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Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc

Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc (HLX)

Closed June 23 4:00PM
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HLX Discussion

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Oleblue Oleblue 1 month ago
Helix Energy Solutions Group HLX Q3 2023 Earnings Call & Presentation

Looks like the stock bottom in 2020. $12 is the present resistance level and looks on the verge of breaking out.
Weekly Chart
BOS BOS 3 years ago
Yes lol
newguy11 newguy11 3 years ago
Does anyone read this board anymore
whytestocks whytestocks 4 years ago
JUST IN: $HLX Comprehensive non-correlated Helix Energy Solutions $HLX Trading Report

Celebrating 20 years, Stock Traders Daily provides the tools that help you develop investment strategies, and this is a good example. When we couple this with out market based analysis, the probabilities of going with the flow increases, and that is material over time. The Helix Energy So...

In case you are interested HLX - Comprehensive non-correlated Helix Energy Solutions $HLX Trading Report
TFMG TFMG 4 years ago

$HLX | #HelixEnergy Surges On Earnings

May be setting up a short squeeze , after posting earnings surprise
Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. is an international offshore energy company. It focuses on subsea construction, maintenance and salvage services to the offshore natural gas and oil industry. The firm also provides specialty services to the offshore energy industry, with a focus on well intervention and robotics operations. The company operates through three segments: Well Intervention, Robotics and Production Facilities. The Well Intervention segment offers vessels and related equipment that are used to perform well intervention services primarily in the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea regions. The Robotics segment involves four chartered vessels and also includes ROVs, trenchers and ROVDrills designed to complement offshore construction and well intervention services. The Production Facilities segment includes its investment in the Helix Producer I and Kommandor LLC. Helix Energy Solutions Group was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Houston, TX .
Daily Chart Analysis on NYSE & NASDAQ-listed Companies:

whytestocks whytestocks 4 years ago
News: $HLX Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc (HLX) Q2 2020 Earnings Call Transcript

Image source: The Motley Fool. Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc   (NYSE: HLX) Q2 2020 Earnings Call Jul 23, 2020 , 10:00 a.m. ET Operator Continue reading

In case you are interested HLX - Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc (HLX) Q2 2020 Earnings Call Transcript
ClayTrader ClayTrader 4 years ago
* * $HLX Video Chart 07-23-2020 * *

Link to Video - click here to watch the technical chart video

whytestocks whytestocks 4 years ago
News: $HLX Why Helix Energy Solutions Stock Rocketed 33% This Morning

Energy services provider Helix Energy Solutions Group   (NYSE: HLX) opened the day dramatically higher on July 23, rising roughly 33% in the first few minutes of trading. There's little doubt what got Wall Street so excited: It was the company's earnings release after the close on July ...

In case you are interested HLX - Why Helix Energy Solutions Stock Rocketed 33% This Morning
Takeitorleaveit Takeitorleaveit 4 years ago
This should be at $20 within the next 6 months imo.

Just based on the contracts and revenues they have coming up.
Fabfabulous Fabfabulous 4 years ago
Anyone looking at this board can see I told u so ;)
Fabfabulous Fabfabulous 4 years ago
this stock b4 the crash was sitting around 10$ and was spost 2 be near 20$ -25$ this is easily 5-10$ stock 97 % institutional owned almost back on the Dow 2 days until conference call and next earnings is gonna be a blast ?????
Fabfabulous Fabfabulous 4 years ago
Fabfabulous Fabfabulous 4 years ago
Hlx about 2 blow.up amazing opportunity 97 % institutional owned !!
Fanthos Fanthos 4 years ago
Because they all following chit stocks like weed
DrChess DrChess 4 years ago
How is this board not hopping? This company has huge potential IMHO.
ClayTrader ClayTrader 4 years ago
* * $HLX Video Chart 04-09-2020 * *

Link to Video - click here to watch the technical chart video

UHD UHD 4 years ago
$HLX - Cash Flow Positive for 2020 and 2021! Contracts Movings Forward as Planned!
DarkPool DarkPool 4 years ago
Took a starter this afternoon.
barnyarddog barnyarddog 4 years ago

Dec 18 2019
Helix Robotics Solutions awarded Neart na Gaoithe (NnG) offshore wind farm project work

Aberdeen, Scotland, December 16, 2019 – Helix Robotics Solutions Limited has been awarded three scopes of work for the Neart na Gaoithe (NnG) offshore wind farm project by EDF Renewables.

