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Humanigen Inc (CE)

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you cannot save a company that wants to go bankrupt. or don't care if goes bankrupt. someone or some short position wanted the company to declare chapter 11 and shares become worthless.. they sold over 160 million worth of equity in 2020/2021 in the market.
now it's bankrupt they bought the assets back for nothing for free. and resell the lenzi asset for billions. gain and raise new equity. that was the entire scheme. you think if the lenzi assets are worth $1 billion they sell it for $100 million? any drug that is approved by the FDA has sales is worth at least 1 billion. that big pharma would pay for it. it cost over 100-200 million to develop a new drug today in 2024 from stage 1 to FDA approval
And for the .047/share legal settlement by former disgruntled fake shareholders, the award of $3 million was a settlement or out of court settlement that it agree to pay not ordered to pay by a judge or juror., The judge or juror would have awarded nothing to the shareholder lawsuit but since hgenq bought insurance on this type of lawsuit it agrees to pay $3 million. it collects the $5 million from insurance company. it only paid $500,000 for one year of insurance premium and made 4.5 million in insurance fraud payout. As for the shareholders who paid the law firm to get civil court hearing, they won't get anything as all the money is in some trust fund and they are last in line to the fake creditors. the company wanted to have the fake lawsuit which made it impossible to raise additional equity from the equities market. the company admitted wrong doing intentionally and wanted to settle as they won't pay a dime to the fake lawsuit and get the case out of court. but the lawsuit was death sentence to the company's ability to raise new equity from new shareholders.
cowtown jay cowtown jay 12 hours ago
The reasons Taran would buy Humanigen's stock, or enter into a stock-for-stock merger, were confirmed by several things, most importantly, the amended Asset Purchase Agreement. Add to that the recently announced co-exclusive licensing agreement between Sanofi and Novavax, and the pending spinoff of Sanofi's healthcare sector, at the same time that Novavax's former President of R&D will become available, possibly to oversee the integration of Sanofi's spinoff with Novavax. Dubovsky may also integrate some of the other 25 M&A candidates Sanofi is looking at. In the nearer term, we will likely turn to Sanofi to manufacture lenz, especially for CMML and aGvHD, plus for some of the 77 oncology, etc., trials that Sanofi has in progress, and where lenz could prove to be beneficial.
Due to some countries with inadequate funding for civil courts, the complainant is denied justice from delays in hearings due to backlog of years delays in filing court filings and high legal cost, and the accused just leaves the country and/or settles. Due to long legal cost, most people with no funds for legal representation don't even bother going to court. In wall street, SEC don't even bother with 97% of investors complaints of wrong doing of listed companies like investor fraud or 'investment fraud' complaints, ie many civil cases are just settled like lawsuits on insurance companies in car insurance. rather than lengthy court hearings if they admit to wrong doing under tort law.

What Is Litigation?

In the United States, anyone can seek a remedy in the public court system.

A plaintiff (a person who initiates a case and makes a formal legal complaint) files paperwork with the court to get the process started. The defendant (the person who the plaintiff has a legal issue with) is required to come to court if the court has authority (jurisdiction) over them.

When a plaintiff initiates a legal claim, the plaintiff has the burden of providing evidence and proving their case.

The defendant can ask for the case to be dismissed if there is insufficient evidence to proceed or can raise defenses and argue that the plaintiff’s evidence is not true or doesn’t meet the legal requirements.

A judge or a jury will then make a decision on the outcome of the case, which the parties are bound by unless it is overturned on appeal.
In some countries litigation can take couple of years from beginning to end. as there is waiting list in many courts. an delay in justice is a denial justice, which many gov't don't understand. In countries under MARTIAL LAW, decisions are handed out in days. not years because civil lawsuits are too numerous and backlog and 'not considered a priority.' or serious CRIME and often the penalty is just a monetary compensation and no prison.

