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News from the ADVFN news team.

Agora Financial

Agora Financial’s world-class analysts and publications help you secure your financial independence so you can live the life you deserve.

Andre Minassian

Giving an alternative serious view of trading in the stock markets, which are driven by macro socio economic political game plans more than anything else.

Azeez Mustapha


Trading professional, official analyst, representative at Instaforex Companies Group and freelance author.

Brian Wilson

Brian L. Wilson is a financial writer and active trader who specializes in biotechnology stocks. He is working on a biotech trader's website called

Devon Shire

Author of the value investing newsletter detailing the formation of the "Punch Card Portfolio" (

Elite Forex Training

Elite Forex Training (EFT) provides institutional training and education for the foreign exchange market.

Enhydris Private Equity


Enhydris Private Equity (EPE) is a group of writers with extensive experience in the fields of finance, healthcare, and technology. The lead writer for the group, Dr. Vincent, holds a doctorate in Biology, and an MBA in International Finance. Moreover, he has published over 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers, gave invited lectures all over the globe, sat on governmental panels, and attracted over $500k in competitive grant monies. He is now an active consultant in the biotechnology sector, and a Director at EPE. Additional team members hold Masters Degrees in Biotechnology, Business, and Finance, and are employees of EPE. Interns writing for the group have all been at least provisionally accepted into either Medical or Graduate School, and have hands-on experience in the fields of healthcare, finance, or technology.

Fiona Craig

ADVFN writer, publisher and content manger.

Guardian Stockbrokers

Guardian Stockbrokers is a privately owned, independent firm of stockbrokers based in The City.

Igor Kuchma

Tradingview Growth Manager and Financial advisor, passionate about economy and the capital markets in general.

John Anthony

Professional stock broker, Forex and binary options trader.

Kenneth G. Mondero


Writer, Researcher, and Avid Follower of the financial markets. Studies Juris Doctor.

Lior Cohen

I have worked for several years in a variety of economic related positions, and in 2010 I started my own blog –, which is news and analysis blog about gold, silver, natural gas and oil

Lou Gutheil

Lou's articles, columns, and posts on a variety of subject matters have been read by millions around the globe.

Luis Aureliano

Luis is a business writer and financial analyst with over 15 years of experience in global finance and an MBA in economics and management. He is fascinated by Bitcoin as a financial concept and Blockchain technology as a much anticipated game-changer for the traditional financial industries.

Nick Chiu


Nick Chiu is a Senior Options Trading Strategist at Optionity who combines fundamentals and technicals to achieve favorable risk and reward ratio. Mr. Chiu's trading approach starts with the fundamentals, then through short-term technical analysis, to finally leverage options trading (with the combination of long and short positions) to achieve favorable risk and reward ratio trading plays. Mr. Chiu research mainly focuses on the long-term developing trends for the demographics and how these trends impact different sectors and industries. Mr. Chiu's main covering sectors are technology, health care, telecommunication, and energy.

Paulo Santos

Paulo Santos is an independent trader and analyst specializing in absolute return investment strategies

Peter Gold

Financial and gambling writer with a passion for taking risks. Calculated, mostly...

Peter Pham



QualityStocks is committed to connecting subscribers with companies that have huge potential to succeed in the short and long-term future. We offer several ways for investors to learn more about investing in these companies as well as find and evaluate them. Sign up for "The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter" at


President/Ceo of Stock Legends And Jedi Stocks Full Time Active Investor Including Options, Small - Large Cap Securities with a diverse knowledge of both technical and fundamental strengths and weaknesses. Forever Learning And Re-evaluating Profitable Opportunities Within The Markets.

@SmallCapReview has been a leading site for information on small cap stocks since 1999. SmallCapReview articles have been published in Barrons, Kiplinger, Seeking Alpha and Shareholder Value among others.

Thierry Laduguie


A member of the Society of Technical Analysts, Thierry was Best Specialist Research finalist at the Technical Analyst Awards 2010/2011. His unique style of analysis has produced some exceptional results for private traders.

Todd Campbell


Todd Campbell is the President and Founder of E.B. Capital Markets, LLC, an independent research provider serving institutional investors. Mr. Campbell is also the founder of, a blog and investor database catering to individual investors interested in seasonal investing strategies. Mr. Campbell is the author of Your Guide to Better Stock Picks: Tips from the Advisor's Advisor.

Tom Frew

ADVFN Newspaper's Chief Political Correspondent and Contributing Editor.


I have been a professional trader since 2006 and look to share some of the same strategies with my readers. I focus on providing equity insight by looking at a company's fundamentals, catalysts, order flow, and unusual option volume



My name is Scott Matusow, I'm an independent investor/trader. I have had the most success in trading/investing in smaller cap growth companies. I am not 'officially trained' in the markets, which allows me to see things 'outside the box." You can visit my site at for our latest articles and trade calls.


I am an accountant by profession with a strong interest in investing. My area of expertise is in the Technology and Energy industries. As I also strongly believe in a Sustainable and Green Lifestyle, I write about Renewable Sector – Solar and Wind Energy in particular.