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SoundHound AI Inc

SoundHound AI Inc (SOUN)

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fwb fwb 3 hours ago
I'm sure you will make up somebodies MIND.
I already bought my fill...
Moonboy1 Moonboy1 16 hours ago
The magic 8 ball says it's going to $10 without dilution. They filed for the ability to dilute a while back.
fwb fwb 1 day ago
If this is you first venture into AI
take a look at the following
Low PPS BBai
Large PPS there are a few:
AMZN .... (More then an E-Com company)
NVIDIA - leader of the pack and SHAREHOLDER in SOUN......
MSFT - (in the Software domain, but PLTR is ahead of them)
In CHINA it's BABA, they are coming on Strong (Asian Market) and growing fast in AI
fwb fwb 1 day ago
First you say in your opinion
SOUN is going to $10.00
Now you say you are worried about dilution?

Which is it?
fwb fwb 1 day ago
If you have to ask,,,,,,,
Don't buy........
Not all AI have a Future....
Look at those that will help with the Day to day Problems in society.....
Companies that work with Gov and Business to help improve their goals.....
Moonboy1 Moonboy1 1 day ago
Anybodies guess now. I'm more worried about dilution than anything else.
Vettelover98 Vettelover98 2 days ago
Looks like it might be past time to buy.
bwrbad bwrbad 2 days ago
is it ok to buy now or it is in P&D mode
Moonboy1 Moonboy1 2 days ago
This is going back to $10 in my opinion.
fwb fwb 2 days ago
If it does, it maybe NVIDIA....But I don't see it
harry crumb harry crumb 2 days ago
Another pop, might sell half again $$$$!
Vettelover98 Vettelover98 2 days ago
Just what I heard.
mtsr mtsr 2 days ago
Why dose everyone think they will get bought out I have seen nothing indicating that .
fwb fwb 3 days ago
" AI’s like a shooting star—it’s here to dazzle and transform our world! "
correctamundo, Just don't invest in any "Pig in a Poke AI scam"

Yes AI that can solve some of the Day to Day PROBLEMS will transform our world,
The rest will fade into history
👍️ 1
MagicSchoolBus DropOut MagicSchoolBus DropOut 3 days ago
Ah, the stock market—a place where fortunes rise and fall faster than a squirrel on a caffeine binge!

So, here’s my tale: I had this stop limit buy at $3.50, right? But then it decided to take a detour to $3.88. It’s like ordering a pizza with extra cheese and getting a salad instead.

Now, I’m out, but I’ve got my trusty belief hat on. I’ve been eyeing this stock, thinking, “Hey, maybe it’ll cool off to a level where I can jump back in.”

It’s like waiting for the perfect wave—you don’t want to wipe out, but you also don’t want to miss the ride.

And let me tell you, SOUN? It’s shining brighter than a disco ball at a robot dance party!

But hey, the AI market is doing its own cha-cha too. Did you know it’s projected to reach a whopping $407 billion by 2027? That’s like buying a ticket to the future!

And AI’s economic impact? It’s strutting in like a boss, contributing 21% net increase to the U.S. GDP by 2030.

But watch out—over 75% of consumers are side-eyeing AI, worried about misinformation.

Meanwhile, ChatGPT is the life of the party, with 1 million users in its first five days!

And self-driving cars? Buckle up, because 10% of vehicles will be channeling their inner KITT from Knight Rider.

Businesses are doing the productivity tango, expecting AI to boost their game by 64%.

Voice search? Oh, it’s the cool kid on the block—50% of U.S. mobile users are all ears!

And that annual growth rate? AI’s strapping on rocket boots, aiming for 37.3% between 2023 and 2030.

