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Vodafone Group PLC

Vodafone Group PLC (VOD)

Closed July 16 4:00PM
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Pre Market: 8:23AM


StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade %00-
4.504.104.900.004.500.000.00 %00-
5.003.604.404. %010-
5.503.053.850.003.450.000.00 %00-
6.002.553.353.302.950.000.00 %05-
6.500. %00-
7.001.622.362.171.990.000.00 %07-
7.500. %00- %068-
8.500.600.600.600.600.000.00 %04- %01,592-
9.500. %0782- %010,417-
10.500. %080- %01,218-
11.500. %00- %0292-
12.500. %00- %0281-
13.500. %00-

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StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade %00-
4.500. %00- %00-
5.500. %00- %02,267-
6.500. %00- %08,886-
7.500.000.430. %00- %04,788-
8.500. %0352- %65214,6737/16/2024
9.500.212.540.531.3750.0510.42 %1467/16/2024 %0413-
10.501.112.751.221.930.000.00 %01-
11.001.653.001.652.3250.000.00 %00-
11.501.914.600.003.2550.000.00 %00-
12.003.453.453.453.450.000.00 %00-
12.502.815.600.004.2050.000.00 %00- %00-
13.500. %00-


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VOD Discussion

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linkvest linkvest 4 months ago
Vodafone Group Signs 10-Year Partnership With Microsoft
January 16 2024 - 02:52AM
Dow Jones News
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By Najat Kantouar

Vodafone group said it has signed a 10-year strategic partnership with Microsoft to offer scaled digital platforms to businesses and consumers across Europe and Africa.

The U.K. telecommunications company said Tuesday that it will invest $1.5 billion over the next 10 years in cloud and customer-focused artificial-intelligence services developed with Microsoft.

Microsoft will also invest in Vodafone's connectivity platform, which will become a separate business by April, the company said.

"Vodafone has made a bold commitment to the digital future of Europe and Africa. This unique strategic partnership with Microsoft will accelerate the digital transformation of our business customers, particularly small and medium-sized companies, and step up the quality of customer experience for consumers," Vodafone Chief Executive Officer Margherita Della Valle said.
Lowjack Lowjack 2 years ago
Perhaps it's the source code that could get Vodafone in trouble with law enforcement!!!
fung_derf fung_derf 4 years ago
VOD just may be a buy here....(how's that for some useless opinion?)
fung_derf fung_derf 5 years ago
Just broke through resistance for the first time in a couple years. I see it moving at least to $24.
Amoboy123 Amoboy123 6 years ago
Wow big news with ETELIX! Trading under a penny!!!
BottomBounce BottomBounce 7 years ago
$VOD Are Technical Indicators Looking Better For Gevo, Inc. (GEVO), Vodafone Group Plc (VOD)
ITMS ITMS 7 years ago
Vodafone Group Plc (NASDAQ:VOD) Running Into Major Chart Resistance

One of the leading global telecommunications companies in the world is Vodafone Group Plc (NASDAQ:VOD). The stock price has been steadily rising since December 2016 when it traded as low as $24.17 a share. Today, VOD stock is trading at $30.04 a share. It is safe to say that the stock has been gaining ground in 2017.

Traders should note that VOD stock is now moving into some major chart resistance around the $31.00 level. This is an important retrace area and a place on the chart where the stock broke down in June 2016. There will most likely be a lot of institutional selling around this $31.00 chart level for VOD stock.

Nicholas Santiago
trendmkr trendmkr 7 years ago
Analyst Activity – HSBC Holdings plc Lowers Its Price Target On Vodafone Group plc (LON:VOD) to GBX 220
ValueInvestor15 ValueInvestor15 8 years ago
Goldman upgraded VOD today to Buy. Stock's trading a big discount to intrinsic value:

Fair Value Analysis
ValueInvestor15 ValueInvestor15 8 years ago
VOD valuation models show nice upside before earnings...

Upside Analysis
DrivenByPain DrivenByPain 9 years ago
AT&T (NYSE:T) has been chosen as the phone's exclusive carrier in the US, and Amazon is reportedly in talks with Vodafone (NASDAQ:VOD) and O2 (OTCMKTS:OTOW) to provide service in Europe. Shares of Amazon rose 0.66% in pre-market trading
cajunmanbob cajunmanbob 10 years ago
was wondering what everybody thinks vod will be trading at between now and 90 days from now,and where you think the co is heading price wise?............
weemac weemac 10 years ago
Still long and strong on VOD. Indian market is going to push this thing past 100 imo. Lets make some mooooooolalalla!!!!!
iheartweimers iheartweimers 10 years ago
Market Edge gave VOD an AVOID opinion on 3/24/2014.
Of course they base their opinions entirely on technicals
without looking at the big picture, and if the stock price
is trending down, the algorithms upon which this opinion
is made do not see things like political unrest, or whatever.
IMO, I'm looking for a bottom around May so I can add.
FISH21049 FISH21049 10 years ago
Figured out the answer on my previous post. It was before the Reverse Split and it was $4.92 per share.