Gary Aylmer, Helix Robotics Solutions Vice President – Europe and West Africa, stated β€œThis is a significant award for Helix as it represents an expansion to our current renewable offering - to better support the development of the UK’s offshore renewable energy sector. As a company based in Scotland, we are immensely proud to have been selected by EDF Renewables to perform the work on a Scottish offshore windfarm and look forward to working with them and the local supply chain in delivering this significant project.
whytestocks whytestocks 5 years ago
News: $HLX Helix Secures P&A Work with Acquired Lease in GOM

Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. (NYSE: HLX) announced today that it has acquired from Marathon Oil Corporation (“Marathon Oil”) certain operating depths associated with the Droshky Prospect on Green Canyon Block 244, along with related infrastructure. As part of the transact...

In case you are interested
benfrankledger benfrankledger 6 years ago
$HLX Yeah I'm not making any long term bets here.
jugs jugs 6 years ago
I'm thinking the only way HLX escapes its cellar is through selling itself. This is a transitional time for the sector and needs a comet.

NGL---everybody knows where I stand on that one. Buuuurrrrppppp!

benfrankledger benfrankledger 6 years ago
$HLX Yeah it has been a trade for me so far but I am looking favorable upon it at this point. $NGL is also a good one.
jugs jugs 6 years ago
Interesting results. Still, I chose to apply the cash raised by liquidating HLX recently by placing it into NGL. I'm ahead on that transaction so no regrets here. However, I've been in and out of HLX for a fairly long time and am pretty sure I'll be back in this space before long.
benfrankledger benfrankledger 6 years ago
$HLX Helix Energy Solutions (NYSE:HLX): Q4 EPS of -$0.01 in-line.

Revenue of $163.26M (+27.5% Y/Y) beats by $4.26M.
jugs jugs 7 years ago
Either my instincts are right on the mark or what we're seeing here is a reaction laced with disapproval over the merger involving MDR. I suspect it's a combination of the two.

HLX is moving independently of any sudden change of perception stemming from a move predicated by a need to consolidate with another company for the sake of financial stability. In spite of the fact that HLX has seen fit to put itself up for sale, the fact remains that HLX is very much in command of its future, at least until such time as the company elects to change something. As of this moment, nothing of the sort has emerged.

My take is that MDR is being regarded as having moved in concert with financial discomfort. That equates to a position of weakness, doesn't it?

No surprise, then, that we find MDR down 2.69% while HLX is above 4.37%.

As is my policy, my participation at this early stage follows:

Shares held: 300
Cost basis: $7.08

I'm operating on margin (borrowed $). This speaks to my positive expectations for HLX despite its being in the throes of struggling to rise above suffocation common to many entities within the hydrocarbon sector. My hope is to find ways to add meaningfully to my temporarily anemic position.

Good luck to others pursuing this pick.
jugs jugs 7 years ago
I got back on board here this morning with the tiniest of trades---had $563 to spend in the wife's regular IRA and I don't like idle cash. HLX is the ripest looking trade I'm seeing. So we now hold 78 shares! That's probably a record low for me in any stock.

As cash becomes available I'll be beefing things up. For now I'm pretty much watching and will pounce on any unexpected opportunity should one come along.

One thing for sure: I've done very well in HLX over the past several years. It's fairly volatile which makes it fun. The one thing I will not do is to load up on what appears to be a support point as I know these events occur regularly and I don't wish to become a victim of my own mistaken judgments. So I need to remind myself to build slowly and if I miss the big opportunity in the sky? So be it. Better to go out with a bow built of however many shares I can have at my price, rather than be flattened on the battlefield.

