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ECA Marcellus Trust I (PK)

ECA Marcellus Trust I (PK) (ECTM)

( 4.58% )
Updated: 13:36:19

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Current Price
0.5202 Day's Range 0.5399
0.34 52 Week Range 1.18
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Financial Volume
$ 5,695
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About ECA Marcellus Trust I (PK)

Crude Petroleum & Natural Gs
Crude Petroleum & Natural Gs
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
ECA Marcellus Trust I (PK) is listed in the Crude Petroleum & Natural Gs sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker ECTM. The last closing price for ECA Marcellus Trust I (PK) was $0.51. Over the last year, ECA Marcellus Trust I (PK) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.34 to $ 1.18.

ECA Marcellus Trust I (PK) currently has 17,605,000 shares outstanding.

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ECTM Discussion

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pete807 pete807 1 month ago
Rewarded for long hold through low Natty price!!!
👍️ 1
pete807 pete807 4 months ago
Because ECTM is OTC there is a lack of news flow and few know the generous dividend coming in three days. .03. 29.26% annualized
I am talking to myself here.
Bank to be made on ECTM now they have built up the cash to increase acreage in The best Natural Gas play in the eastern USA.
pete807 pete807 4 months ago
Time for someone to tell Robinhood?
pete807 pete807 4 months ago
The trust paused last 2 Qs to add cash for more acreage.
...O dividend, the .006, and in spite of low prices and current admin negative on natural gas,
Truth is different on Natty Gas than the narrative. It runs the world cleanly.
pete807 pete807 4 months ago
Few news services and brokerages are yet talking the return of ECTM to healthy dividends. Volume will tell the story.
pete807 pete807 4 months ago
Time to wake up. .03 declared
👍️ 1
pete807 pete807 9 months ago
When they announce the next quarter's dividend ECTM will return to favor.
I have been taking advantage of the pause and price drop.
GLTA longs and set them for sale at a healthy profit. Mark it.
Think1st Think1st 12 months ago
Ok got some money to invest any ideas

Bought jepi ndmo prt or just reinvest in them
Think1st Think1st 12 months ago
Do you have an extra pair of pants. Lost them in inqd? They left me my underwear.
Should of bought this and other dividend stocks..
Think1st Think1st 1 year ago
Imo ev will kill oil industry slowly though its picking up speed.
Its like email killed postage stamp mail
Or airbnb killing hotel industry
Yes oil will always be around, it just will not be the main source, however the writing is on the.less growth in oil .major growth in ev
Just my opinion
Plus other sources like hydrogen wind,solar, all chipping away at oil /gas
Think1st Think1st 1 year ago
Can't decide which to buy etcm or prt or epd all are good
Seem to like the prt for monthly
pete807 pete807 1 year ago
Time to shake the cage a bit and get the eyes of the world on $ECTM
Volume precedes price.
Stock Twits ... next
Think1st Think1st 1 year ago
Hi you still own this stock?
Still worth investing , can you update me.
Thank you
Gemma Gemma 2 years ago
ECA MARCELLUS TRUST I (OTC Pink: ECTM) announced today that the Trust’s distribution for the quarter ended June 30, 2022, will be $0.176 per unit, which is expected to be distributed on or before August 31, 2022 to holders of record as of the close of business on August 19, 2022. As previously disclosed, commencing with the distribution to unitholders paid in the first quarter of 2019, the Trustee has withheld, and in the future intends to withhold, the greater of $90,000 or 10% of the funds otherwise available for distribution each quarter to gradually build a cash reserve of approximately $1.8 million.
Gemma Gemma 2 years ago
With current Natural Gas(NG) prices approaching $7.00/MM BTU's next months dividend should be even larger than what was paid in February.
And, with the war in Ukraine looking like it will continue for some time per Mr. Putin, European NG prices will be staying at these levels for some time.
Look for ECTM to pay over .80/Share in dividends over the next year.
interloper interloper 2 years ago
Company Summary

ECA Marcellus Trust I (the Trust) is a statutory trust. The Trust is formed by Energy Corporation of America (ECA) to own royalty interests in natural gas properties owned and operated by ECA in the Marcellus Shale formation in Greene County, Pennsylvania. The Trust's purpose is, in general, to hold the Royalty Interests to distribute to the Trust unitholders cash and to perform certain administrative functions in respect of the Royalty Interests and the Trust units. The Trust owns royalty interests in over 14 Producing horizontal natural gas wells (the Producing Wells), and royalty interests in over 52 horizontal natural gas development wells to be drilled to the Marcellus Shale formation (the PUD Wells) within the area of mutual interest (AMI), in which ECA holds approximately 9,300 acres, of which it owned all of the working interests, in Greene County, Pennsylvania. It owns Royalty Interests in over 40 development wells that are in production.
interloper interloper 2 years ago
ECTM has been on a steady climb from .40 to 2.50 over 3 months and not one post during that time. Odd
Renee Renee 4 years ago
ECT changed to ECTM. Delisted from the NYSE to the OTC:
Lucid_NH Lucid_NH 7 years ago
I was very happy with this for quite some time, but then starting last year, it no longer qualified for DRIP.
stocktrademan stocktrademan 8 years ago
ECT bullish 2.29

investor center

note trust uses k-1 forms

normal chart

log chart

JohnnyRockville JohnnyRockville 9 years ago
$ECT any thoughts on going into 2016?
AsYouWish AsYouWish 9 years ago
Another increase today. Awesome
AsYouWish AsYouWish 9 years ago
Slow an steady
renoldman renoldman 11 years ago
Interesting move in oil today.