The Litigation Process

There are different steps to the litigation process, which may vary slightly depending on the court the claim is filed in and the nature of the case. In general, however, this is the basic process involved in litigation:

A plaintiff files a complaint with the court. The plaintiff must state the legal grounds their action is based on. For example, a plaintiff could petition for divorce or could make a personal injury claim under tort laws alleging a negligent defendant harmed them.
A defendant is served with court paperwork (or waives service of process if applicable). The court must have jurisdiction over the parties and over the case. This means the plaintiff and/or defendant must have sufficient connection to the area (such as by living or doing business in the area where the claim was filed) and that the court must have legal authority to decide on the issues raised by the case.
The defendant may file an answer. This means the defendant has the ability to respond to the complaint the plaintiff has made.
Initial motions are filed. The parties file motions, which are requests they want to make to the court. The defendant can file counterclaims, which means they raise separate legal claims against the plaintiff.
The discovery process unfolds. The parties exchange evidence during discovery. Either party may file motions asking the court to require the other party to produce specific relevant evidence. For example, a plaintiff could ask the court to compel the defendant to turn over financial statements they believe are being hidden.
Pre-trial conferences take place: Usually, there are several pre-trial conferences throughout the process. During these conferences, scheduling issues are addressed and the parties have a chance to talk and consider settlement options.
A trial takes place. Both parties call witnesses, cross-examine each other’s witnesses and present evidence. The plaintiff presents first and has the legal burden of proving their claim. The defendant has the opportunity to raise defenses, call the plaintiff’s evidence into question or ask for the case to be dismissed if there’s not enough evidence. There is a specific burden of proof applied to the plaintiff. For example, in most personal injury claims, a plaintiff must prove their case by a preponderance of the evidence, or show that more likely than not their claims against the defendant are true and valid legal claims.
A judgment is entered. A judge or a jury decides the case.
One or more parties may appeal. This means they ask an appeals court to reconsider decisions made on legal (but generally not factual) issues raised in the original case. For example, a plaintiff or defendant could ask the appeals court to consider whether evidence should have been ruled admissible or whether the law was applied correctly, but not to reconsider whether a particular witness presented compelling testimony or not.
Judgment is enforced. If there are no successful appeals, the judgment is enforced.

Every step of this process requires following complex rules of evidence, ensuring you’ve submitted the proper court paperwork and complying with court deadlines. You should have an experienced attorney helping you throughout the entire litigation process.
The only legal issue is whether Taran can claim it owns an asset it bought for free that is supposedly worth $1 billion.
It assumes the seller hgenq agrees to transfer an asset worth 1 billion for free.
In law. it's money laundering, it's like selling your house which is worth 10 million to someone for free. you are also the buyer and seller.? to hide the assets and not pay the tax on the sale .
the gov't gets tax on all assets transferred.
that is some legal issue.
you one of those investors think you can buy shares of once $100 stock for 1 penny? pfff.
hgen shares was trading at $5/share for a reason because if FDA approved it,,the shares are worth $16/share
you think people would sell your shares worth $5 for 4 cents? pfffff the shares are worthless when they sold it at 5 cents. the shorts covered at 4 cents. that was the only buyer. now at here
no buyers zip. no volume
you actually niave or foolish that you can actually buy someothing for 10 cents on the dollar and don't think it is not stolen. why would someone sell you something for 90% discount?
why you think hot stuff gets like 10 cents on the dollar. the buyer of Lenzi= can trace the 'stolen' product. and knows it's 'stolen' there is no way someone would sell an asset worth 1 billion for free, OKAY!!!
only reason they would do that is if the Taran who currently owns of the 'potential' $1 billion Lenzi patent that it bought for FREE gets approved by the FDA but no buyer will buy a 'STOLEN' product that that has lien on it or litigation.
cowtown jay cowtown jay 1 day ago
All Taran has to do is to offer their shares in exchange for HGEN shares. That will force a buy-in. Other potential catalysts could be some kind of business relationship, such as a product licensor, with Novavax and/or Sanofi, or regulatory approval, perhaps from Australia, for CMML. The Liquidating Trustee still retains the authority to establish an Existing Equity Interests Record Date, should there be a Distribution to Holders of Allowed Existing Equity Interests. See the footnotes on pp 44 and 45/85.