Good luck, folks!
Watch30 Watch30 7 years ago
Made a lot of $$$ on Hlx. Got out at over 11. Was so happy to get back in around 9. Now I'm down slot of $$$ Don't think there's anything wrong with the company. No real bad news. Came down with Mdr which I also got. I believe both are near bottom an nowhere to go but up. Good luck.
Chico8 Chico8 7 years ago
Would be great to see this thing reverse again and head up - been a rough few weeks
jugs jugs 7 years ago
Yesterday I reopened a position in this stock. Details will follow but for now I just want friends to know I'm finding compelling reasons to be involved.

Looking forward to sharing views.
ValueInvestor15 ValueInvestor15 7 years ago
Fundamentals imply Helix Energy $HLX is 20% undervalued w/ earnings expected Monday:

Fair Value Source
jugs jugs 7 years ago
Well, I'm underwater here but things could be a lot worse, I guess.

So for now I await public sentiment leveling out a bit as I'm sure we all know will soon follow. After all, we're going through the first moments of uncertainty following Mr. Trump's moving into the Oval Office. Mixed emotions were sure to follow as anybody can understand.

Hang tight, folks. This is a fine company and an excellent investment vehicle. Right now, we're caught in a storm and it's too big for HLX to manhandle alone. So we await sunny skies. It will be.
jugs jugs 7 years ago
You're already ahead in today's premarket! I love it!
OTCdoc OTCdoc 7 years ago
BUY RATING (Credit Suisse) just issued 1-10-2017 for HLX....."Duh!"
OTCdoc OTCdoc 7 years ago
Couldn't resist pulling the trigger at around HLX's 200 day MA - got back in at $8.55....
jugs jugs 7 years ago
Today is sure peculiar, isn't it? HLX appears to be cycling through a market churn. Usually it's the result of market manipulation with computers executing rapid-fire trades designed to kill investor confidence.

I got lucky selling most of my position yesterday but I came close to buying on today's dip. I didn't give in as I'd have to use margin and I'm unwilling to use more than is already in play. But I'm absolutely convinced that HLX will be springing back soon. There's nothing out there suggesting otherwise.

What today tells us is that this stock is available to wicked manipulation. We know it can happen with any stock, naturally.
But the ones it happens to are usually chosen carefully. I believe a qualifier for such activity is a normally calm trading pattern. NGL would be a good example, ALDW another. But I'd be nervous if NGL or ALDW suddenly dropped a dollar or two.

I'm holding HLX, albeit a reduced position. I don't do options so the only clock I have to respond to is my own.

I think you'll be ok unless the Big Bad Timekeeper is determined to make things rough for you. I hope it works out, though.
Watch30 Watch30 7 years ago
Unfortunately I'm kinda stuck with Hlx. Sold January calls. Sure hurting today!! But Hlx bounces around could be 10 in 3 days could be 5. After my calls expire I will reevaluate.
jugs jugs 7 years ago
There's a contest happening in this poster's portfolios---involving HLX & MDR versus KNOP.

For the sake of 100% visibility I feel compelled to disclose that I've sold much of my HLX and may temporarily liquidate altogether.

After digesting things said in my previous post, I gradually came to realize I wasn't being 100% true to my own rules of investing, namely that I almost never sacrifice an income-producing winner in lieu of a pure speculative play.

So I came to the conclusion that there's no time like the present to lunge for the income producer...not because of the income, mind you, but the certainty I'm sensing on the capital appreciation side of KNOP.

Spec plays depend upon stars lining up favorably as everybody must surely know. If things go exactly right, then we dance in the streets with a fistful of freshly minted profits. But it's predicated on "...if things go exactly right." Even then, assuming things go according to Hoyle, the dollars result from our being on top of things/events and being available and ready to execute the trades. Also, we usually ladder our sells just as we will on the buy side as we accumulate our desired positions.