FISH21049 FISH21049 10 years ago
Still puzzled with something on Verizon deal.

I cannot 'reconcile' something on the Vodafone/Verizon deal, namely, the dividend amount that I received as of 3-4-14.

What was the amount PER SHARE for the dividend and was it based on the BEFORE or AFTER split?

I originally owned 300 shares and received 163 NEW shares and the Dividend I received was $1,478.40, which translates to:
$4.928 per share based on 300 OLD Vodafone shares
$9.07 per share based on 163 NEW Vodafone shares

What is puzzling is a notice of dividend received from Ameritrade stating a $1.07 per share dividend payable 3-4-14 for shareholders of record 2-20-2014.

Yet, somewhere I remember seeing/reading that the special dividend was to be about $4.25 per share.

Anybody with any clarification on this?

iheartweimers iheartweimers 10 years ago
Payday for cash is March 4, 2014
FISH21049 FISH21049 10 years ago
What will VOD holders get from Verison?

Have the numbers been finalized or is it something we need to wait until next week?

iheartweimers iheartweimers 10 years ago
Another link
iheartweimers iheartweimers 10 years ago
Friday was a bad day for many stocks but at least VOD had
a reason. I'm betting it will bounce back. About four weeks
until completion of the VZ deal, is the news I was looking for.
weemac weemac 11 years ago
Vod will be devalued equivalently with the dissolution of the vz plush the special cash dividend. Theoretically the day after the deal is done when everything opens up your shares of vz, vod and the cash should equal the same ammount of vod you hold now. I will be holding the vod and vz and using the cash to buy more vod or blk. Thats what I understand anyway. I just believe that vod has a bright future expecially getting into the indian market now. I have a buddy from india that says the cell carriers there are crap and they need a big carrier like T VZ or VOD to completely take the market. This is a 20 year hold for me. GL
FISH21049 FISH21049 11 years ago
weemac: So if we use values from 1-09-14 closing prices:

1 VOD = $38.85 market value
1 VZ = $47.50 market value

4 VOD = ($155.40 market value)
1 VZ = ($ 47.50 market value)
CASH = ($107.90) [difference between market values in exchange of 4 shares of VOD for 1 share of VZ)

NOW, unless there is other considerations (IE: other marketable shares in the 'NEW' Vodafone or other 'shares' with value of $107.90 or more) this could be a real losing deal for VODAFONE shareholders.

Can you add anything more to clarify this?


weemac weemac 11 years ago
From what I understand we will be getting 1VZ for every 4Vod. Plus a cash div that will be settled during the closing. You can also opt to sell your vz shares during this period if you would rather have the cash. What I am afraid of is there are quite a few large euro only mutual funds that arent allowed to hold US companies. So hopefully they get to sell or settle non open market so they dont crush vz by putting millions on the ask on an open. I am taking the VZ shares and giving them to my son. GL
FISH21049 FISH21049 11 years ago
What will Vodafone shareholders receive if the deal goes through?
Somewhere, I read that shareholders will receive about $17.00 in cash plus shares in Verizon Communications. There was also talk about a special dividend from Vodafone.

I have 300 shares of Vodafone and am trying to figure out whether to keep this until the deal is done or sell now.

weemac weemac 11 years ago
I think for Christmas I'll be skipping the chocolate and going right to the money fountain
weemac weemac 11 years ago
Just wont stop! Clairvoyance with numbers is like 10,000 drums in your head.
weemac weemac 11 years ago
Did I call this one or what. Congrats to everybody that picked up a few blocks with me in the 27-28 range.
iheartweimers iheartweimers 11 years ago
This rumor keeps being floated but IMO more for the pump
of AT&T stock than anything else. I'd rather see VOD stay
independent and make it's own deals in Europe, Africa and
India because it would not be afraid to pay out dividends.
Big "T" is afraid of US taxes if it paid dividends on income
from oversea business.