Lenz may yet prove to be the biggest blockbuster drug in history, surpassing Humira's $21B earned in 2022. Big Pharma discounted Humanigen's success, because they underestimated our management, and, thanks to the designed-to-fail ACTIV-5 NIAID/NIH trial, they may have also underestimated lenzilumab's safety and efficacy.

It may have been necessary to take this CH11 this far, because Sanofi may not spinoff their healthcare division until Q4, or Q1 of next year.

SG44, please advise if I need to re-evaluate, if you would, please.
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shajandr shajandr 1 day ago
Whoops-oops!!! Time for you to send a strongly-worded telegram or Telex 🤣🤣 to STEVE MNUNCHIN.

cc: Judge IZARRY and Judge BERNSTEIN too.


LOLOL@ this dead turd ever trading.

and they could not raise additional money from issuance of new shares via share dilution due to the FAKE 40 million creditor liability and fake shareholder lawsuit. new investors usually don't touch or invest in companies where the CEO is being sued for investor fraud okay, but that was the plan was to go bankrupt. most of any new money is from existing investors if the company needed more money but the shareholders was shooting themselves in the feet and made their shares worthless with these lawsuits. or shareholders is...
the trustee of a trust fund have so much control of the trust fund it can embezzle all the money into his own account and nothing you can do about it.
in chaper 11 , creditors own the assets of the debtor. creditors decided to sell the 1 billion dollar lenzi asset for free. the creditors could have kept the lenzi patent and not auction it off for nothing. the creditors now haven no claim on anything nor do the hgenq shareholders. all the entity or any claims to the dissolved hgenq is in some TRUST. supposedly. but that can be dissolved too. the trust shut down too. the trustee of the trust can just shut it down and not respond to any claims. and nothing the creditor can do about it. unless you trust the 'trustee' of the trust fund it's impossible to sue a trust fund for money
just look at many of the companies, 100% funded by investor money. no profit operations. and you wonder why they are bankrupt and shut down. and shares are worthless. shares are worth nothing if the business is out of business and keeps losing money and assets are less than liabilities. in this case the fake creditors want their money and thinks they are entitled to 7 million for breach of contract or cancellation of contract or $3 million because FDA didn't approve the FDA application. these shareholders blame the CEO and know the risk. Was it a pump and dump in 2022, ceo mislead investors and they bought the shares, they know the risk, if FDA doesn't approve the drug, they owe millions to drug manufacturing companies and clinics who did all the work.
the company would not have needed to declare chapter 11 if there was no FAKE creditor claims of 40 million. these fake creditors won't get a dime yet force bankruptcy.
if the company doesn't go bankrupt, they may get some money.
as of now, the fake creditors not only get no payment, they owe their lawyers for legal fees for making the lawsuits. the fake creditor commitee is being billed $40,000/month and who is paying for it not whhgenq. there is no money to pay
why waste money on legal fees to sue someone, when there is zero chance of getting any payment even if Judge orders the fine. you cannot collect the fine or lawsuit. even if you win.
they probably collect on the $5 million INSURANCE fraud. which is going to the company to pay legal fees as insurance company has the money to pay. hgenq has no reserve to pay anyone, it's essentially chapter 7 with the trustee of dissolution.
never reply to these shareholders lawsuits, your name is put in the fool's list and you get more offers of scam investments or investment fraud. you don't see Buffet or billionaires investing in these companies for a reason. there investment advisor not to touch or deal with stocks operated by certain individuals. As for SEC and courts, you wasting your time to sue these companies, you get nothing in return. over 50% of stocks are like hgenq,,SEC doesn't care nor should they.
CowTown Jay is probably paid cheerleader like they always have in penny stocks or some delusional retail investor. the supposedly 30 investors who filed the shareholder lawsuit who was suppose to get .047/share is not posting in social media like yahoo, investorshub or any stock forum, it's because they are fake lawsuits and fake losses.
it doesn't matter of the Lenzilumab ip asset is worth $1 billion and can generate $1 bilion in sales/year
Taran bought the asset which has 'potential' to be worth $4 billion.
Taran owns the patent that it bought for free.
as for milestone payments maximum payment is only $10 million. after legal fees etc you lucky to get $5 million which at best value your hgenq shareholders in the trust get like 5 cents/share.
now if the LENZI drug can have $1 billion per year in sales and is FDA approved. Ask, why did Taran get it for 'free'?
cowtown jay cowtown jay 2 days ago
"Humanigen Announces First Participant Dosed in RATinG Trial of Lenzilumab for Early Treatment of Acute Graft Versus Host Disease Following Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation
Aug 07, 2023...