So, my friend, keep those eyes peeled. AI’s like a shooting star—it’s here to dazzle and transform our world!

harry crumb harry crumb 3 days ago
Bought in 4.50, looking good $$$$$
TrendTrade2016 TrendTrade2016 3 days ago
fwb fwb 3 days ago
To early IMO.
Soun MC is under 2 Billion.
5x maybe.....
Vettelover98 Vettelover98 3 days ago
What’s guess on the share price if they get acquired?
fwb fwb 4 days ago
Now we Know why SOUN did what they Did in teaming up with Perplexity AI
SoundHound Chat AI Launches in Peugeot, Opel, and Vauxhall Vehicles Throughout Europe
Perplexity AI founded in 2022 by former members of OpenAI, Meta, Quora, Bing and Databricks, Perplexity AI is the builder of the world’s first generally available conversational answer engine that draws from credible sources in real-time and directly answers users’ questions with sourcing and citations. The company’s mission is to give people access to concise and trustworthy information.

Aristotle: 'The whole is more than the sum of its parts.'
👍️ 1
fwb fwb 4 days ago
SoundHound Chat AI Launches in Peugeot, Opel, and Vauxhall Vehicles Throughout Europe
👍️ 1
fwb fwb 4 days ago
Not going to Happen.....
If they need MONEY
NVIDIA will BUY more SHARES of the COMPANY..
Before another AI (like AMZN that has ALEXA) company does
Moonboy1 Moonboy1 4 days ago
Hopefully we don't wake up with a new share offering.
fwb fwb 4 days ago
SOUN will be in Japanese Cars soon
Detroit is always last, just like their 4 cylinder engine in the 70's
No stopping SOUN now
fwb fwb 4 days ago
Added more under $5.00 earlier today
I might sell them back at $5.00 and wait to see how this play out
DCA is now up to $4.00 PPS
3antar 3antar 4 days ago
This is just the beginning
fwb fwb 2 weeks ago
SoundHound AI Acquires Ordering Platform Allset to Fast-Track Its Vision of a Voice Commerce Ecosystem

We ALL know that McDonald's will stop using artificial intelligence to take drive-thru orders by the end of July to figure out a "future voice ordering solution by the end of the year," according to multiple reports.
I wonder what LURKS in the minds of NVIDIA.....The Shadow Knows

If ONLY NVIDIA had a Voice Commerce Ecosystem.....
But they did PARTNER with one that does.........
peanutz peanutz 2 weeks ago
That was my guess . Just for the patents alone . 4 dollars a share is cheap . Only need 50.1 % to control.
👍️ 1
peanutz peanutz 2 weeks ago
Very deep pockets . Soun on watch
fwb fwb 2 weeks ago
NVIDIA owns shares in SOUN. iF ANY Company acquires them it will be NVIDIA
👍️ 1
Here Today Here Today 2 weeks ago
To me it smells like a takeover/buyout is imminent!!!!
Here Today Here Today 2 weeks ago
I feel and my opinion is that something huge is around the corner now that all outstanding debt has been repaid and all Preferred Shares have been redeemed for Common Shares!
Here Today Here Today 2 weeks ago
New 8K filed this am.
hssbwwmp hssbwwmp 3 weeks ago
What is the potential positive impact of SOUN's recent partnership with Perplexity? Looks like Perplexity is getting a lot of interest/investment from Softbank, so we'll see if that has any impact on SOUN.

See links below.
peanutz peanutz 3 weeks ago
Short answer is maybe after their acquisition . On watch here
fwb fwb 3 weeks ago
Who let the DOGS in?
Mickey d's dump IBM VOICE recognition......
Will this OPEN the door for the SOUND HOUND?
tw0122 tw0122 3 weeks ago

One 2023 TikTok, appears to show the drive-thru assistant place order after order of McDonald’s chicken nuggets on one car’s tab, despite the customers asking it to stop while laughing. Additional posts show an array of other mishaps — such as it adding strange extras, like ice cream with ketchup and butter, or picking up orders from other nearby cars.

Unnamed sources familiar with the technology told CNBC that the technology has had difficulty interpreting different accents and dialects, among other challenges affecting order accuracy.

McDonald's declined to comment about the automated order taker's accuracy. In an initial statement, IBM said that “this technology is proven to have some of the most comprehensive capabilities in the industry, fast and accurate in some of the most demanding conditions," but did not immediately respond to a request for further comment about specifics of potential challenges.

