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The Man With No Name The Man With No Name 1 hour ago
Go grab me a sandwich peasant.

Please, keep are good for the laughs.

You've got a serious case of short man syndrome. Run along child. You want to compare??

What do you want to measure? How many women? Liquid worth? Step up big boy.

Pretty pathetic you tout 70 something thousand shares of this garbage, less than a 100K....and you need a partner!

What about oil? I bought a load of MRO @ $3.50 and XOM at $36. Go consult your software 😂, pro account or whatever other nonsense you rattled about.

The preferreds are trading at a fraction and you hold lottery tickets at best.

I wouldn't let you valet my f'n Ferrari. Manage money? LMAO 😂

Fess up, are you the guy that did the video with Pag's wife?
🤡 2 ☠️ 1
NeoSunTzu NeoSunTzu 2 hours ago
Why would FHFA approve the Freddie Mac program when it goes against the ostensible safety and soundness principle as well as contrary to the stance taken by the vast majority of industry participants as expressed during the comment period? To this Tim Howard opined ...

I think FHFA’s motivation here is political, just as it was earlier in the year when Director Thomson removed the block she had imposed on a Fannie pilot program to allow “seven or eight” lenders to waive title insurance requirements on a “relatively small number of mortgage financings.” That insignificant program was given the bold-print heading “Lowering the Cost of Refinancing,” and presented as one of the four ways the administration was “Lowering Homeownership Costs” in its March 7, 2024 “Plan to Lower Housing Costs for Working Families.” My sense is that we’re seeing the same thing here. FHFA has tentatively approved (subject to another review and comment period) a $2.5 billion Freddie pilot to purchase closed-end second mortgages, and I suspect that before too long we will see this presented as FHFA, and the administration, “unlocking the values in American’s homes.”

I whole-heartedly agree as it illustrate's this administration's lip-service, no-action stance when it comes to making a real difference in Americans' lives.
👍️ 1
real777mellon real777mellon 2 hours ago
Figure it out yourself DS. 💩
👍️ 1 💤 1
real777mellon real777mellon 2 hours ago
Just really wanna post this condescending crap on it's own it's too funny:
👍️ 1
real777mellon real777mellon 2 hours ago
You guys who sit here and fight all day are not accomplishing anything. It's fun talking to people who email me about lurking here and all the shit that you're missing - and why they no longer post here. Better than guys WHO KNOW ok THEY KNOW... like price obsessed folks. You gotta evaluate not just predict. Here's an example I saw of a very arrogant and WRONG man in 2017 throwing his bogus weight around yet the guy in 2017 was right. Kudos to him.

He makes up the idea that during Conservatorship, the shares don't reflect how a company does financially. Of course! With lies & fraud! @valuewalk articles are paid by the plotters.#Fanniegate @WhiteHouse— Conservatives against Trump (@CarlosVignote) September 21, 2020

I'm not intimidated to correct you but give me some fundamentals at least - out of respect for the community that was great until Redditors showed up. I had to register a new account for awhile that I use today because I didn't feel like getting stalked in 2021-2023. Those Reddit mobs are entitled little B's that don't think waiting is worth it and they deserve their pumps and someone to save them. I will never wait to act for someone to save me. I'm in before and in long.

15 YEARS to recapitalize? W/e you wanna call it. OOF what a blow for big shot.

Has he ever been patient or competent or is he just trying to do some sort of hero roll while distorting I think he actually does believe in GSEs he's just terrible on timing.

Still pending on SEC sit too so suck my - it's free info:

Bad timing is almost as bad as price predictions with no basis. I don't do them I just know it's going to be a triple digit stock coinciding with all environmental factors of 2025 I've gone over enough here. Later Amazon Bought JCP -Q man. 5/26/20 People don't forget.
👍️ 1 💤 1
real777mellon real777mellon 3 hours ago
It's laughable you are incapable of seeing how underpriced that is. It's just an actual BV. No dark pools or hiding spreads on my info.

You're a jester who plays with his dingy while the men who know about the economic environment, access, global connected fiber optic undersea cables, data centers, latency, 100% E2E uptime has come. You have no idea how big CME Group is. You have no clue how many USD denominated Mortgage obligations AI can check W-2 for creditworthiness in a fraction of a second and you haven't the slightest clue to refute me because you're a moron who is just "price price price price"... Losers talk price price price when there's no economic and environmental comparison between 2008 and 2025. I guess that's why you missed the Argentine play in 2022 when it was time to get into oil and energy or banking and finance there.