Planned interim assessment expected in 2024 following treatment of first 20 participants"

"PREACH-M trial: Lenzilumab may improve treatment response in chronic myelomonocytic leukemia
Download PDF Copy

These results suggest lenzilumab may normalize hematologic and inflammatory aberrations in CMML and improve the condition of participants."
💩 1 🤡 1
cowtown jay cowtown jay 2 days ago
"Sanofi vaccine deal kicks off Novavax's 'new chapter': Analyst"

Sanofi also announced their "Play to Win" strategy, which includes, "...Investing in over 25 value-creating business development and M&A deals to further strengthen Sanofi’s pipeline."
🗑️ 1 🤡 1
cowtown jay cowtown jay 2 days ago
see pg 40/85

2. Milestone Payments
The Purchaser, the Foreign Subsidiary, and any other entity that is an Affiliate of the
Purchaser or Foreign Subsidiary that acquires any of the Acquired Assets (the “Regulatory
Milestone Parties” which Regulatory Milestone Party shall include any entity that merges with or
enters into a joint venture with any of the Regulatory Milestone Parties), may be obligated to pay
to the Debtor or its successor or assignee (including, but not limited to, statutory trustees, plan
trustees, plan administrators, litigation trustees, and liquidating trustees) certain contingent
payments (the “Milestone Payments”) in consideration for the Acquired Assets upon achievement
of certain development and commercial milestone events set forth in more detail in section 2.5 of
the APA (as amended by the Third Amendment to Asset Purchase Agreement [Docket No. 140]
and the Fourth Amendment to Asset Purchase Agreement [Docket No. 153] (the “Fourth
Amendment to the APA”)) and summarized below:
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chapter 7 is much faster and usually no bankruptcy court is needed. bailliff just seize all assets and liquidate. and distribute to creditors. and shut down operation. especially if the debts are owed to some bank, for this company the debts are owed to vendors as accounts /receivables, normally they never get their money back for accounts receivable account unpaid, owners just bail and leave town.
many business go bankrupt from unpaid accounts receivables and you get collapse. dominoes effect. one large bankruptcy bankrupts 10 other companies etc.
difference between chapter 11 and chapter 7
chapter 11: company still 'exist' and business,employees,customers still operating after completion of chapter 11 and new owners. company operations like bank acounts, credit cards,and employees are not laid off, are not shut down
chapter 7: all assets liquidated, corporation dissolved. shut down. cease to exist. all employees corporation is dissolved and no longer exist.
dloggold dloggold 2 days ago
that reminds me jay can you change the name of the board to taran? or do we have to start a new board , whatever happens we need to follow mr cameron durrant’s
future escapades.
dloggold dloggold 2 days ago
i mean taran lol
SorcererGuru44 SorcererGuru44 2 days ago
The post you quoted was correct, though not released today but instead on the 19th.

For those wondering why this was not converted to Chapter 7, it's clear from reading the approved docket this is solely due to costs of doing so, and that it would delay payments to secured claims. The purpose of the liquidating trustee in this case is there merely for winding down the business and payments to the aforementioned secured claims.