The Armonk, New York-based tech company also said that it is currently “in discussions and pilots” with several other quick-serve restaurant clients interested in the automated order taker.

According to trade publication Restaurant Business and CNBC, which obtained a memo sent to franchisees last week, the automated order technology will be shut off in McDonald's locations testing it “no later than July 26, 2024.”

Both IBM and McDonald’s maintained that, while their AI drive-thru partnership was ending, the two would continue their relationship on other projects. McDonald's said that it still plans to use many of IBM’s products across its global system.

In December, McDonald's launched a multi-year partnership with Google Cloud. In addition to moving restaurant computations from servers into the cloud, the partnership is also set to apply generative AI “across a number of key business priorities” in restaurants around the world.
dletizia dletizia 4 weeks ago




White Castle is taking drive-thru orders using an AI voice system that claims to be more accurate than a human

Grace Dean 

Jun 17, 2024, 9:31 AM ET


Read in app?Drew Angerer/Getty Images

White Castle uses SoundHound's voice AI system to take drive-thru orders at 15 restaurants.

White Castle says the aim is to free up time for staff and make sure customers don't feel rushed placing their orders.

SoundHound, which also works with Panda Express and Chipotle, claims that its tech is "more accurate than a human."

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Go to a White Castle restaurant in St Louis, Cincinnati, or Merrillville Indiana, and you may have the option to place your order with someone called Julia.

Julia isn't a cashier, though. Julia is a voice AI.

White Castle is just one in a long line of restaurant chains toying with drive-thrus powered by voice-recognition AI. Chains such as Taco Bell, McDonald's, and Checkers & Rally's have all tested or introduced voice AI drive-thrus.

The aim is to use the tech to free up workers' time so restaurants can either reallocate staff away from order-taking to roles that can't be automated or simply cut their labor costs by reducing the number of workers they need to operate.

But voice AI drive-thrus are far from achieving widespread adoption.

Firstly, they still make mistakes. Last year, restaurant-tech company Presto Automations revealed in an SEC filing that over 70% of its voice AI orders required assistance from off-site human workers. And McDonald's was mocked on TikTok over issues with its voice AI-powered drive-thrus. McDonald's is ending its test with IBM and pulling the technology from its restaurants.

And some critics fear that widespread use of AI at restaurants will ultimately put workers out of jobs, too.

White Castle started using SoundHound's AI voice-recognition services in a restaurant in Merrillville in 2022, Jamie Richardson, White Castle's VP of marketing and publication relations, told Business Insider.

The burger chain now uses it at 15 restaurants, some of which use it for multiple drive-thru lanes, he said.

White Castle previously announced plans to deploy it in more than 100 drive-thru lanes by the end of 2024. Richardson confirmed that it's on track to reach this target.

He said that White Castle's voice AI system was designed to remove a "stress-inducing situation," freeing up time for staff who have to multitask at the drive-thru and taking the time pressure off customers who may otherwise feel rushed. Orders are more accurate, too, he said.

Richardson said that White Castle hadn't cut workers' hours at its restaurants since adding the technology. Instead, workers can focus on preparing food and greeting customers at the drive-thru window when they collect their order, he said.

"It's really been a great investment and one we're eager to continue," he said.

AI was used to solve the labor crunch

Restaurant executives have been paying attention to voice AI drive-thrus for years, but a struggle to recruit and retain workers in the summer of 2021 intensified this.

SoundHound is one of a growing number of companies offering voice AI services to restaurants.

"We're more accurate than a human," Ben Bellettini, SoundHound's senior vice president of restaurant sales, told BI.

If customers don't want to order using the voice AI system, they can ask to speak to a human, he said. But "well over 90%" of orders don't involve any human interaction, he said.

SoundHound says that using its voice AI drive-thru is faster than ordering at a human agent because customers don't have to wait for a cashier to be free when they pull up to the ordering station or wait for them to manually enter orders into their till.

SoundHound doesn't just offer services for drive-thrus. It also provides voice AI tech for restaurants to take orders over the phone and at digital kiosks and offers back-of-house technology where staff can ask questions through a tablet or headset and get information from their employee handbook on what to do if the fridge breaks or how to clean the fryer.

