ISIN: CA54163Q1028, WKN: A0Q9W7) (the "Company") announces a Strategic Alliance
Agreement with Graphene Laboratories Inc. ("Graphene Labs"), a privately held
New York company currently providing graphene to thousands of scientists at
leading institutions around the globe; this includes academic universities,
National Laboratories in many countries, and a broad spectrum of industrial
entities. Industrial clients include Fortune 500 companies involved in
researching graphene and the development of graphene-related products.

A. Paul Gill, CEO and Director of Lomiko states: "With over 7000 graphene
patents filed world-wide and billions of dollars spent on research by
governments and private investors, graphene is well positioned to reshape many
multi-billion dollar industries. Our alliance opens a door for investors in
North America who are looking to take part in the Graphene Revolution." 

Dr. Elena Polyakova, CEO/President of Graphene Labs, states: "As of today,
Graphene Laboratories is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of graphene
products to R&D markets. Our company has state-of-the-art equipment as well as
an internationally recognized team of graphene experts. We have been
experiencing an ever-increasing demand for large volumes of high quality
graphene materials within the last year, and expect this trend to continue. In
partnership with Lomiko, we will be well-positioned to address this challenge in
a timely manner and to achieve market share in graphene production."

Scope of the Strategic Alliance

Lomiko and Graphene Labs agree to co-develop a vertically integrated supply
chain that includes a secure supply of high-quality graphite, cost-effective and
scalable processing, tight quality control and integration of graphene-based
products in end-user products. The parties will capitalize on the secure supply
of high quality graphite, provided by Lomiko, and the extensive customer
database and expertise in graphene materials brought by Graphene Labs.

Lomiko will provide mineral samples from the Quatre Milles Project required for
testing natural high quality flake graphite for graphene conversion over the two
year Agreement. 

Graphene Labs will develop a feasible procedure for the purification of flake
graphite for use in graphene production, and will provide guidance on
technologies tailored to the production of graphene and graphene-related

The Agreement also calls for joint Research and Development, Public Relations
efforts, and business and marketing strategy for end uses of the graphite and
graphene products. Lomiko will also have the option to provide equity
financing(s) to Graphene Labs on an exclusive basis for two years providing that
it meets Graphene Labs funding criteria of raising at least $ 500,000 US Dollars
within eight months of the agreement,$ 1,000,000 US Dollars within twelve (12)
months and $ 2,000,000 US Dollars within eighteen (18) months. If the conditions
are not met, Lomiko loses the exclusivity but keeps the right to participate in
financings on a non-exclusive basis.

The Agreement is subject to approval by the TSX.

Graphene Laboratories Inc. Background

Graphene Laboratories, Inc., located in Calverton, NY, specializes in the
manufacture and sale of research materials to R&D markets, with the world's
largest selection of advanced and 2D materials. Having been first in the market
to introduce graphene materials for research use, the company is working towards
industrial-scale production of graphene and graphene-like materials, currently
with pilot-scale production capabilities. The team at Graphene Laboratories are
recognized experts in graphene materials, with staff regularly presenting at
international conferences and exhibitions. Researchers at Graphene Labs also
specialize in custom projects and R&D.

Graphene Laboratories Inc. operates both the Graphene Supermarket(R)
(www.graphene-supermarket.com) and Maximum Materials(TM)
(www.maximum-materials.com), and is a leading supplier of advanced 2D materials
to thousands of customers around the globe. The company offers a wide variety of
graphene materials, as well as other advanced 2D nanomaterials such as
molybdenum disulfide, tungsten disulfide, and boron nitride products. 

Lomiko Metals Inc. Background

Lomiko Metals Inc. is a Canada-based, exploration-stage company. The Company is
engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of resource properties
that contain minerals for the new green economy. Its mineral properties include
the Quatre Milles Graphite Property and the Vines Lake property which both have
had recent major discoveries. In April, 2012, a 122 Ha zinc anomaly in soils was
found on the Company's 100% owned Vines Lake property. The Vines Lake property
is located in the south western corner of the Cassiar Gold District. The Vines
Lake property consists of fifteen claims comprising 5,290 hectares. On October
22 and November, 13 2012, Lomiko Metals Inc. announced 11 drill holes had
intercepted several high grade intercepts at the 3,780 Ha Quatre Milles
Property. The project is located 175 km north of the Port of Montreal and 26 km
from a major highway on a well-maintained gravel road.

On Behalf of the Board

A. Paul Gill, Chief Executive Officer

We seek safe harbor. 

Graphene Laboratories, Inc.

Lomiko Metals Inc.
A. Paul Gill