As for the milestone payments achieved, if any, they will mean nothing to us as members of Class 5.
👍️ 1
dloggold dloggold 2 days ago
its great humanigen has all this potential, however it no longer has anything to do with the fact that durrant and his buddies now completely own everything of value.
you dont understand this jay?
👍️ 1
dloggold dloggold 2 days ago
it was a devastating blow but i moved on a while ago . and that is correct as of approval of the bankruptcy plan we shareholders got nothing.
and no word from durrant.
im sure he is looking for new money right now and he no longer has to worry about the people he screwed over
GURUBK GURUBK 2 days ago
How about the complete liquidation of the shares? What is your take? Info was released today.
👍️ 1 ❤️ 1
cowtown jay cowtown jay 2 days ago
What allowed Gracell to process CAR-T completion in 24 hours, instead of taking 6 weeks?

Why did the EMA want Novavax to prove their new covid vaccine could show the same results over time, and across a wider area?

In terms of the PREACH-M and RATinG studies, we know that CMML and aGvHD patients may finally have a cure.

Sorry to deduce that lenz may have improved the CAR-T and non-mRNA covid vaccine efficacies, based on speculation, without as much evidence as we see for CMML and aGvHD. I have noted the co-exclusive licensing deal announced between Sanofi and Novavax, for what that might be worth to you, ahead of evidence that lenz is the common denominator, and the licensed product.

There is probably nobody that is more eager for good news than I am, nor more disappointed when potential announcement dates come and go without news.

If people have no clue about what is happening, if they have no appreciation of what lenzilumab's success could mean to them as investors, and they would prefer to be left to wonder, then they should stop reading my posts. Or not. Because as time goes on, I see only MORE reason to be wildly optimistic, as I am. That should come as, "... no news."
💩 1 🤡 1
DTGoody DTGoody 2 days ago
I do have to agree with you on this. What does any of this have to do with HGEN?

At this point I only care about HGEN and what is to become of our shares?

Again great for them. What does this have to do with hgen?
JA3 JA3 2 days ago

Per TwongStocks on ST: Liquidation Plan has been confirmed by the Court, docket 309.

Per the Liquidation Plan, all equity interests (shares) will be cancelled. They do not expect any monetary distribution to shareholders.

My best to all of you who have hung in there through all of this. I am sickened every time I think of this investment. If you are like me and will have nearly an impossible time making up for your losses, I feel for you.

👍️ 1 ✔️ 1
All-Bidness All-Bidness 2 days ago
Again great for them. What does this have to do with hgen? No speculation, what does this have to do with hgen? The 13th has come and give add well as the 18th which someone said the meeting had moved to... no news
👍️ 1 ✔️ 1
cowtown jay cowtown jay 2 days ago
The Sanofi/Novavax co-exclusive licensing agreement, coupled with the impending spin-off of Sanofi's healthcare sector, coupled yet again with the resignation of Novavax's R&D President, lead me to compare our evolving structural changes to those exhibited by InhibRx.

"Inhibrx Announces Sale of INBRX-101 to
Sanofi for $1.7 Billion Upfront
SAN DIEGO, Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Inhibrx, Inc. (Nasdaq: INBX) ("Inhibrx," or the "Company") and Sanofi (Nasdaq: SNY)
("Sanofi") today announced that the companies have entered into a definitive agreement under which Aventis Inc., a Pennsylvania
corporation (a subsidiary of Sanofi) will acquire all the assets and liabilities associated with INBRX-101, an optimized, recombinant alpha-1
antitrypsin ("AAT") augmentation therapy currently in a registrational trial for the treatment of patients with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency
("AATD"). Immediately prior to the closing of the merger, all non-101 assets and liabilities, including INBRX-105, INBRX-106, INBRX-109,
Inhibrx's non-101 discovery pipeline and its corporate infrastructure, will be spun out from the Company into a new publicly traded
company, Inhibrx Biosciences, Inc. ("New Inhibrx").