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👍️ 1
harry crumb harry crumb 1 month ago
3$ area it’l go down always does
💩 1 🤡 1
Vettelover98 Vettelover98 1 month ago
If they keep dilluting, I’ll buy back in. I sold this before it ran up to $7 and I was pissed.
🤡 1
harry crumb harry crumb 1 month ago
It’l drop below 4, always does
🗑️ 1 🤡 1
Moonboy1 Moonboy1 1 month ago
Doesn't matter if they keep dilluting
hssbwwmp hssbwwmp 1 month ago
SOUN is debt free! Good news yesterday!
hssbwwmp hssbwwmp 1 month ago
More on NVDA's investments in other companies including SOUN:

Nvidia Owns These 4 Stocks. Heres How Theyre Doing. --
11:37 AM ET 6/8/24 | Dow Jones

Angela Palumbo

Nvidia has been one of the best-performing stocks on Wall Street since 2023, amassing holdings in four companies along the way. So, how have these stocks been doing?

First, a bit of context. Nvidia stock has surged 144% in 2024 and 212% over the last 12 months as investors snapped up shares of the chip making company, whose products are used to power artificial intelligence. In May, Nvidia reported much stronger first-quarter earnings and revenue than Wall Street expected -- and the stock has climbed 27% since then.

According to Nvidia's most recent 13F form filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, as of March 31, 2024, Nvidia has stakes in four publicly traded companies: Arm Holdings, Nano-X Imaging, Recursion Pharmaceuticals, and SoundHound.

Nvidia declined to comment to Barron's on its holdings.

Nvidia's second largest stake is in Arm Holdings, a U.K.-based chip maker with a $143 billion market capitalization. American depositary receipts of Arm have jumped 82% this year, as semiconductor stocks continue to benefit from investor excitement about the future of AI. Nvidia owns 1,960,784 shares of the company, which are valued at $268.9 million.

News in May that the company has plans to launch its first AI semiconductors in 2025 have also pushed Arm shares higher.

Meanwhile, SoundHound and Nano-X stocks are having their best years on record, jumping 119% and 23% in 2024, respectively. Nvidia owns 1,730,883 shares of SoundHound -- an AI voice technology company with a $1.6 billion market cap -- which are valued at $8.34 million. SoundHound has also benefited from the AI investing frenzy.

As for Nano-X, Nvidia owns 59,632 shares of the medical imaging systems developer, which are worth $483,019. Nano-X, which has a $468 million market cap, announced on Wednesday that it has launched an AI functionality into its Second Opinions online medical consultation, a platform that connects patients with radiologists for additional consultations on their medical diagnoses. The AI technology is intended to promote early detections of chronic conditions on chest and abdominal CT scans, according to a company news release.

Out of the four companies Nvidia invests in, the chip maker's largest stake is in Recursion Pharmaceuticals, owning 7,706,363 shares that are valued at $69.4 million. Recursion is a clinical-stage biotechnology company with a $2.1 billion market cap.

Unlike the other holdings, Recursion stock has dropped 13% to $8.61 this year -- and is on pace to have its worst year since 2022, according to Dow Jones Market Data. Recursion announced in July 2023 that Nvidia had invested in the company as they work toward developing drugs with the help of AI.
👍️ 1
hssbwwmp hssbwwmp 2 months ago
Continued focus on NVDA's investment in SOUN....NVDA should invest some more of their billions!
👍️ 1
Digra Ive Digra Ive 2 months ago
We'll see it on their next Q report. Right now, we can do nothing except of selling options for premium.
Moonboy1 Moonboy1 2 months ago
Looks like they started diluting this morning already at the bell
skydog526 skydog526 2 months ago
I agree
Moonboy1 Moonboy1 2 months ago
They dilute into every run now I think. That's why it's stuck at this level.
Tahoe2468 Tahoe2468 2 months ago
5 times we trying to break 5.40 COME ON POWER HOUR!

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