Did I ever tell you it's fucking amazing to swim ahead of the heard with your own conviction? Rather than be a monkey on a Web 1-2 message forum who told everyone May 26 2020 that Amazon was buying JCPenny. Then you said you could write a book on how many bankruptcy proceedings you've been involved in.

Go grab me a sandwich peasant. I'll throw you some change if you bring it back without f'ing that up too. Amazon call boy.

JCPenny -Q stock never was bought by Amazon - the book he claimed he can write I would like to read it about as much as Tim Pagliara's book. And then oh right... Like BBBYQ - he held til delisting and got nothing for his large stake in JCP -Q stock.

Get a life incel. I bet you didn't read a word I said - I under shot it at BV and it is STILL good enough to not dilute when you got an actual exchange settlement on the NYSE after and NOT a quotation where some retail traders brokerage apps allow access to OTCQB quoted stocks but aren't actually settled on an EXCHANGE but matched with broker-dealer directly to another party. You didn't know all that just like you didn't realize NO ONE can see the block trading going on. So you can't possibly know the spot value for commons just like you said you KNEW Amazon was buying JCP -Q stock and uh.. sorta got delisted bud. At least I have a growing portfolio that only me and my partner manage and I have enough insight to have both of us in line with value investing - you know like in the last year of owning $FNMA we're still up 152% on entry and this is just QTCQB. We are long long long committed and if you have a problem go rag on Charlie Munger again. You are too stupid to ever understand global expansion and access + demand + velocity + settlement times + you just found out about AI credit worthiness and processing at fcking microseconds because guess what - your little peanut head uses emojis and writes about 10 words then leaves. Big win for the incels.

Shouldn't you be on Reddit? You should be on Reddit.
👍️ 3 💤 1
Golfbum22 Golfbum22 3 hours ago
Just getting my 1 post in today

I can’t keep it for tomorrow

Go FnF

Freedom next administration
👍️ 8 🚀 4
Stern is Bald Stern is Bald 4 hours ago
You know what's smart? That nerd Fannie Gate outfit you wear..
👍️ 1 😂 2
Rodney5 Rodney5 4 hours ago
I would think that’s a lame argument you wrote.

The obsolete $2.25B limit at the time created had as much purchasing power as the $200B limit today? In 1969 what was gas maybe 0.40 cents a gallon, new car $3,500?? The $2.25B is the price Congress was willing to put up for providing a public service. Factoring in inflation $200B is not a lot for $7 Trillion today.
TightCoil TightCoil 4 hours ago

FNMA up or down manana? (that's Spanish for tomorrow)?
👍️ 4 🤧 1
bradford86 bradford86 6 hours ago
Smart. All pfds too!
👍️ 1 💤 1 🤣 1
clarencebeaks21 clarencebeaks21 6 hours ago
Both can be relevant to the same inquiry, or an inquiry might lead you to just one of the two. It just depends on the nature of the inquiry.
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 6 hours ago
seems to me from afar

as the GOV did pass HERA (leave to others if needed or right) ---- then HERA may well be what "controls" actions more than the charter act

Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 6 hours ago
yes but

imagine the Press ----- I do not care if right or left

GOV to back up by 200B ---- and no change in GOV control or oversight ?

200B max? no GOV control ?

Ouch for whatever POTUS or PARTY --- especially as many were blaming F and F for 2008 mess (wrongly)
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 6 hours ago
Most PPS use this metric (net income) 15B x (P/E) 15 = $225 ish

that would be for 1B shares even ? (15B x 15 = 225B) ((((= 225 a share PPS?)

(my math could be confused)

I suggest --- the PE for a financial is more like 12 - so 15B profit x 12 PE = 180B market cap

Then - I assume the GOV will kill the LP/SP (I hope) at the price of using the warrants (the PR works::kill the obligation if at same time the PR notes 1) 300 on the 200, and 2) more profit via WTS over say 10 years)

15B profit /5B shares = 3B profit per share at PS of 10-12 so = something over 30 PPS ??????
👍️ 1 💯 1
clarencebeaks21 clarencebeaks21 6 hours ago
“Section 4.4 is different … because a potential shareholder…usually doesn’t get to write their own terms and conditions for valid issuance of shares… before they actually purchase them.”

