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Luis Aureliano

How Warren Buffett’s Bitcoin Antagonism Fails To Square With The Reality Of The Technology

May 23 2022 @ 08:12
Despite the steady growth in Bitcoin’s value, popularity, and mainstream acceptance, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren...

Future-Proofing Blockchain: The Quest To Ensure End-To-End On-Chain Privacy

Feb 24 2022 @ 03:02
Blockchain technology has evolved significantly over the last decade, gradually disrupting traditional business...

Colizeum Helps Mobile Game Developers Explore New Monetization Options And Secures $8.4 Million In Funding

Jan 26 2022 @ 09:16
As mobile gaming now represents over half of the gaming industry’s revenue annually, tough decisions need to...

Here Are Projects That Will Enable Metaverse Ecosystems in 2022

Jan 26 2022 @ 05:06
Metaverse ecosystems are taking center stage in the world of social interactions. New ecosystems will define how...

Best Up-and-Coming IDO Launchpads to Watch in 2022

Jan 26 2022 @ 04:48
What would crypto be without its community? The users are what makes blockchains and dApps so innovative and...

Crypto & DeFi Hacks Are On The Rise: Here’s How To Keep Your Assets Safe

Jan 26 2022 @ 04:45
Blockchain’s appeal stems in part from its immutable nature. It can be thought of as a public ledger that records...

REVU Set To Be First Native Cardano Asset To List On KuCoin &

Jan 05 2022 @ 03:17
Revuto is making a big claim this week, saying its REVU token will become the first native Cardano asset to list on...

What If Blockchain Didn’t Damage the Environment?

Oct 18 2021 @ 10:51
Blockchain-based platforms often get a bad reputation for their damaging effect on the environment — after all, the...

The (Crypto) Taxman Cometh

Jun 30 2021 @ 11:42
Crypto tax is an ever-evolving field, with heavy consequences if you don’t navigate correctly.  Here are three key...

These Projects Are Shaping The Future Roadmap of DeFi

May 26 2021 @ 08:59
The decentralized finance industry has undergone significant growth since its inception. Whereas initial efforts...
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