Seasonally, oil plays are not good in the North American winter months. Better off in early spring.

Not sure if this is a sort of delayed reaction to Yellin's remarks.

I will admit that it looked tasty when it went below the 52 week low.

But, that has happened across the sector. Today might just be a sort of head fake.

Because of the fact that oil usually sees weakness I am kind of on the sidelines.

I speak here as a trader. As a longer-term investor, it could be an opportunity, but I am looking at other plays for investing.
Tinkerer Tinkerer 11 years ago
ECT is waking up; the bottom is in for this dividend cycle. The ride up to the next dividend begins today. Hope you all are on board. The stock should go up to about $9.00 or $9.50 this cycle.
renoldman renoldman 11 years ago
Seeking Alpha Article came out:

And explains a few reasons why it is overvalued at 16.50 and expecting the price to fall.

Natural Gas looks to have stabilized in price and that's the main driver in the value of the trust.

Good luck and happy trading.
renoldman renoldman 11 years ago
Natural Gas had the crap kicked out of it last year.

This sound silly, because the price has gone back up, but ....

In the last couple of weeks, companies have been releasing 10-Ks.

For Trusts, you can see what the expected Fair Value of Cash flows is.

You can imagine that when a trust shows a fair value of its assets of about $80 Million .... things don't look that great when the market gives it a $300 Million Value ....

In addition to this, the principals have indicated that they have exchanged the subordinated units for common units. This means they will receive better distributions and have a market to sell their units.
PennyBears PennyBears 11 years ago
Pamoo Pamoo 11 years ago
The lower it goes the cheaper I can buy
Pamoo Pamoo 12 years ago
ECT heading up to match it's dividend.
Pamoo Pamoo 12 years ago
My dividend price target for the 1 qtr of next year is $1.50.
Pamoo Pamoo 12 years ago
14 wells pumping in the first half of 2012. 2nd qtr dividend achieved by only 14 wells. 38 new wells coming on line in the second half for a total of 52 wells pumping by the end of the year. A side comment on the conference call was production was already up 18% in July over June. You do the math.
Pamoo Pamoo 12 years ago
Very little risk and a huge reward coming here. Most people don't understand. I continue to acquire shares. I think it's so obvious and I don't understand why so many people have missed it. Thank you, thank you everyone for the sale pricing!
Pamoo Pamoo 12 years ago
This will head straight up for the next 9 months as soon as people understand what is happening.
Penny Roger$ Penny Roger$ 12 years ago
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Hockmir Hockmir 12 years ago
Not nearly as exciting to watch as it was between Sept '10 and March '11.
Hockmir Hockmir 13 years ago
This has been swinging up and down in a channel for months now. Looks like a candidate for slow swing trading.
Hockmir Hockmir 13 years ago
It took a big hit during the market slide last week. Lets see whether it works its way back up to the 27 range, like before.
Hockmir Hockmir 13 years ago
Yep. Looks like it has decided to hold around $27. Where it goes from here will depend on the energy markets and the stock market in general.
Hockmir Hockmir 13 years ago
Looks like the down leg may have stabilized out at around $27. Lets see where it goes from here.
Hockmir Hockmir 13 years ago
Ya. Trending down now fer sure. Went through a Bollinger pinch a few days back, and came out strongly to the down side.
Village man Village man 13 years ago
New lows likely as the trend looks like it is down again.
Hockmir Hockmir 13 years ago
Well, this one was trending up through to April, but now it is sliding back down. Pity.
Hockmir Hockmir 13 years ago
Still looks like $28 and a fraction is holding as a support level.
Hockmir Hockmir 13 years ago
Now the question is whether it will hold this level as a support, and then move up, or whether it will go below and spend some time consolidating.
Hockmir Hockmir 13 years ago
And it looks like it is up about 25%-30% for the past three months as well, one month later. Certainly looks like there is a long term trend established with this one.
Hockmir Hockmir 13 years ago
Lets see. Looks like up about 25% in 3 months. Not bad.
Hockmir Hockmir 13 years ago
Looks like Monday may see a bit of activity, as it is the record date for the next quarterly dividend:

ECA MARCELLUS TRUST I (NYSE:ECT - News) announced today that its distribution for the quarter ended December 31, 2010 will be $.500 per unit, which is expected to be distributed on or before February 28, 2011 to holders of record as of the close of business on February 14, 2011.

Hockmir Hockmir 13 years ago
Who can argue with a chart like that?

Hockmir Hockmir 13 years ago
Hmmm. Up over 10% in the last month. Its a gas!

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