With an income producer that we are especially confident about, we don't question the income side until our positions are sufficient to warrant it. Instead, we focus entirely or nearly so on the appreciation side for this is where our chances for immediate gratification will lie. This is what makes distributions so alluring as they become icing on the cake.

There's no doubt in my mind but that KNOP should be at $25+ and not
in the $22 area. And as I look at my holdings it comes as no surprise that KNOP is one of just two out of eleven picks showing green. If I'm right, then, KNOP may surge by 12% fairly soon.

I'm growing ever more convinced that KNOP is destined to become our next major winner and that means I've got to embrace it as determinedly as I have NGL and ALDW.

Then I look at the bigger picture and am hit with the "What if?" syndrome:

What happens if I sell MDR and HLX, two of my three purely spec plays? (HDYN is the third.)

This is a head thing for me as I feel somehow safer with a few of these youngsters hanging around. And this is where and when I need to pick myself up by the britches and get back on track. I am an old man having a huge amount of great fun in the market while sharing details on the boards. Good things coming my way here happen as a result of guidelines I've put in place. Making money is not an accident, by any means.

So I've got to go with my proven winners whose times seem to be opening up right now, not way off somewhere in the future.

Please understand HLX and MDR have been great winners for me repeatedly in the past. But right now---today, in fact, I've found opportunity to grow my KNOP position at a smart price point and I'd be the fool to not respond accordingly.

I hope you folks will make your own decisions independently of my way of going about it. I have no reason to think your instincts are less deserving of our mutual respect than mine or anyone else's. So have at it and let us know what and how you self-manage.

My best of good fortune to all here!
jugs jugs 7 years ago
Fishing works for you and is all that matters in my opinion.

Too much to pay for a stock pick?

It must address to some degree how much the investor feels comfortable putting at risk. And it invariably has to come down to how prepared the purchaser is. This may mean researching a lot. For me it's always a combination of finding comfort in the business model and management's success over the past two years or longer. I rarely get involved without that much available to me.

I never approach the checkout counter in a store without knowing what the cost of my items is. It has nothing to do with what is affordable, but everything to do with my need to be comfortable in paying the asking price. When it comes to a stock, I've got to believe that the price I pay today will pale in comparison to the value I see ahead. If I don't find a pleasant number floating in my head, I will not buy the stock. Once Trump is firmly in office, I think it would be reasonable to expect to find HLX back above $10, given that the Gulf of Mexico is on the cusp of breaking wide open. Ditto with MDR. I can see $8+ in the case of MDR.

I'm very open on the NGL and ALDW boards as to my expectations and why.

That said, then, if I don't seem to have concrete ideas as to near-to-mid-term expectations, I don't buy the stock. I know that sounds like a lot of needless pressure but my wallet would tell you otherwise.

When it comes to accepting gains---I have a saying I coined some years ago: "I never met a profit I didn't like."

I NEVER think little of a profit no matter how trifling it might seem to others. A win is a win. Add enough of them together and you become a winner!

Liquidating is one thing, taking profits is another. I love to take profits and believe strongly in doing it. But the only time I liquidate is when I no longer see opportunity to eke out strong gains AGAIN. If a stock is handing you gains, why would you kill the goose? Grab them thar golden eggs and feel blessed for you are.

When I need cash, I'll look to winners with cash-rich gains on the table and, of course, I'll sell off some. But I almost never sell more than half of the position except for when I've soured on the stock itself. That's when I dump it all. Some insist I marry some of my stocks. But I know better for it's important to love your wife despite the ups and downs. So long as she appreciates you for who and what you are, who could ask for more? Same with a great pick---marry the damned sucker and love that relationship!

In the end, then, I buy when I see potential. I sell when I need money for something with greater promise. And I liquidate when I need to divorce myself from a dying company.

Lastly--- It's hard to reset our rules when we're not behind them 100%. This is an easy one for me as I've created a few rules I almost never violate. An example or two:

I sell spec stocks when I've enjoyed the expected run. I always take at least half of the gains and put them into an income producer, no ifs, ands or buttheads (me, lol). This ensures that I'm respecting my own rules I designed to protect my interests.