That’s a fair point, but criticism if any then starts with Congress, because HERA amended the charter act with 304(g)(1)(A), authorizing UST to buy “on such terms and conditions as the Secretary may determine”—which is very broad (note it doesn’t say “reasonably determine”).

An apparent check & balance there is FNMA could not be compelled to comply, rather mutual assent was required. Of course, in conservatorship we know the major powers of the FNMA board transferred to the Conservatorship Director, who thus (presumably) bargained for FNMA; that in turn might lead us into other parts of HERA, but also straight into the latitude granted in Collins v Yellen. Thanks and good luck.
clarencebeaks21 clarencebeaks21 7 hours ago
I read HERA as amending the charter act with uncapped emergency authority to purchase obligations or other securities. Congress’ focus was this drastic emergency authority, and what conditions to put on it (see 304(g)(1)A-D).

Thus it would have been relatively unimportant for Congress to update the peacetime $2.25B debt purchase cap in 304(c).
👍️ 1
Rodney5 Rodney5 7 hours ago
It’s been done. I’m not a lawyer as I said, I do not know how to proceed in filing a lawsuit. I put the man in contact with the person that does. Thanks for asking
👍️ 2 💨 1
NeoSunTzu NeoSunTzu 7 hours ago
Monday trading should be interesting ... Both Fannie and Freddie got back to their most recent highs on June 10th ... both started their downfall on June 11th ... both with increased volume culminating in their largest volumes in sometime on Friday with their biggest one-day drop in the range I'm highlighting here (6/10 to 6/21) ... Since 6/10 Fannie has traded nearly 45 million shares; Freddie nearly 25 million - that is only 8 trading days ...

Four "events" are notable in that period ... 1.) 6/10 or 6/11 is when Freddie made their first media release about delisting their last bond trading on the NYSE with 6/21 being the day that Form 25 was filed ... 2) Imbellish pointed out some proposed language changes in Delaware Corporate law sounding quite unfavorable to shareholders vis-a-vis companies or boards entering into certain types of contracts - decreasing shareholder recourse ... 3) imo - this past week or so it has become increasingly obvious that the Biden admininstration has no housing plan calling for a change in the c'ships ... and 4) the build up to and announcement of FHFA's approval of a limited Freddie Mac program on home equity loans.

All four and the snowball effect likely played the largest role; however, all except #2 are easily recoverable from and as time passes by and informaiton seeps in we should get back to those most recent highs - unless there is something more to this #2 or some other hidden factor. A nice rebound on Monday may show #1 spooked FnF holders through some misunderstanding of the event or mistaken beliefs. Who knows? and we'll see on Monday.
👍️ 3 👎️ 1
Sammy boy Sammy boy 8 hours ago
Cuckoos Nest !
tm3141 tm3141 8 hours ago
bob corker was a nightmare to f&f so i don’t want to go thru that painful stage again
Viking61 Viking61 8 hours ago
No problem buddy, it happens to the best of us.
stockanalyze stockanalyze 8 hours ago
are you still planning on it?
stockanalyze stockanalyze 8 hours ago
that is correct 60 bucks is laughable, it is $2100 down to $0.40 over last 16 years
👍️ 1
TightCoil TightCoil 8 hours ago
Thanks - My Saved Searches on Google
showed that article as being releases
just 8 hours before i posted it...Sorry
👍️ 1 💩 1
The Man With No Name The Man With No Name 9 hours ago
60 bucks? LMAO 🤣

The only way that happens is after 1000+ reverse split.
💩 4 🖕 1 🤡 5 ☠️ 1
real777mellon real777mellon 9 hours ago
You're a good person. If you only knew what he tried to pull with me he just shot his own foot off. I'm not going to get into it but it's quite fun to have a person expose their own idiocy and then you can just report his just as corrupt lawyer for the shenanigans they take against you to pull off the guys mask pretty easy. Like he's doing all he's ever been accused of now to me but should he have actually served me w certified mail or lawyer responded to get my personal address and not send a FedEx fake complaint and summons to my old Reg LLC agent in AZ as well as corruptly file a complaint in the jurisdiction TP and this lawyer wield localized power only. Causing me to google and e-filing for a FedEx sent packet that was filed agianst me w all the Pagliara word play in all his court cases. I wouldn't be in position to not fight back but just publicly see if they will apologize for a "mistake" that is his lawyer - according to the TennesseeBar. If he doesn't my complaint will be all the more convincing of my ordeal and I don't even WANT anything but an apology and to move on from TP and his psycho lawyer!
👍️ 3
real777mellon real777mellon 9 hours ago
It's the book value on my app you dink. ASK IBKR