iheartweimers iheartweimers 11 years ago
I have seen no specific details as yet, but there is much
speculation going on as to the best course of action for
shareholders to take. Numerous articles have appeared
on seeking alpha on this subject, one of which is linked
Using the SA search block will bring up many more. As
usual, reading the comments can be more fruitful than
the opinions of the author of the SA article.
Since every stockholder has their own investment goals,
there is no one answer to the proper course of action to
take in regards to VOD. Mine is to continue to hold, since
I am a dividend investor. No doubt much more will appear
on seeking alpha as the date of transfer draws closer.
Touktouk Touktouk 11 years ago
Any details regarding special dividend to shareholders following vz transactions specially for US and Canadian shareholders?!!!
iheartweimers iheartweimers 11 years ago
Myanmar (former Burma) is inviting VOD to be part of the
buildout of cellular service within the country.
Considering the close trading ties maintained with China,
I think it is strange China's telecoms are not being given
more significant roles.
iheartweimers iheartweimers 11 years ago
VOD deal to take over Kabel approved, expected to complete
by mid-October.
iheartweimers iheartweimers 11 years ago
The bond offering by Verizon in order to purchase the 45%
wireless segment back from Vodaphone will be the largest
offering in history at 49 billion USD.
This is critical to VOD shareholders since the success of the
offering is necessary for the deal to go through. Until now
I hadn't given a lot of thought to the possibility that the deal
might not be completed, as I didn't realize how much debt
VZ would take on. VOD is off making acquisitions with money
they don't have yet in hand? It might be advisable to keep a
stop order in place for awhile.
iheartweimers iheartweimers 11 years ago
52 week high of 33.65 reached today. Avg volume down 51%
Steady upward progress being made.
danico danico 11 years ago
Monday margin trading 5% to 7% rise.....
iheartweimers iheartweimers 11 years ago
EU submits draft law to end mobile roaming fees, carriers unhappy • 1:14 PM

As expected, EC telecom commissioner Neelie Kroes has submitted a draft law that would end mobile voice, text, and data roaming fees (in favor of flat-rate charges) for consumers traveling from one EU market to another.
Kroes proposes to achieve this by having carriers establish "alliances" with peers in other EU markets. She's giving carriers incentives (in the form of more relaxed rules on international roaming deals) to adopt the proposals by July '14.
Unsurprisingly, local carriers such as Vodafone (VOD +0.5%), Orange (ORAN +0.5%), Telefonica (TEF +1.7%), Telecom Italia (
iheartweimers iheartweimers 11 years ago
I have been waiting for this revised SA article. A must read.
iheartweimers iheartweimers 11 years ago
100,000 share block traded at 12:24 @32.985 and can't
determine for sure if a buy or a sell. But 52 week high
of 33.00 reached twice today should be on many alert
iheartweimers iheartweimers 11 years ago
All of this money to be made as VOD steadily marches
upwards from the news of the 130 billion it will receive
from VZ. One of the biggest deals in stock history. And
this board only has 6 followers!
iheartweimers iheartweimers 11 years ago
This is the most complete description of the transaction to
date. May be further updated.
iheartweimers iheartweimers 11 years ago
SA author says article was written before agreement was
announced and was a mistake.
iheartweimers iheartweimers 11 years ago
News starting at 5:16 BST from The Guardian newspaper.
Verizon stock to go straight to VOD shareholders.
iheartweimers iheartweimers 11 years ago
British analysts yesterday were saying VOD was worth
over $45 a share due to the agreement with VZ. In premarket
lots of sales and going down from Fridays close of $32.40.
I thought this would open and go straight up. Anybody have
ideas of what is going to happen today?
sgray74 sgray74 11 years ago
What could this possibly have to do with VOD?
Ppesoneto Ppesoneto 11 years ago

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iheartweimers iheartweimers 11 years ago
Well, nobody really knows but if you already own shares
I think you would be safe to hold and see if VOD pays a
special dividend. They should announce that soon, they
have to file an 8-K. But for the long range, I do not think
they will pay much of a dividend, as they used their VZ
dividend to do that. And the plans to go to cable when
the emerging nations are all going to cellular, does not
strike me as a good move. Europe is broke and the Russians
may cut off their gas if they get involved with war in Syria.
That war might drag them in very fast if Israel is attacked
as it will nuke Iran if it has to. VOD might make some $$
in Africa, some in India. China is tough because of the
competition with several state owned telecoms. I like the
future of VZ better.
Touktouk Touktouk 11 years ago
Thank you so much for that piece of info.... But what could it mean in USD$$$
iheartweimers iheartweimers 11 years ago
Much more information from those making guesses as to
the outcome from the UK viewpoint.
iheartweimers iheartweimers 11 years ago
That is open to a lot of argument. Cramer thinks it will go up.
I personally am a dividend investor and think I may try to
sell at the top of the pop VOD should get, and then in a week
or so buy VZ if the price settles back down. So you have to
keep watch and do what is best for you. I'm telling my friends
to at least look at the pre-market NASDAQ link about 6:00 AM
and get a feel for how it will trade at the open. Because it
will have traded all day on the London Exchange, it may open
in the US much higher than the $32.40 Friday last trade.
Touktouk Touktouk 11 years ago
Now after the transaction what is the vdo value without any us exposure... Does now vdo value is less attractive???

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