Under the terms of the agreement, Sanofi will acquire all outstanding shares of Inhibrx through a merger, and in turn, each Inhibrx
shareholder will receive: (i) $30.00 per share in cash, (ii) one contingent value right per share, representing the right to receive a contingent
payment of $5.00 in cash upon the achievement of a regulatory milestone and (iii) one SEC-registered, publicly listed, share of New Inhibrx
per every four shares of Inhibrx common stock held. In addition, in connection with the transaction, Sanofi will assume and retire Inhibrx's
outstanding third party debt and cause New Inhibrx to be funded with $200 million in cash and will retain an equity interest in New Inhibrx
of 8%. The boards of directors of both Inhibrx and Sanofi have unanimously approved the transaction.
Combined, the upfront cash portion of the consideration, the potential contingent value payment, if achieved, and the assumption of
Inhibrx's debt, implies an aggregate transaction value of approximately $2.2 billion. Additionally, Inhibrx shareholders will own 92% of New
Inhibrx capitalized with $200 million in cash."

see pg 44/97

Also note the follow-on story on pg 45/97
"Not Your Typical M&A Take-Out: InhibRx Accepts Low Premium in
Exchange for Right to Continue"

Related SEC filing:

I'm just looking for pathways to our success. Not being sure of the pathway is to be expected. But being sure of our success, to me, is also to be expected.
🗑️ 1 🤡 1
cowtown jay cowtown jay 3 days ago
I was wondering when John Hohneker would show up again.

ArriVent Appoints John Hohneker, M.D., to its Board of Directors
May 16, 2024

Cheryl Buxton appears to serve as an Independent Director for Wallmine investment advisors.

And we know Kevin Xie's Gracell is now a subsidiary of AstraZeneca, and likely a lenzilumab licensee. I always thought there was an opportunity for us to improve the safety and efficacy of AZ's covid vaccine, in addition to their acquired CAR-T.
🗑️ 1 🤡 1
dloggold dloggold 4 days ago
thats a fair point, the only difference is cytodyn has such a huge retail sheep detail following the company that paulson is able to dump shares to at will. no such thing here
All-Bidness All-Bidness 4 days ago
That's nothing, could've done an offering with Paulsen Investments like Cytodyn does, they raise $10's of millions they have close to a billion shares. Company had options, question is why didn't they try. They tried for a partnership, didn't work out, gave up.
Same with many US agencies giving excess fines to companies. etc. giving 100 million to rats? or whistle blowers. company pays the fine for their 'alledge' crimes and settle, SEC gets a cut of the 100 million.why should the rat get anything? SEC employees get half of any payment. that is how corrupt the SEC is now.
courts given these fines to people or companies. without thinking that the fines are excessive and unreasonable. and is considered state persecution when fines are too high. it's punitive and state persecution rather than preventative or fair fines. that amount that HSBC bank was force to pay close to 1.2 billion for 'alledged' money laundering is one special case. when entire exchange is money laundering and entire cryto coin industry is money laundering yet HSBC which is foreign bank main bussiness is in Asia is targeted either HSBC was competition in the lucrative forex business and cryto coin trading in the US market. HSBC just shut down all it branches in US after the 1.2 billion fine was paid.
The King of France owed huge debt to the knights of templars to fund wars and he could not pay so what he did, he killed the creditors by making false accusations of devil worshipping by the knight templars who are not the free masons.
Now with debts that are unreasonable and unjustified, the debtor can just kill the credistors as what the Germans did in war world 2. it was given unfair fines in the versailles treaty and debt carried interest so by 1930 due to high inflation the debt exploded, and no way Germany can repay the war debts or be 'enslaved' so it declared war on France and England. all because the debt given to Germany was excessive, unfair and unreasonable, the debt would have enslave the country if it was not written off after world war 2.
of the 44 million 'creditor claims'
a least 40 million is 'disputed' claims so this company only had 4 million in unpaid 'expenses' with 3 million in cash. in 2022.
why even pay a dime to some fake 40 million 'DISPUTED' claims. ?
it was easier and more expedient to just declare chapter 11 but was the plan to go bankrupt. and get sued and collect the 5 million insurance payout.
cowtown jay cowtown jay 4 days ago
The Authorized Shares is 225M, and 119,080,135 of those shares are issued and Outstanding.