Eh and btw I missed you cutoff thanks so sorry thought you were being rude.

It is LOW. I'm just saying what if IPO and NYSE concurrently of "diluted" and our shares started at $60. We could then negate the whole BS dilution neggers here.
👍️ 2 💩 1
Rodney5 Rodney5 9 hours ago
Yes, much simpler way just increase the amount of the government backstop that was already in place. But that would not have provided the door to kill the companies, the SPSPA provided that door.
👍️ 2 👎️ 1
nagoya1 nagoya1 10 hours ago
Care to share how you guesstimate the FNMA PPS at $59?

FNMA only has $85B or more...

I find that $59 amount kind of low. I'd be disappointed with that amount. It would be similar to the 0.05 value.

Most PPS use this metric (net income) 15B x (P/E) 15 = $225 ish

Thanks in advance

(As for your PAG info, I went to his website to compare, funny that the "not guilty info" is posted but without providing any dates.)

👍️ 3
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 10 hours ago
Ask Paulson

but you may be on to something -- why go to all that distance - when MAYBE there was a simpler way to connect the dots
👍️ 1
real777mellon real777mellon 10 hours ago
Good catch. I've noticed that search sites Google and Bing mainly are presenting news searches for certain stocks as "new" news but the date when you click is an article from years ago.

Crazy - maybe the algorithm catching the website going back and editing their past publishing without changing the date. There's a reason blockchains and time stamps have a purpose that only the media and left would hate to see implemented because this is a regular occurrence I've read much about and it can be fixed so easily.

Just as blockchain tracking of brokerage account transactions and ability to share select positions can be shared with added feature to apps like E*TRADE that the RoaringKitty used his screenshots this month to move markets but with real time blockchain tracking embedded into a share to Reddit or X or whatever function we wouldn't have to waste time over the validity of a position, we could demand to know where the position came from even, and we could track when the pullout occurred. It's responsible to both disclosures that we know move markets and to regulate without trusting some SEC or admin appointed oversight of a socialist regime that is not to be trusted and is not in favor of keeping the manipulation out of the system from external hostile agents as well as within the public sector of our own elected gov't - sad.
Viking61 Viking61 10 hours ago
Tightcoil, check your dates before you post . That article is from 2018. It’s an eternity ago.
👍️ 3
real777mellon real777mellon 10 hours ago
appreciate you
tm3141 tm3141 11 hours ago
well said!
👍️ 1
Guido2 Guido2 11 hours ago
👍️ 1 🤣 1
Rodney5 Rodney5 11 hours ago
Clarence, I’m not sure if you realize in exchange for their Public Mission Congress provided $2.25B. Why didn’t Congress update the obsolete $2.25B limit to the amount of $200B? Absolutely no need for the SPSPA contract.


The Secretary of the Treasury shall not at any time purchase any obligations under this subsection if such purchase would increase the aggregate principal amount of the Secretary’s, then outstanding holdings of such obligations under this subsection to an amount greater than $2,250,000,000. Page 14

👍️ 1 💯 1 🤪 1 🩲 1
tm3141 tm3141 12 hours ago
an 2018 article, besides that, Bob Corker was retired already
👍️ 1 🤣 1
JOoa0ky JOoa0ky 12 hours ago
This melonbun is highly suspicious when he said his software's absolute floor was 1.18 for FNMA but then the entire floor collapsed.

