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Xcelerate (QB) (XCRT)

Xcelerate Inc (QB)
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12:00PMiHub NewswireFeaturedGlucotrack Announces Expansion of Its Continuous Glucose Monitoring Technology to Epidural Glucose Monitoring
03/09/20229:00AMInvestorsHub NewsWireMichael O'Shea CEO, Releases Shareholder UpdateUSOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
02/15/20228:30AMInvestorsHub NewsWireFran White to Join the Advisory Board of Xcelerate, Inc.USOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
01/25/20228:30AMInvestorsHub NewsWireXcelerate Files Supplemental Information For Removal of Shell StatusUSOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
01/12/202211:25AMInvestorsHub NewsWireXcelerate, Inc. Issues Shareholder UpdateUSOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
01/03/20229:03AMInvestorsHub NewsWireXcelerate Acquires Controlling Interest in AfiyaSasa AfricaUSOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
08/26/202110:03AMInvestorsHub NewsWireXcelerate, Inc. Signs Definitive Memorandum of Understanding with HS Pharmaceuticals, LLCUSOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
07/29/202110:59AMInvestorsHub NewsWireXcelerate Completes Audit of Consolidated Annual Financial StatementsUSOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
06/10/20218:46AMInvestorsHub NewsWireXcelerate, Inc. Announces Investment Banking Agreements for Consulting Services and Acquisition Financing.USOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
05/13/20218:35AMInvestorsHub NewsWireDr. Barry Marshall Shares Xcelerate's Mission In Advancing Medical Technology On ticker NEWS' Globally-Streamed BroadcastUSOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
05/06/20213:20PMInvestorsHub NewsWireXcelerate, Inc. Signs Letter of Intent to Explore Business Relationship with HS PharmaceuticalsUSOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
05/03/20219:07AMInvestorsHub NewsWireXcelerate Inc. Announces Removal of "Yield" Sign on OTC Markets Stock QuotesUSOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
04/29/20218:28AMInvestorsHub NewsWireXcelerate, Inc. Unveils Website That Crosses the Divide Between Non-Medical Engineering and Clinical CareUSOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
04/27/20218:15AMInvestorsHub NewsWireHead of Non-Standard Investments at FinTrust, Vincent C. du Vigneaud, Joins Advisory Board of Xcelerate, Inc.USOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
03/17/20218:36AMInvestorsHub NewsWireXcelerate, Inc. Now Trading Under Ticker Symbol XCRTUSOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
02/23/20218:39AMInvestorsHub NewsWireNobel Prize Laureate Dr. Barry Marshall to Join Advisory Board of Xcelerate, Inc.USOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
02/08/20218:34AMInvestorsHub NewsWireDilantha B. Ellegala, MD, FAANS Joins the Newly Created Advisory Board of Xcelerate, Inc.USOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
09/30/20209:33AMInvestorsHub NewsWireUDHI Acquires Worldwide Rights for Breakthrough Medical PatentUSOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
09/11/202010:15AMInvestorsHub NewsWireNew UDHI Announces Preliminary Agreement for Medical PatentUSOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
09/04/20208:54AMInvestorsHub NewsWireRenowned Scientist Dr. Anja Glisovic Joins the "New UDHI"USOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
08/14/20202:41PMInvestorsHub NewsWireUnion Dental Holdings Launches New WebsiteUSOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
07/16/202010:08AMInvestorsHub NewsWireUnion Dental Holdings Restructuring with New Board and Interim DirectorUSOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
07/15/20149:18AMEdgar (US Regulatory)Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership (4)USOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
07/08/20149:07AMEdgar (US Regulatory)Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership (4)USOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
07/01/20148:30AMMarketwiredUnion Dental / Drinkable Air Update European Community Patent FilingUSOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
06/26/20149:00AMEdgar (US Regulatory)Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership (4)USOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
06/26/20148:30AMMarketwiredGeorge Green CEO of Union Dental Purchases Shares of UDHI From Dutchess in Phase 2 of AgreementUSOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
06/24/20148:57AMMarketwiredUnion Dental / Drinkable Air Update Canadian Patent FilingUSOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
06/19/201410:56AMEdgar (US Regulatory)Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership (4)USOTC:XCRTXcelerate Inc (QB)
 Showing the most relevant articles for your search:USOTC:XCRT