make finding a match easy. The difference from traditional real estate investment options is that Vaycaychella has few exclusions to limit smaller investors. That’s where this market opportunity truly shines.

Even better, anyone can register as an investor – individuals or institutions. And once the simple registration process is completed, investors can view the prospective short-term vacation rental properties and the individuals behind the rental businesses running the property. 

The more excellent news is that the app can help even small investors create substantial interests in properties across the globe through its unique platform. Investors can even take a minority interest in multiple properties. 

Put simply, by making real estate investment more accessible to investors of all types, WSGF is capitalizing upon a largely unmet market opportunity in the age of simplified investment apps.

Targeting The Changing Real Estate Investment Landscape

Of course, user benefits and being different matter. Vaycaychella delivers there as well. Foremost, the app aims to differentiate itself from competitors by eliminating obstacles that often make property investment challenging for smaller investors. Unlike traditional property investment, investors can negotiate without completing the usual income verification and background checks. The app appeals to investors and real estate property owners by offering a streamlined process that mirrors the stock market – as long as the investor currently has the available funds, they can make an offer just as they could purchase shares of a company.

Even better, Vaycaychella has different sources of revenues, targeting a massive pool of users to find, advertise, and invest in short-term rental properties. At the same time, it eliminates the need for intermediaries and allows users to quickly list their properties on popular platforms like Airbnb. Also, users can create their own profile pages detailing their experience, targeted property purchases, and potential renovation projects. These can be easily shared with other registered users looking for an investment opportunity. In short, Vaycaychella plays a matchmaker by facilitating an introduction between buyers and sellers.

Perhaps the most distinguishing part of the app is that its innovative and accessible features are attracting a new generation of retail investors that may not otherwise have an opportunity to find and invest in global properties. Utilizing app-based technology, Vaycaychella makes investment opportunities seamless, again hoping to do for real estate investment what Robinhood did for retail stock investing.

Ambitious Expectations To Grow Market Reach

Still, it’s not entirely investor-focused in terms of being a matchmaker. The company is itself focused on real estate investment opportunities, recently extending its reach into the Cuba market. They are taking advantage of that country’s willingness to welcome foreign investment to boost international tourism rates. 

Remember, only United States citizens live with strict embargoes against doing business or traveling to Cuba. People in other countries embrace that country’s beauty and opportunity, with tourism dollars the most significant contributor to Cuba’s economy. Thus, while the U.S. investor may face restrictions, Vaycaychella can still feed millions of dollars worth of deals to other interested parties across the globe. 

Best of all, for all investors, the app does much of the logistical legwork to make deals seamless and quick to close. And as WSGF continues to promote its features, it’s expected to continue attracting users throughout the rest of the year. Thus, while its reach is growing now, expect it to increase substantially in the coming quarters. That makes the value proposition today exceptionally compelling. 

Seizing Its Day, And Market Opportunities

WSGF is a company in motion, and with a global recovery in the hospitality sector, its shares are positioned to break higher. Undoubtedly, the public launch of Vaycaychella earlier this year was a transformational moment for WSGF. And as they finish this year, they appear to be connecting the parts of a more comprehensive strategy to turn the platform into a revenue-generating juggernaut. 

If successful, their lofty $100 million revenue goal, during normal market circumstances, may indeed be in reach. As demonstrated many times over, small apps can grow into billion-dollar companies. 

Hence, don’t rule out Vaycaychella’s chances to do the same. A deep dive into what it can do to change the real estate investment landscape supports that consideration.


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