His wild theories also violate Occam's Razor.
👍️ 2
TightCoil TightCoil 13 hours ago
Here's Why Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Are Dropping Today
🤣 1
Wise Man Wise Man 18 hours ago
Only the pro se plaintiff would say "NWS" instead of "NWS dividend"
NWS is arbitrary or unreasonable, which has been decided by jury. In the cram down of SPS and Warrant, the payment of SPS will be deemed paid off.
No, the NWS dividend was not arbitrary, but deliberately chosen, because the 10% dividend prompted the death spiral. That is, a negative Net Worth prompted by the losses and FnF had to tap the UST for more funds 1:1 SPS LP increased. It was solved with the NWS dividend, which was the feature: "no assessment sent to a SEPARATE ACCOUNT upon losses", in the 1989 bailout of the FHLBanks, that we can read in this screenshot taken from the Earnings report of a FHLB. A complex scheme thinking that no one will figure out what really has happened, just like with Fanniegate nowadays:

The bailout of FnF wanted to mimic the FHLB's case, but carried out badly (dividends are restricted and unavailable for distribution. Then, the entire assessment was used for the repayment of principal of the SPS) and with these "patches", as there was no statutory wording behind contemplating a SEPARATE ACCOUNT on paper like the FHLBs, just an Incidental Power that allows the FHFA to mislead and carry it out secretly.

The FHLB, instead of repaying the principal of the obligation sooner as mandated in the law, they used the excess of 10% interest payment (0.299% spread over Treasuries at the time -GAO report-) to pay down the 40-years of interest-only sooner. Mixing up the RefCorp obligation, with the obligation to pay interests, as we can read in this FHFA press release in 2011 "Completion of RefCorp obligation":
-The obligation to pay only interests was for the RefCorp obligation.
-The FHLBanks, equity holders of RefCorp, had to pay both interests and the principal of the $30B RefCorp obligation that remained outstanding after 40 years as a result.
Thank goodness that $SVB came along and helped the FDIC and Sandra Thompson to cover the unpaid principal of the RefCorp obligation.

As I said, FnF don't pay interests on SPS but dividends, and certainly, not a 10% rate when the Treasury yields at the time were max 2% for a 5 year Treasury bond, as per the Charter Act dynamics. This is why the dividend rate on SPS was estimated at a weighted-average 1.8% rate, with a 0.5% spread over Treasuries in each quarterly purchase and also taking into consideration the quarterly repayments.

Not arbitrary was also the July 20, 2011 Final Rule that enacted the CFR 1237.12, contemplating the moment when the SPS had been fully repaid through the exception to the statutory Restriction on Capital Distributions, U.S. Code 4614(e). The FHFA needed another exception to apply the capital distributions towards: for their Recapitalization outside their Balance Sheets. Exceptions 1, 2, 3 and 4.
This is why the CFR 1237.12 is called "the supplemental", because "(c) it supplements...", that is, a follow-on plan. Not arbitrary but a deliberate action.
We stand with DeMarco.

Likewise, it was not arbitrary the announcement of SPS LP increased for free as compensation to the Treasury in the absence of dividends, currently in place (3rd phase of the Separate Account plan), with the Treasury of Mnuchin making clear in the press release that the dividend was suspended to all effects, and also, writing this new compensation in a stand alone clause of the PA, unrelated to the prior dividend and its feature of LP increase when there is no dividend.

This way, it made sure that it was the capital distribution contemplated in the #1 of the statutory definition, so that it's restricted, and thus, the continuation of the Separate Account plan: the Common Equity reduced as a result is, in truth, held in escrow for the recapitalization of FnF (exception 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the restriction of this Capital distribution).
It was chosen deliberately.
👍️ 1
Wise Man Wise Man 19 hours ago
Freddie Mac only announced "delisting", under the orders of the conservator.
You don't have to give an explanation, attempting to pass it off as the official announcement of the company.
Freddie Mac is delisting some bonds that were either retired, redeemed, matured
Contending that the bonds were delisted after:
-Bond retirement when the company has previously repurchased all of them on the market. This is highly unlikely, because it's difficult that all the bondholders had sold on the market, primarily because a 30-year zero coupon bond is mostly held by insurers that hold it till maturity. This is why it was an illiquid bond that didn't even trade many days.

-Bond redemption. It was a Non-Callable security.

-At maturity. The maturity date was December 2025.