The year 2015 handed me a 46% overall gain in the market. This past year it came to 65.9%. If you've been ploughing cash into some of these picks, then you're enjoying similar gains.

I have no projections for this new year now upon us but I will say I'm having a fantasy of ALDW moving to $27 or more and NGL possibly making it into the $30's+. With deep positions in both, I may make it into the 70% range or more.

One last word--- four years ago I held 83 individual stocks. I did well but gradually came to see that for me, at any rate, embracing a lot of picks meant I was not free to really get behind my choicest picks. If I'm working with $200K, for example, putting half of that into a stock I'm absolutely positive is about to break out (within 6 months or so) may benefit me dramatically whereas spreading it out equally over thirty picks is the worst dilution imaginable.

I want to find winners and really get behind them. This is why I've got 71% of my investable cash in these two picks. I see no point in putting a lot of money into any pick with limited upside.

CEQP is an incredible find and I can easily see $35 or more later this year. My cost basis is $11.59. I'll be happy with HLX at $11. MDR will please me at $10. And KNOP is the one I know I need to chase and accumulate.

I think I've run out of stuff. I do hope it has value to some folks here. Looking forward to a fantastic new year with all of you!
Watch30 Watch30 7 years ago
We are very much alike. I also did a abdominal workout at 7am. 6 pancakes with sausage. Then off to catch some codfish.
jugs jugs 7 years ago
Yours is a hugely fascinating message in a number of ways.

It's 7am Sunday morning and I've got a workout pending---abdominal stuff. And then it's off to church. But as we've heard:

"I'll be back!"And I will be back for I'm feeling a pull to see if I can't be of a little help here. There are questions such as:

1. Do we sometimes find internal roadblocks preventing us from letting go of the absence of reason?

2. How much is too much to pay?

3. How little is too little to accept for our gains?

4. What is an acceptable extrication practice when liquidating?

5. Why is it so hard to reset my own rules of investing?

These are issues I find myself facing every day. And it's appropriate, given that I've chosen to make my living this way and have stuck to it for a quarter century now. Times change, we must change with them. If we fail to keep up, then we kill any possibility of maintaining a personal standard.

To me that sounds like a formula for outofkilterization. Some might call it an invitation to insanity but I don't. We're simply identifying a process that CAN ENABLE us to define and then redefine ourselves in various ways specific to self-initiated foraging.

Virtually all we do is part of that process, from eating to sleeping to exercising to----you name it, it's part of our design to prolong and/or increase the quality of our lives.

Gotta go but this is something I'm looking forward to exploring further with you and I'm expecting others may find something useful as well.
Watch30 Watch30 7 years ago
I've got a really bad habit that I must try n change!! I got a big problem buying a stock for more than my initial cost. I know. It's crazy. I had ngl n ceqp at 9 n 10 $$ made a few k on each plus the call premium. But missed both doubling in value. Why do I find it impossible to pay 20 + now. Even with alot of upside potential. Maybe I'll talk to my therapist Monday!! ??I've owned Mdr over 10 years @ over 10. Loaded up in the 2. Range Found jugs on the message boards and since been in Sdlp ngl ceqp Hlx all nice gains for me. I feel obligated to thank you very much. As I live in Montauk ny. The very end of Long Island and great fishing. I will offer you, if ever traveling to ny a great fishing trip aboard my boat "lethal weapon"and a great meal.
jugs jugs 7 years ago
While we take our chances with HLX, I should have mentioned another pick I find really intriguing, one I strongly believe will be very profitable:


It operates as a shuttle service for the hydrocarbon industry.

There's plenty of info out there on it. The SEC filings tell the whole story.

My position is very small due to funds being committed elsewhere. But I doubled down this week using margin and now hold 400 KNOP. I also added to HLX as I stated earlier. If ALDW and NGL didn't exist, this is the one I'd be devouring as I see truly outstanding opportunity for growth.
jugs jugs 7 years ago
You are so thoughtful! It's a pleasure finding your notes, really.