At one time, I think management was contemplating a 5:1 forward split. We may still see something like that. For example, maybe Taran will offer 5 shares of their stock, for every one share of HGEN stock, and end up with an OS of 595,400,675 shares. That OS was reported for us, at one time.

Any news will result in more than enough to pay off our Unsecured Creditors, and have this bankruptcy discharged. Remember, after TLD, I was able to sell shares at an average price of ~$28 (x 119,080,135 = a Market Cap of $3.3B, even without the spike of a recall of the loaned shares, or news regarding CMML).

We're dealing with the US government owning a sizable chunk of Moderna, and the ECB and German government heavily invested in Pfizer, plus these governments are providing the majority of the Regulatory Agencies' operating expenses, with government scientists also earning royalties from these companies.

So I agree that the best move is to look to Australia for the approval of lenz to treat CMML.

Management has more ice water in their veins than we do. I think it represents nothing less than stone cold resolve, and means that we will succeed.
and how the insurance company who paid out $5 million without a redflag? the employee of the insurance company which approves payout is probably bribed too. and insurance company gets ripped off. most of the time insurance company won't pay a dime and even hire private investigators for insurance fraud if it has red flags. and don't pay if there is suspicion of insurance fraud. especially for murders or death of life insurance where wife is murdered by husband and claims insurance, business insurance liability fraud is much easier to do insurance fraud. as nobody is murdered.
dloggold dloggold 4 days ago
tough to get money when you owe 45 mm out the gate , so…
And for the $5 million dollar management insurance which was bough in 2022 and company filed a claim in 2023,, what insurance would not raise red flag that its insurance fraud. with some insurance companyagainst management lawsuits or management misconduct. it's just for legal fees or any fines the company has to pay for 'employee misconduct' the employees if they commit crimes are still personally liable for their 'crimes' if criminally responsible. and the money is paid to the company not the employee or any creditor claims.
management think they are buying insurance for murder or robbery. there is no insurance for robbery, if you found guilty of robbery or murder, the employee goes to jail. insurance is just to cover the cost of legal fees and fines in civil cases not criminal charges.
who sell that kind of insurance.
it's like the music companies buying insurance for their singers if the singer on contract dies, the music company gets paid $10 million insurance payment. the music company could have killed the singer and say it was suicide type of insurance fraud. like in korea, how can that many actors and singers just commit suicide. someone bought life 'business' insurance for them.
cowtown jay cowtown jay 4 days ago
"Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) is a group of cancers that affect the bone marrow and blood. In MDS, immature blood cells in the bone marrow don't develop normally and instead die or become unhealthy. This can lead to a buildup of defective cells over time, which can cause problems like anemia, leukopenia, and thrombocytopenia.",%2Dclotting%20platelets%20(thrombocytopenia).

I will not be surprised if lenzilumab is being used in the treatment of MDS in Mayo Clinic's Investigator Initiated Trial (IIT). And I think our CMO, Dr. Michael W Schuster, could be aiding Mayo in their IIT. This is his area of expertise.
🤡 1 ✔️ 1
All-Bidness All-Bidness 4 days ago
So with the low authorized shares 100M and low to no debt. Why didn't the company request additional shares and set up an offering to keep the company going instead of bankruptcy
cowtown jay cowtown jay 4 days ago
Humanigen, Inc., paid off their loan from Hercules Capital, about $25M, as I recall, to prevent Hercules from gaining control of the IP, as the book value of the company plummeted.
💩 1 🤡 1
ie ,if guilliani who was ordered by the court in civil court to owe 100 million bogus 'penalty' for defamation or any wrong doing and has only $1 million in assets and no way he can repay and cannot declare bankruptcy and have debts discharge all his income is theoretically garnished or can be taken so he is essentially a slave made by the 'state'. if there was no bankruptcy law as the 'debt' someone claims on his is beyond reasonable. and no way he can repay such debt but be slave. and debt can never be repaid.

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