Then, what happened can only be explained with the conservator's Incidental Power, that allows it to mislead the public or to take actions secretly (authorized by this section) "in the best interests of the FHFA". Just like what has happened with the Separate Account plan.
In this case, the odds are that the Incidental Power was used to call the non-callable bond before maturity, so Freddie Mac can proceed with the delisting later.
It has cost it money, because it traded at an estimated 5.1% annual discount rate to face value. Now, it will cost the company that 5.1% rate during the 1.5 years that were left. But this is why the "may" in the FHFA-C's Rehab power is for, so that Freddie Mac can take this losses incurred "in the best interests of the FHFA", and related to activities or regulatory and organitational issues, etc., because the FHFA might have thought that having the only remaining series of bonds trading on the NYSE, wasn't appropriate for the coming announcement of Privatized Housing Finance System revamp for the release from conservatorship, because FnF have their own trading platforms for their bonds.

Also, the company affirmed that there was no need to be listed given the status of "government conservatorship", a name frecuently used by Pagliara and his footmen on this board. This name is what is referred to the aformentioned Incidental Power.

The main objective was to transmit fear among the Equity holders, about the possibility of delisting of their stocks as well.
We see how the FHFA and its guard of Wall Street has made the harassment to the Equity holders the center of the conservatorship, as we see daily on this board with their "actors in an army recruited to help advance a business" (to peddle their wishful thinking) (Bill Ackman): "10%. Interests instead of dividend; Loan; Net Worth; NWS instead of NWS dividend. EPS $3 instead of EPS=$0. Etc."

This is why it was necessary to send this warning to them last Friday.
Advisors: $GS, $JPM.
The purchase of SPS,although subsection(c)~T.yields prevails, was (g):CONSIDERATIONS:
(v)maintain private shareholder-owned Co status(Public Cos)
The Obama WH got it right.#Fanniegate @TheJusticeDept— Conservatives against Trump (@CarlosVignote) June 21, 2024
👍️ 1
Wise Man Wise Man 19 hours ago
Purchased through subsection (g), the $2.25B limit was de facto updated for the subsection (c) that is the one that prevails.

Quit replying to my posts with the same theme that I already explained to you 1,000 times, Mr. pro se, alias "playing the fool".
EternalPatience EternalPatience 20 hours ago
Barron 1 - Clarence 0
👍️ 1 💯 1
NeoSunTzu NeoSunTzu 20 hours ago
At the end of 2023 FMR Corp also held 9.9% FNMA ... I haven't seen any later date numbers ...
👍️ 2
Acme Investments Acme Investments 20 hours ago
See my last post!!
real777mellon real777mellon 20 hours ago
Be aware that I know JOoaky or w/e is the guy who said SELL commons they were getting cancelled in 2023. Then they ran 0.38-1.99. And now it's all about dilution with him. We should put a list here of sus "actors" that have interest in seeing people sell and not hold. I never say BUY. But I do encourage holding.
👍️ 7
real777mellon real777mellon 20 hours ago
No, they really cannot. They would both be killing the confidence in the company for future shareholder investment which - believe it or not - even the socialists wouldn't want to lose. And because my friend - there are block trades leaked by the people themself most likely that have been made and likely many more. Look up 2014 article seeking alpha on Carl Icahn $50M Fannie Freddie purchase FT leaked from Fairholme Cap Mgmt. That's an example. Bill Ackman is the only one who discloses 9.9% ownership of both FNMA and FMCC.

But I doubt he's the only one holding that's a big fish and if they were going to let the FHFA decide something like that or any Biden admin appointed official - even POTUS exec order itself - we'd be living in a world that does simply not possibly have a shot at existing. I would be 101% sure that there is no chance of cancelling the common shares of the GSEs but there's no such thing as more than 100% in reality. At least when quantifying my confidence into #'s. I hope you just hold your positions.
👍️ 3
Barron4664 Barron4664 20 hours ago
Hey thanks for the pushback Clarencebeaks21. Your arguments are precisely what I look for and need from posters. They help me alot. I don’t think the APA new products angle is a slam dunk. But it is worth exploring. The SPS aren’t like any type of existing security or obligation. I think that section 4.4 is different from other shareholder agreements because a potential shareholder of a company usually doesn’t get to write their own terms and conditions for valid issuance of shares in the agreement for the shares they will purchase before they actually purchase them.
👍️ 1
Bostonsesco Bostonsesco 21 hours ago
So are they canceling our shares or not?
⛔️ 1

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