I love a good story. Sometimes it's about choosing a particular stock and at other times it's mostly about figuring out how to survive at all. In the end, I view all of these things as well as related issues as part of the process of foraging. You know this.

There've been some stunning successes for sure, I know by your picks that you get the big picture without getting messed up in the lesser details that often obscure an investor's judgment.

CEQP, for example, is in four-bagger territory. NGL is knocking on the 2-bags door now. The others are clearly well into the profit zone and just need to be left to do their thing.

I'm of the belief that ALDW is going to break out any day now and absolutely definitely within a month. NGL is already trudging ever higher.

Sometimes there's a voice from within that seems to just scream at me. It's been this way for about twenty-five years now. A psychologist friend and I used to share picks and life stories until he got married to a high flying business lady in her own business and he moved out of the area. He maintained that market success or failure results from the marriage of intellect and instinct. I know he's onto something but I've never seen it in print by the hand of a market guru, so it remains a question mark in my mind.

Anyhow, at times stocks speak calmly to me, or they tell me it's time. Then some will insist I make a move and I can't help but notice when they yell at me. But when they scream "ASSHOLE!" I throw caution to the wind and submit to a force greater than my own, whatever that might be.

It's funny for me as I look back at what I've said here yet there's one unalterable truth I can't escape:

I've never failed to stumble upon a huge gain when I've yielded to "The Scream." lol

NGL has been an enormous winner for me. ALDW has been in my stable since the IPO but it was only this year (first quarter and towards the end) that the screams were undeniable. I've got a growing gain already ($32.3K) but I'm absolutely certain this will take off soon on a far greater scale. How I wish others would/could trust themselves enough to take a chance!

As for HLX? The whole robotic part is going to make a huge mark. And this one along with MDR will both be dazzling, I believe. There's no scream yet but I see good times ahead...especially in the case of MDR as it moves into greater Gulf of Mexico operations.

You're posting wonderful numbers, by the way. I love hearing stories such as yours. 2016 handed me a 65.9% overall gain. I'm pleased, of course, but more than anything...I'm especially appreciative that I'm able to crank out good returns for myself and friends year after year.

This is going to be the ALDW/NGL year to top all years. I could not be more sure of it. These two picks represent 71% of my total stock-based value. I currently hold 25,000 units of ALDW and 6,000 units of NGL.

Life is sure exciting when you're having fun!
Watch30 Watch30 7 years ago
Thank you. The down side is you never parcipitate in a big run up. Happened twice in 2016. Once with ngl once with ceqp. Kinda happened with Mdr sold December 6s for like .47. When stock was around 5.75. Mdr went to 7.42 I was out at 6.47. I'm happy being the turtle as opposed to the rabbit ?? Collecting 3-5 k per month on my 100 k trading portfolio. Since Aldw pays very small option premium I would like to accumulate a position in my buy n hold portfolio. Thanks for your insightful postings.
jugs jugs 7 years ago
Sounds good to me as you have a well thought out plan while you've erected boundaries to protect yourself also.
Watch30 Watch30 7 years ago
Cost basis at 7.87 but I sell covered calls every month. Got called away a couple times this year. My latest was January 20 @ .40 for a 4 k addition to my balance. Got called away from Mdr and took all that money and added to Hlx. Dying to add 2k of Aldw. But it would be on margin and I'm not really comfortable with that with the Dow and oil at hi levels. I'm thinking a possible correction and a a couple of OPEC company's not cutting production. Hope I'm wrong but I'm always cautious. Jan 21 comes along and Aldw around 10-10.50 I'll pick up 2 or 3 k.
jugs jugs 7 years ago
Insider swelling may be based on an anticipated community response to the secondary. I wouldn't attach significance to it.

I hope your cost basis is a good one.
Watch30 Watch30 7 years ago
A lot of insider selling the last few days!!! A lil worried holding 10 k
jugs jugs 7 years ago
They want money to enable growthl They know what plans they have. We are investors, not judges.

I expect to be a buyer in the morning.

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