BioNeutral Group, Inc. (“BioNeutral”) (OTCBB:BONU), a specialty chemical technology based Life Science Company, announced today that independent lab test results conducted at Microbiotest Inc. of Sterling, Virginia demonstrated that Ygiene™ Consumer Grade Antimicrobial (A significantly milder and diluted variation of the Ygiene™ Hospital Grade Formulation) totally eradicated the H1N1 Swine Flu Virus in 20 seconds (Virtually on Contact). This independent testing shows that Ygiene™ Consumer Grade Antimicrobial equaled the performance of our hospital grade formultaion and is extremely effective against the Swine Flu. It is one of a few antimicrobials actually tested against the specific H1N1 Swine Flu Virus.

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke stated, concerning the H1N1 Virus, "Its more than just a significant health issue. It has the potential to affect every aspect of our lives," Locke said. "It will take Americans from every walk of life pulling together and doing our part to mount an effective response." As the first pandemic in more than 40 years, it has the potential to cause massive disruptions for businesses, schools and governments. The United States and other northern nations have been scrambling to prepare for a resurgence of the virus The virus, which first surfaced last spring in Mexico, has spread to at least 168 countries and sickened 177,000. It has contributed to at least 1,462 deaths, including 477 in the United States, and is still circulating in the population.

“We are well on our way to achieving our objective to have the fastest acting, least expensive, longest lasting, simple to use, green formulations to eliminate swine flu from home, office, schools and public gathering places," said Dr. Andy Kielbania, chief scientist for Bioneutral Group Inc. "This mild formulation can come into daily contact with skin and clothing providing added protection against H1N1 and other dangerous organisms for the general population and the broader health care sector, as well.”

These independent lab test results demonstrate that BioNeutral’s Ygiene™ Consumer Grade Antimicrobial will deliver the same speed and efficacy for eradicating the Swine Flu virus as BioNeutral’s Ygiene™ Hospital Grade Antimicrobial which is designed to eliminate very difficult to kill dangerous organisms in the hospital environment responsible for nosocomial infections. BioNeutral’s Ygiene™ Consumer Grade Antimicrobial will provide household consumers the peace of mind knowing that it will be able to totally eliminate the Swine Flu virus in 20 seconds, virtually on contact, while still being environmentally friendly and gentle to surfaces being cleaned in the home. BioNeutral’s Ygiene™ Consumer Grade Antimicrobial will contribute to maintaining good family health. This 20 second kill time is also much faster than the 10 minute kill time claimed by many of today’s commercially available household disinfectants.

BioNeutral Group Inc. CEO, Stephen J. Browand, stated, "BioNeutral’s Ygiene™ Consumer Grade Antimicrobial is an important addition to the company’s growing list of formulations which will be presented to the EPA for regulatory approval.”

About BioNeutral Group, Inc.

Headquartered at the New Jersey Institute of Technology/EDC in Newark, New Jersey, BioNeutral Group, Inc., is a chemical technology-based Life Science company that intends to commercialize a combinational chemistry-based technology which can neutralize harmful environmental contaminants, toxins and dangerous micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and spores. The formulations, including Ygiene™ and Ogiene™, which are eco-friendly and include natural and common ingredients which are found in baby products and in every day foods. The Company has combined these widely-used compounds in highly specialized ways to create products that dramatically enhance disinfecting and cleaning results; products include BioNeutralizers and ChemoNeutralizers. BioNeutral’s proprietary platform technology has been proven effective in surface, water and airborne applications.

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About Microbiotest Inc.

Microbiotest Inc. located in Sterling Virginia is a world recognized laboratory with over 20 years of experience in testing a broad spectrum of microbiological materials. Microbiotest effectively collaborates and has an excellent track record with its clients that are developing new products to meet various Agency regulatory requirements using recognized protocols both in North America and abroad. In addition Microbiotest has the ability to design unique tests for special situations.

Forward-Looking Statements

BioNeutral routinely tests its formulations against those of its competitors. The results are published to let shareholders know how the Company's technology compares with known formulations in the market place. Any product claim for antimicrobial activity requires approval from the EPA or FDA, depending upon where and how the formulations are used. The EPA and FDA have not reviewed or confirmed the Company's data and findings. BioNeutral's antimicrobial formulations will be marketed under the brand name Ygiene™ and are not yet available for sale in the United States.